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Nishi Shah Mar 6
When the Night seems long,
And the stars are long gone
Ma, you lovingly caress my hair
And you make me believe...

When the sun seethes in anger
And all shades seems to surrender
You take me in your embrace
And you make me believe

When mind seems stripped of vision
And all faith seem an illusion
You look deep into my eyes
You will the fire into light
And you make me believe
You make me believe.....
dedicated to mothers
Nishi Shah Mar 6
"Oh how you drift so slow,
don't you know you have a long way to go,
She smiled and whispered, my beauty lies in the flow
For you see,
In the end i'll just be the sea,
But that's not the prayer unto him I make,
Behind me, therein lies my legacy,
For where she touched,
she left flowers in her wake"
This poem is a dialogue between a young girl, fresh into the world who can't wait to achieve her dreams and a gently flowing stream still miles away from reaching the sea.

— The End —