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Jan 2018 · 164
My best friend speaks
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
It speaks to me with condescending tone
That all what seems bright appeared dull

The dissonance of the motor holds
What describes machinations of inertia

It is stuck, unrearing, for the voice speaks in muttering
The sepia tones, the most vivid showcasing
Of black and white.

It spoke to me with a calming voice
I merely accepted my fate and stabbed myself in the head
Jan 2018 · 196
That soothing melody
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
The mellow tunes when she slumbers
Hum that calming melody
Why soothing notes prevail
That cacophony of misery
To me, that sentiment of doubt lingers
As I remained in mystery
Melodious tones howl in the wind
To me, it can play forever
This enigma, the solemn symphony
Jan 2018 · 147
Migrating winds
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
Of many a leaflet falls, they flutter
They soar along the roaring wind
Through the skyline of tomorrow
They migrate to never return
The embargo of the golden gleam
Proved the world veiling pristine,
Serene demeanour, as traces of dull leaf
Dwindle past my feet.

         The tokens of desecration remained
         For prosperity left traces of the forbidden.
Jan 2018 · 194
The husk
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
In the shade of the twilit sky
Incandescent embers rose and covered
My sight.

Its warmth trailing the contour of me
Yet what remained, an effigy
Blank carcass amongst putrid mess
Cracks in its slate, cavity ridden.

The hollow holes howled in the wind
As it exhaled for the last time.
Jan 2018 · 199
Silent noise
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
White noise
Grey noise
Endless cacophony of

B own noise
Pink no se

Noises, noiss, no i sesss
No   ises
Noise s
Noi       se



Jan 2018 · 181
New age ode
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
The ceiling crying in exasperation
Amongst the silence the blanket of obscurity brought

Yet it was clad in supernovas of glee
The artificial constellations concealing the sky

The northern star guiding you
Towards the occurence of intention

For the newest spark of innovation
Rushes through the system of hope

As the sky exploded in elation in its annual spiel
The songs of prosperity embraced me

The astronomical certainty
Of an era anew
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Hopeless endeavour.

The desecration of vitality,
Melancholy entices the pond of hope, repelling golden shimmering.

Infernal tendrils bringing insight to carress in snide
Dug its sharp elongated thorns inside, mending its stride
Gently encompass its roots around the mask,
The concrete veil that shone brightly in false atonement.

Expulsion from the realm of gold, sent astray for an eternity;
Such naïve, brazen happiness, ignorant of the caveats
The mere playground of unbridled mania quarantined.

Faux manifestations of an illusory smile,
For the horizon cast mere wisps of blight,
Rejecting heartbeat of rays gone awry.

They smirk as they watch you flee.

eternity flee happiness heartbeat hopeless insight melancholy playground smile vitality
Dec 2017 · 394
Face your demons
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
It is time you faced that abomination.

You don't need to be secretive about it;
You falter on the mere embrace of shame.

The frightening realisation that was brought forth
When you stumbled on the playground of greed.

The pestering of hands that point and eyes that stare
Bridled to your chest with lust for the meek.

On the edge of time you stood, floudering in a haze
To cope with the piercing daze of vertigo

Thus I ask to abolish that hurt
To call your empty heart and let go.

embrace empty frightening hurt lust playground secretive shame time vertigo
Dec 2017 · 104
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Dried paint dripped past the canvas
In a velvet scarlet red it dropped
On the floor, in front of my feet
The exposition, as astonishing, pierced my perception
Whenever the cave opened, it was visible
Moving carricatures of obscene defeat
In front of me stood the hideous exemplar of fear
Most importantly, I saw the reflection speak in the mirror
Dec 2017 · 103
Luminous influx
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I watched the boiling gleam amass inside
The radiant glow that embraced me in warmth

It enticed me in its heat, intention underneath
As it burned intensely like the sun

Incandescent flourish of the fire
The blossoming of inspiration

I was embued in the amber hue
Renaissance of my inner witness

I brought my emotions to the front
As the calm finally hit me
Dec 2017 · 127
Treacherous shimmering
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Golden ooze emanating as sticky velvet shimmering
Incandescent mellow slime adheres to my eyes.

