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Make* sure you smile, everyday (at least once).
Make sure you do at least one thing, for yourself (everyday).

Enjoy your meals.
Enjoy your rest.

Take some "me time" -- everyday -- & be careful.
Tell your loved ones how you feel -- everyday -- & love yourself.

Do your work.
Do what you need to do;

& face your problems....

("All of them,"
her voice resounded ~ ~ ~ ~ up his backbone - - - - lacing it
with the same strength, which carried her echo - which carries her.)

Let God "worry"
because everyday,
for the rest of your life...

These are my mother's words - my mom's. I have only changed punctuation & such, including also a small addition. I want to thank her for giving me time to figure it all out & for teaching me not to get stuck on "How?" I also want to thank her for giving this crazy thing "writing" a go.

Thank you everyone.
Be nice..
I want you,
Superman got you,
Will hold you,
Never leave you,
And that's true,
Will uphold you,
Never hurt you,
Will protect you,
A great view,
I adore you,
Never loose you,
Always find you,
You're my breakthrough,
So no issue,
We'll scale through,
We'll push through,
We'll have two,
Sarah and andrew,
That will do,
I love you.
Just thoughts rushing through me.
Come on let us explore this life,
Let us take a tour to her cities,
Let us watch her still waters,
And unveil her hidden mystries;

Let us ride on her wings,
And drown in her magnificence,
Lets be hypnotised by her grandeur,
And be mindful of her essence;

Do not close your ears to her voice,
Nor turn a blind eye to her tears,
Be willing to learn of her wisdom,
Abuse not the length of her years;

Come let us beautify her with colours,
Adorn her with aromatic flowers,
Let us preserve her oasis, lakes,
And explore her infinite powers;

Let us go with her to lands of plenty,
And make her beautiful for our children,
Lets embrace her always with a warm heart,
You never know how much good that'll be building;

She seeks for our appreciation of her,
And the protection of her children,
In Europe, africa, the americas, and middle east,
Please enough of their executioning;

So lets take hold of her passionately,
And value those in whom she dwells,
walk through her boulevard of fulfiled dreams,
And always drink from her fresh wells.
Life is sacred
When you want to learn something,
Learn it all the way;
And if something is worth doing,
Do it in the best way;
It isn't enough for wishful thinking,
And not just enough to pray;
Believing should always come first,
faith and work is also the way;
If success is what you admire,
There is a huge price to pay;
There might be difficulties as you go on,
Be resilient come what may;
Practice always makes perfect,
Keep practicing everyday;
But remember not to start a thing,
And eventually end up halfway;
Do not feel too comfortable on top,
Learn something new each day;
The end of growth as we know it,
Is the beginning of decay;
Do not despise others as you grow,
You might need them someday;
if a relationship intends to pull you down,
Do not hesitate to breakaway;
Remember also the contributions of others,
And be willing to repay;
Also do not rely solely on others,
Try making your own headway;
There are many who have so done,
But were led astray;
As you spend your time working hard,
Reserve a little time to play;
So that you don't loose loved ones,
And leaving your mind in disarray;
So get on with what you ought to do,
There is no time to delay;
Because ideas left under utilized,
Can quietly slip away.
These words just kept flowing through me this evening and i couldn't keep it in but share it.
It turned out to be facts.
I dreamed a dream
One summer night
As I lay down to sleep
Of gold and white
Of faith and sight
Of sunsets, and sunbeams

And in this dream,
My soul rose up
Awoken from my bed
A ghost of good
Of better times
Came to lift my head

Through the window
Pane I gazed,
The sight had once been black
But now a blue,
It shining, blazed
I smiled, it smiled back

In this vortex
Of brilliance
I gazed yet more and more
I saw a tale
Of times to come
It burned me to the core

I saw mountains
So vast and tall
Their tops would cut the sky
And valleys deep
Spotted with sheep
No artist could deny

I saw a king
No majesty
Ever could describe
Sitting on high
His foes would die
To just escape his eye

I saw a crowd
Of people bow
To lay down at His feet
And sing all day
Of glorious praise
And of His Mercy Seat

He bent down low
To whisper, then,
Of times that were to come
Of no more tears
Or sighs or fears
Exceeding joy and then some

I gazed around
And I noticed
A man off to the side
He opened up
His arms to me
A man so sweet and kind

He held me tight
When I could see
No way to carry on
He whispered, then
Of comfort, and
He hugged me til the dawn

I saw there as
He held me close
A group of children, too
A blonde, a boy
Two brunette girls
And all with eyes of blue

And in my dream
I saw a house
And not just an abode
A place where I
Could safely lie
A place that I call home

I woke up, then
To find myself
Laying in my bed
The dreams of night
Gave to daylight
And all flew from my head

I swung my legs
Out from my bed
And shook off all the gray
That seemed to cling
And needless bring
The shrouds of yesterday

I saw the day
Within a light
That to me was quite new
A light of hope
And daydreams and
It led me straight and true

Depression, then
Seemed not as dark
As it had the day before
Still, it was there
A whispered prayer
A knocking at my door

I gripped my sword
And rose up, then,
In all my little might
The king I saw
His sword did draw
Twas He that won the fight

He pushed it back,
That dreadful black
And then He looked at me
His lips parted,
He imparted
Unto me these words:

"Darling, I am
Always with you
Never should you fear
Always, I will
Fight your fights,
My sweetheart, I am here."

"For fear and doubt
Or tears, or sighs
There will never be need
Do not you fear
For I am here,
My child, you have me"

"Forever and
For always, dear
You have all of me
My heart, my hands
My tears, my plans,
My daughter, wait and see"

He drifted, then
As a figment
Into the dreams of past
And winked an eye
Whispered 'goodbye'
Of Him, I saw the last

I see Him, though
Some sunny days
And as I walk through life
He pulls on strings
And gladly sings
Of His glorious afterlife.

I cannot wait
To see Him there
His presence to behold
His glory see
His love of me
I'll walk on streets of gold
In the words of someone better than I, "He will never leave us"
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