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  Jun 2020 Nothing
Sweet simple tunes
Under the light of the moon
So tender and bright
When the sun had died
All things had dimmed
Each fiery red into cool blues
But beneath the light
Of the Moon’s gentle gaze
Her soft fingers graze
The lands where we lay
And from her downcast eyes
Tears drip down her face
Each poignant drop falls
Onto grass and soil
And bloomed
These meadows
Valleys of white
These small flowers of the night.
Nothing Jun 2020
It's so much easier               .
                                           .                To cry out
          To let go
                                             to drown in whatever has us
     to willingly let it end         .
.                      .    
                   this is were the hopeful part comes in   .

     but I can't seem to
                                             Come up with anything
Nothing Jun 2020
uprooted from
dew ridden dirt
and while growing from
such a sight
it's still hard to hold
on to what defines
one as human
Nothing Jun 2020
A ravaged soul for the cost of being able to speak
A dark  one for wanting peace
A troubled one for sitting back
A scorched one for endurance
And a stolen one for speaking out
  Jun 2020 Nothing
Ayesha Naeema
"why are we always trying so hard?" my eyes shift towards my mother, and i say "when we are going to die anyways."  
"beti," says my mother as she walks up to me and sits next to me holding me in her arms, she continues "it's because most of the time we're striving so hard isn't for ourselves, it's for the people we love."
i miss my mum so much <3
Nothing Jun 2020
thousand needles to        
                                        .         pierce a soul,  leave it withered
.        .                      .  

            and one to mend it        .           .
     .                       .              .                           .
             .                       .                    .                          .
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