The instant that fireflies cluttered the sky
In tufts of effulgent light, illuminating the heavens

From the sins of glory frolicking above, without resent
I would play my heart's desire in the lustrous glow

Affluent of romance, in the critters' dance
The warm daydream in exuberant daze

Idyllic illustrations so vivacious and serene
Of embers and wisps fluttering, in harmony

The amber of the deities stroking the world's vitality
Bloating the shells with determination

Fragrant seeds amongst the barren fields
That sow and yield the feats of fraternity - a wonderful time together

Does that spirited desire brim many chalices
That hold the essence they cherished and held dear?

Alas, the mere beaks of the mountains display
Mere creeks that seep discretely

Infallible caveats, seething with deceit,
Retracting the essence replacing the grief

Hurt tangles caressing their cheeks
In fluffy, soothing melancholy

Gazing at the lilac sky, a cruel epiphany
When the judgement of burnt genocide condemned me;

It embraced me in an exalted, wayward dazzle.

Twenty words since I skipped one day:

daydream dazzle desire determination effulgent essence fireflies fluffy heart hurt infallible judgement melancholy play romance sticky together vitality warm wonderful
Dec 2017 · 316
Incorporeal oath, depart
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Predatory traces remain amongst the spread soot
The ashes that bore the incentive of a smile
A lonely ribbon flew along the scene - it was caught;
Grasped by the canids of a desperate pastime.

"Papa, can you hear me?"
"I will be holding the candles today"
"You have returned at last..."
"... but why did you leave again?"

Muffled screams, stinging pain, faint echoing of what remains,
The vitality that lingered in the sun,
Disappeared, in its stern gleam.

Trails of anguish resonate through the field, a grand feast
Clotted tufts, sent with grief, are held and spread over the field
My dearest father,
When the light shone down and revealed its deceit,
A realm that struck me headfirst, belittling me,
As you dance with the wind, I cry for an eternity.

The hounds of decay sing a melody, so daunting, intimidating tones
In deafening ecstasy, the games the shepherds play,
The ceasing of a prosperous juvenescence, killing feisty innocence.

In a loud cascade, the scenery deteriorates
Lush wisps of fire, dulled petals flourish in the wind
Dim embers, odoriferous leaves that dwindle amongst the feet
In anger they remained at the efflorescent poppies
The putrid grave that yielded

The warmth of the snow felt enticing, exciting
The numbed senses within the blank slate.

"I will be home tonight"
"Crying in the darkness"
"For my dearest smile..."

"... exists no more."

This poem is to be read after "Homecoming, incorporeal oath".

anger games loud pain sing vitality eternity smile papa ribbon
Dec 2017 · 137
Composer's gambit
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Do they create a melody?
Such monotony in the duplicates of delirium
A charade that tainted the soul of creators,
As many they inspired;
Blissfully they clasped the canvas,
Embracing traces of putrid ink stains.
Covering with scarlet paint amongst the burnt umber,
Repressing sentiments of enamorment,
Fingers clamped, quill in hand.

The master found itself overwhelmed
By the cacophony of brush strokes.
Deafening tones puncturing, the bespoke rhythms of droplets
Desecrating the workplace.

A heavy haven, hove from heaven,
Fragments of brittle stories
In its somber glory;
Teetered, tattered rags, rig the template
Spread out in callous allegory.
Amongst gardens of ebony, ivory, mahony
The sonorous cask speaking in gibberish atony.

Do they play that lustrous sound?
Review the mouth of the cunning vertebrae,
The effigies of landscapes.

Abstractions of words clad the canvas
In amorphous blobs, strung strings
Of thin inked lines piled amongst the bars.
A quintuplet of harmony barring noise
The resonance of the feather carressing the leaves.

So forth, the master drew his last stroke
The composer's œuvre of bleeding, soundless words
The chords of compromise between creasing,
Heaping canvases,
On hope of the sleeping crowds
To reverberate its symphony once more.
Dec 2017 · 127
The rotten raft
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Ultramarine hues from the seabed
            Mounting its clasp around my back

The sand scrubs, caressing my still torso
            The crystallizing salts around my back

It tore me to shreds as I was consumed whole.

      Farewell, solemn docks at bay of the mellow beach
      Of soft, silken sand, like glass shards underneath my feet

The ambient hum of the watchtower cast its judgement over the body
            Reflecting a pale violet into the greenery

Wasted debris coated in glistening, diamond
            Worthless scraps of a cadaver

Coloured teal and periwinkle, stained amongst the surface
            It floats, embroidered with algae, to Atlantis.
Dec 2017 · 376
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The reek of bourbon vanilla lingering through the sappy tones
Of creased leaves and crooked horns, enveloping the royal grave
Embedded with stone, the coronated statue of vines and thorns
Twirling around the remaining cores

Rotten cells and dark floral gourd, an unstable mass crawling
Amongst the bare, rotten shores
The empty shells howl its name - the king
Of naught
Brought to death on the brink - in a whim

Clasping roots and grasping vines,
Luscious soot and dull amethyst,
The graveyard of which the warriors of Gaia
Patrolled in everlasting melancholy - the betrayal of the monarchy
In which they found pleasure in the guilt of misery
They atone for the death of the reign,
Raining in droplets of sulphur and rosebuds,
Meek of the pink of the roses, embroidering the newfound majesty

Alas, the journey of futility,
The thorns grasp its throat
The emperor has been coronated to cease once more.

dark empty graveyard journey melancholy pink pleasure twirl unstable vanilla
Dec 2017 · 245
New era
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Heaven's bells ringing
Angel choirs singing

As I walk past the frozen field
As I stalk through the dusty plains

A blanket of vivid white
A speckle of platinum

I inhale the fresh air
I look to the sky

I looked straight into the genesis
Where the stars alligned

I looked straight into the genesis
Of a brand new year

I just had to reach for their grasp
Merry Christmas everyone!
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The vivacious odour of the rain that carresses me
Tracing along my skull that entices me
Indulge me in your epiphany, dear cloud
Please give me your company

Amongst the night that traces the vivid tracks
Consuming the landscapes of hope and glee
Amidst the midnight sun, a song unsung
By the canid critters traversing the path

Please do guide me and sing
For me - for them eternally
In grace and peace, I believe
I'll return to haven once more
Dec 2017 · 116
Amicable reminiscence
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
If I recall the last time
When the sun would shine through the night
The birds fly and clutter the sky
I would've thought that amidst the elation
I would've grasped sooner

Despite the nightfall I would gander
Amidst the abyss I would find
Silver drips in abundance
In fullest splendour

I briefly glance amongst the midnight dance
The radiance of a symphony in C major plays
The silver bows that weep no more
In its eternal hysteria, in its final mystery
I found my angel and never let go
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Traces of pawprints align and accumulate amongst the snow
The dusk casts the dawn away and tended their corpse
A vicious sound emanating, rusing the serenity of the twilight

"Papa, will you be home tonight?"
"Will you be carrying the candles again?"
"Will you stay with us tonight?"

Perpending echoes of the penumbra when the moon,
obscures, the darkened ceiling.

Slits of dim candlelight seep past the surface, a ****** demise
Crimson seeping, bubbled wine, creasing the remnants of the promise
My dearest, sweetest, purest child,
Amongst the veils of fireflies, the canids prowl through the streets
A deceitful parade amongst the illusion exposed,
The peaceful tracts are no more - I was struck.

The canids howl a sonorous melody, riveting, disconcerting harmonies
On the brink of the dying night, in a universe we brought so forth

The lingering of the slivers of silver shining,
the paradox of incongruent paths intertwining,
For each flame ceases in a communal suicide, the wolves stalk the solemn night.
The philosophy that was taught for generations and beyond,
It existed no more.

Beyond the blanket of hope and comfort, the warm amber rises
Stroking the pack, exuviating their hollow molt.

I was stranded here, on the island of scarlet
Roses floundering, thousands of rotten corpses
Fragrant luscious decadence, like candy to efflorescence
Floundering petals in hues of auburn and gold
Diluting to pallid gore.

"I will be home tonight"
"Smiling amongst the candlelight"
"For your dearest smile I recollected..."

"... and bled out once more"

This poem and are meant to be read in tandem.

candy fireflies incongruent melody papa peaceful philosophy suicide universe warm
Dec 2017 · 511
Critters of my demise
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I faced the bunnies of the apocalypse.

Their glare - ever so piercing,

In purity, ceasing discontinuity,
the emotions so effervescent
Borderline present
in despair, the infernal chase

In a hellbent daze I secluded myself
From the vertigo of suicide, I was in a dazzle
The warmth of despair enveloping me
In golden hue.

                   ­                          near

The effulgence of the universe darkened
my eyes.

The spinning epitome, ever so frightening
Enlightening, it drew

The ambient visions speak       -       the devil sleeps
I stood amongst the burnt umber
in my heart.

The putrid dirt stains, the chocolate emulsion
Gagging me in repulsion, in absurdity of thee
The abominations dominate all

of my intention.

ambient bunny chocolate dazzle effulgent frightening spinning suicide universe vertigo
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The cold.
My cheeks flushed pink as I inhaled the remnants of the frail air
Surrounding me - clouded tufts occur
They dissipate as I breathe
I whisper.

The prevalence of rosebuds, nature's pride
Flourish amongst the beaks of the emperor.

Strands of scarlet, stains of blood
They all entail the unrequited sentiment of the weak
The frail entrails dwindling downwards on the empty patches,
Barren warfields where I exhaled.

The enticing floral rain, the vermilion of the soul
The pale old man with the raincoat is watching me
I turn.

Bring me deliverance, old man
The joy of my ultima, the ****** of my being
For you watched me ultimately,
For death cheers for me from the sidelines.

Bring me deliverance, for the caress of the end
Is my valentine.

breathe cheeks cheer ****** joy nature pink unrequited valentine whisper
Dec 2017 · 495
Masking absurdity
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I fear the day I cease to breathe
The retraction of the unholy
In its nauseating trance
That I am entangled in its captivation
The serenity of the raindrops clouding
As they flounder amongst the field
Protruding the fellow's dance

The day my essence vanishes
Dissipates to naught when I am caught
By the claws of angels that soar the sky
The dazzle of their improbable happiness
Incapable of genuine light
Beyond the velvet marshmallow sky
They reflect a fabricated smile
For suffering merely is lifting its skirt

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

breathe dance dazzle essence fear incapable marshmallow raindrops skirt smile
Dec 2017 · 353
The lazy deities
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
To lay dying in a world of despair
A landscape of disarray meets their demise
A closure in despise, forgive us for the entropy
For humanity suffers from the perks of greed

Yet the gods watch us from above, they atone
Our prayer, our faith and belief
As we cry and weep as they pinch our cheeks
The lazy gods enjoy the ordeal as we grief

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

atone cheeks cry despise disarray entropy forgive landscape lazy prayer
Dec 2017 · 398
The mall that is solitude
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Precious memories align
A vivacious melody bursts out in their gleam
A passionate inferno resides inside of me
A universe special to my heart in its shiny appearance
Singing its inner melancholy

In spite of the analysis I yield
For my soul is on vacation
Going for shopping in the paradise of loneliness

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

analysis inferno memories passionate precious shopping singing universe vacation vivavious
Dec 2017 · 249
A sea unbridled
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The promise of romance
Lingers through an eternal dance
A childhood adventure unfolded
Embroidered with the hope of happiness
Exiling the remains of sadness
With the passion of love
As fireflies flourish like fireworks
In the marine ocean that is the sky

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

adventure childhood dance fireworks happiness hope love promise romance sadness
Dec 2017 · 208
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Opal machinations barring

the primitives
                             magenta and

I stray through the hallway of
           lapis, the ocean's abyss

Endless wandering beneath
The sky where no woolen cloud resides

A colour reserved
          the calm, unheard

In the frigid times, it flounders as many
Dec 2017 · 695
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A blanket of

ample rigid structures

A liquid

             the   t   cold
        frigid   o   fragments
           ­   of   h   the


Where tufts gather in the sherbet of -frozen- dust

The glistening indigo amongst
the platinum

I shiver.

The cutting

admires the empty

for I stood

Gazing at the

Cut black.

In transparent fallacy
The temple of glass amongst the cold


speaking       to                  -me-
pointing                  g
lo­oking         at     n           -me-
         in an


i t n e v e r s l e e p s

Dec 2017 · 120
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Of tattered cloth and broken string
Everlasting embroidering
Of scrambled emotions within
Mere embracing of naught that stings

Walking through the darkness and cold
Whatever the paths of thorns hold
Everywhere the messenger goes
Who had spread the few words untold

Through blight and fear the light of there
Where the warmth embraces yonder
No place conceals the will to care
Frigid sceneries to wonder

The place where hopes and dreams amass
The haven where no man desires
To call out the endearing pass
Ending up in burning fires

This is my inner epitome
Of which I would have dared to say
Without any words left to sway
The place I always have called home
Dec 2017 · 207
The truth amongst lies
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I walked through the valley
Longing for the warmth of home
I passed the thorny road
Engraving my feet with their thorns
Destined to guide myself home
I fought my way through and conquered many obstacles.

As fierce and brute my appearance seems
Many would consider me gentle and kind
Never would I lose my honor
Or hurt anyone, I swear!
Telling the truth in a world of lies.

Still, I wandered alone at night
Through the valley I loathed
Returning home past the lake,
Origin of love and courage
Never would I yield, nor
Grief over my mistakes.

I faced the countless lies thrown at me
After all, I did not meet my demise
Many would have suffered despair
Not a single thing complied
Over the thin air and frigid snow
The thin air that lingered through the pass.

Greatness ensued the men succeeding me
Enamoured with pride, in fervent passion
Never would they break the morale
That was built through my strength
Leaving them behind was no option
Eventually they would reach the promised land.

I watched the legions from above
Generations of trust and power
Achieved things man could not imagine
Victorious cries and shouts
Elated return to our motherland
Us, the victorious warriors
Pursuing the dream of infinite strength.

It was all an illusion from the start.
Dec 2017 · 92
A frail sentiment
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
As a whole, that sweet, tender, sentiment of existence
That floundering feel lingering in the air spreading like a virus
It resides within myself
I am contaminated - the unique victim
Because everyone else is immune
Dec 2017 · 285
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I took a gander to the sky
The indigo and pallid lilac lights
Indulged in my resting place
Concluding my days, I was imbued

Lush and vivid strands of white
Pierced valiantly through my view
The solemn celestial light
The forgotten lights renew

Frigid hands reached out to me
They left me there, in perturbation
Of many mysteries I ceased to see
The enigma of animation

Reminiscence of a jagged pass
That split and converged
The contorted trails amass
At its beacons they emerged

In a symphony of light
It descended
Fervent ascension
Beacon of the night,
Praise be with thee, demon.

An angel descended from heaven today
It carried the key to my heart
The blessed remnants of love to sway
The notion that hailed their depart

Of many caresses that stroked my soul
The mirror that reflects my own parole
I rest there in trance
Embracing their dance
Alas, I perished to their words

An abrupt realisation unfolded
As I found myself dropping to the surface, embedded in crimson hue
The darkness flooded the gates I forgot they existed
The numbness never recollected my will
Alas, I dropped into their world

An angel clad in crimson rags
Obsidian tattered wings grasp
A gaze so sharp pierced my skull
Mourning on my plagued remains,
On a scaffold of birch

For I wished to see the light
For I descended once more

Praise be with thee, demon.
Inspired by mythie's poem 'seraphic', I decided to give it a twist of my own.
Related poem:
Dec 2017 · 279
False reckoning
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
False elysium
Erected unrequited
Distant figures

The voices of the unfolding pandemonium

Their taunts
Ever so slightly

Piercing the dreamscape within

Deceptive from nature
Going undetected

The blight of the facade

Warmth retracted
Embracing difference

For the glow
Was merely an empty light

Embracing what?

Endless barrages of noises
Disrupting the peace


Endless barrages of noises
Deliverance I wish


What remains are traces of warmth
I grasp for them
For a friend.
Dec 2017 · 303
Paramount insignificance
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A riveting and lustrous voice
      Echoes through the field
They sing ravishing arias
      Of the past of the meek
As many an ear carressed, so feeble
It seduces, allures the frail weeds

Blinking eyes dull through time
      In an everlasting symphony
The inspiring melodies through time
      In an exposition of frenzy
Preposterous voices, the arias feel,
Carrying the paradoxes and elegies

The empty shells from heaven
      Tending the scars of sleep
The remnant bells unscathed
      Mending the heart I keep
They ring and vibrate, resonating within
Brandishing their inherent melodies

Isolated serenity, the tones
      For they interfere with
In a greyscale landscape
      For they break
P i e c e s
They broke
The harmony, in agony
They danced, amongst the husks of the weak

The brushes trace the corpses
      Of the deceased casts
They paint the territories
      The unsung had masked
A gesture of elation, pure deceit
A potpourri of mere imagery

Eventually everything ceases
What's left, is a painting of a requiem
Voices protruded through reticence
Hauntingly, beautiful intonations with them,
In grievous sonorous silence
It clouds the humane senses in thee
Dec 2017 · 150
Flatline documentation
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
White noise internally
Incessant cacophonous sound
Brown, violet, violent, vile
The phrasing of inner dementia
Stroking the crevasse ahead
Frolicking inkstained sheets
It is coming
Cram, cram, cram
Blue, black, block, blight
Curious apparatus
Tell me your ways when I slumber
It escapes in the light
Blank, blink, black, bright
I do not know
What I am doing
What am I seeing
Dec 2017 · 157
Sleazy cooperation
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Impending doom aloft
A flourish of black
Branded wilted roses
Fill the amber sky with disbelief
Raining down in hues of velvet scarlet
Floral droplets
I grief for their demise

Machinations disobey
Scurrying amok
Claws for fingers
Rising through the inner city
Urban disaster
Endless tangent
I grief for their demise

Empty phrases
On masked faces
A facet of burnt umber
Gazing deeply in greyscale
Hollow words
Mocking me
I don't grief for them
Dec 2017 · 296
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Open your heart to a fairy tale untold
Of a man whose path was ridden with ice and cold

His daunting journey lasted for a while
Looking up projecting a luscious smile

Pristine drips of crimson red in liquid emulsion
Was tended and spread in pure repulsion

A hingeless contortion, amongst cruel distortion
A spiritless effigy brimming with emotion

Standing amongst the colourless plates
The sound of devotion resonates

Wearing a mask in pride, containing a brittle smile

He approached the husk before it turned to dust
It danced in the wind once more
Dec 2017 · 219
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The grim reflection of the creature
That consumes you upon its gaze
Beyond the frigid mirror of liquid
An abyss lurks past the grave

The consolidated surface flounders
The many that defied its existence
As it shatters but reshapes
Shards of cold glass cease the dance

Beyond the mirror lives
The monster residing
In its frozen tomb
Where the amber glow cannot reach
Dec 2017 · 321
Sound of the haven
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Gentle hands cross the keyboard
They sweep and weep with their gentle touch
The beacon that is our master
Rings of ivory and ebony in gold
The sound contained in the mahogany
For the somber tones that dance within
The solemn overtones resonate
In an elegy beloved, the truth untold
The solemn overtones resonate
That reflect stories of defeat and loss

For the gentle hands that linger over
The board of bone and stone
They hone the masterpiece in unrequited love

For the master plays their song
For the unsuspecting ear to hold and store
The melody playing their strings of unified love
Holding it dear in its innocent cadence,
It caresses emotions within

Somber undertones, overridden by the overtones
Have found a haven within their cask
For the master continues its spiel
Beyond the cracks of their own mask
Dec 2017 · 333
The roadmaker
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A lunar cycle passed in memoriam of them
Who helped paving the road to unity
Yet sought the warmth of the sun
The golden gleam shone brightly on the pass
They marched forward

A staple in the system deemed unmatched
An adhesive bond, firmly grasped
Although double-checked it dissipated
The roadmaker came to a fall

Falling silently, they let out a final cry
As the path cracked in time
The road distorted into contortion

What seemed like a peaceful road
Ended up a jagged pass
The falling abruptly ended

The hands that reached out to them
Embraced them in a livid bloom
Of effervescent warmth

I stood amongst the occasion
To guide the roadmaker, creator of the stars
To guide them to their ultimate path
Dec 2017 · 230
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The master called forth their students
To carve their names in stone
The eternal bond eroding the tablet
The cobble roaring and rolling
Along the beak of the mountain pass

The master chiseled their marks;
The students followed - their hammers
Slamming in unison, the sonorous ringing;
A symphony of erosion on the brittle plate

Elated by the performance, the stone screamed
It echoed through the valley

"Fear not", the master preached and turned to their students
"The bond of stone is as brittle as paper but holds our names for eternity"
They shackled a sevenfold amongst the surface and punctured the heavens

Glimmering in the sunlight, the incandescence of the molten stone
Passed through the iridium stakes - the fractured hammers

A carving of pain, created by the love the students held per desperation
Students of the broken stone, their efforts unspoken;
The mold of a statue of hope stood in eternity
Their love echoing through the valley
Dec 2017 · 378
Children of the night
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A brief gander out of the window sills
The dim candlelight flickers ever so vividly and lingers through
The fire awakens and its children, embers of the future withdraw
They take off and flow with the midwinter breeze

Amongst the ample tracts of land, amongst the foggy scenery of ice and snow
The amber extract of lightwaves pierce through the nocturnal blanket
The lilac sky merging with the cinnabar, umber and indigo
The soldiers, clad as such, marching through the grassland

And thus spoke the soldiers
Embedded in the gloom, marching through the dusty carpet
Consolidating rigid blocks amass
Caressing the cold, serene scenery in all its idyll

The sparkles dwindle at dusk
A solemn encounter between life and death - the soldiers collect them all
Many sparkles accumulate and dissipate when heaven takes in their children
Flourishing in tufts that lit the charcoal sky, a glistening canvas

I found myself amidst the elation, as I gazed amongst the starry abyss
The future stared back and smiled as I found myself frozen in time
The timeless idyll is ever so frightful, but a bliss as it fills my locket
Moonlight pass, timescape halts, landscape falls, shadows conquer

Time is ever so vague when the silver arises
The mirror of the soul, the children of the dim candlelights
They flicker ever so lively into eternity
They flicker and return home.
Dec 2017 · 331
Frigid dawn
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The cold rays landed on the surface
Boiling the earth in its radiance
For the morning so cold
The sun still holds
And warms our mother gaia

Why wouldn't birds bathe in the sunlight
As they travel from haven to haven
Why wouldn't the beetles traverse the grassland
Underneath the amber glow

The warm rays landed on the surface
Boiling the earth in its radiance
For the morning so cold
The sun still holds
And holds us dear
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Dec 2017 · 140
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Respiratory chambers inhale the frigid air
And distorts its inner peace
Visions flounder and loud noises
As the water carresses its surface

The water retracts yet the peace remained violated
Simultaneously being unexposed to the change

I exhale but frail air merely makes me meek
To the fumes of an alternate similarity
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Dec 2017 · 130
She sleeps
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The mere brushing of your skin against mine
The mere scent of roses lingered
I remembered your soft embrace
The faint breaths agains my chest

The eternal bond, before death's carress
In bliss I stood and looked in your eyes
They were dull yet dillated
And I traced your pale skin
Why are you asleep?
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Dec 2017 · 146
I surrender
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I did not avert my gaze as I found myself

Staring intently,
Pondering subsequently,

Deep down the draining abyss
That ****** in eveything around me

I was
             continuously gazing,
             permanently paralysed,

Neither the shadows would move
Nor my soul would leave their quarters

             Unbudging bridges,
             Overflowing ridges,
I saw

All that was left ****** down a vacuum
Of gleaming darkness

Light retracting,
Eyes refracting,

A dimension in the twilight realm as abstract as me

Empty husks roll past the meadow,
Cascading upon what seemed initially imperceptible,
Deducting from the nothingness ocurring
From the transdimensional planes

Broken bonds,
Drowned *****,

The pull was too strong as it consumed me whole
Dec 2017 · 88
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
That vague representation cast by the sunlight
It talks, it waves and speaks to you, too.

That vague representation cast by the sunlight
It moves, it follows and listens to you.

The unreflective mirror that views you as you
It mimics, it presents, but in this gloom

When it comes and grabs you by the throat
Which is the shadow, you or you?
Dec 2017 · 95
Refugees of happiness
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The birds of paradise bloom across the valley
In the morning glow, the evening gleams
In the mellow amber light

Lift your wings, little birds
Soar through the vast airspace
Flutter in formation, the serene illusion
Where balance exists, where order conquers
Where stability feeds the concrete cortex

I respire, and watch the petals dwindle
As my paradise flies away
Dec 2017 · 73
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I blessed the letters
With a mark of glee
A perfume of petals
To coat its surface

Sent to receiver
The message goes through
Reception of communication
Embued with the mood

Return to sender
The message remained unresponsive
For its recipient was the empty husk of me

I blessed my letter
For the last time
Before I tore it apart
Dec 2017 · 202
Piacere, tempo intimo
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Mellow, melodious tones echo through the chambers
And carve their imprints in their temporal canvas

The plates that linger through time
Aren't as barren when the sweet tones
Of the symphonies carry me back home

Overtones of emotion, the response to devotion
Of a piece as intricate as the past
Grabs my heart and never releases
And waltzes along its beat

Speak, my inner dancer
Dance along the melodies, the harmonies
Of the symphonies my heart creates

Charm my inner conductor for I merely decorate
The empty space I longed for to be filled with noise
For this noise is embedded forever in the lockets
The lockets that it always wished to be
Dec 2017 · 172
An old friend
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The claws imbued their pointy fingers in my chest
Lingering agony as it did not soften
As I attempted to defy the abomination
A figment I realised
In front of me

I wince and whimper but moans so mellow
Are not heard on the surface
Are not heard by the ears of man

Fragments spread as the glass shatters
As the reflection and I turn to dust
Yet the claws remained stoic in its grasp
A figment I realised
In front of me

I yield as I pour out my soul in front of them
Its transparent body is tainted and distorted
It is stained in dark crimson around the neck

These claws have lunged at my throat for ages
I merely embraced them as an old friend
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