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Those dark brown eyes...
                                ...Like the sapphire sky
                                That takes me away
                                Flies me way up high

Those gentle hues...
                         ...Like the peaceful moon
                         That soothes my blues
                        Quietly breathing pleasant tunes

Those charming gazes...
                             ...Like the charismatic sun
                             That takes me to all the places
                             Where I can dream about all the    
                            things I always wanted

Those soft, twinkling eyes...
                                  ...Like a home for the heart
                                  That allows me to rest and breathe
                                  Till I find calmness in me again
 Aug 2016 MKing Diagne
 Aug 2016 MKing Diagne
What we hear
We remember
What we see
We don’t forget
What we think
We do not render
What we say
We may regret

What we try
We are uncertain
What we do
We understand
What we give
We are certain
What we need
We should demand

What we ignore
We don’t respect
What we hate
We throw away
What we adore
We think is perfect
For what we love
We hope and pray

I now understand
How powerful these emotions truly are
Unstoppable wars break out
They take over what we do

I ran
I ran
So fast!
Just to keep up with that rage
Until my face turned red
I dominated everyone in my way
I didn't even look back

Now I’m telling you words
We’ve all heard before
The only thing
We should fear
Is fear itself
 Aug 2016 MKing Diagne
her eyes looked at me with faith
hinting there's another way to live
She has a little world inside her head
since we were young
and the moment she graduated,
I knew she's almost there

I am one of those people who
will be forever stuck in this small town
No one believes in me,
Well, I don't trust myself either
What do I know anyways?

The tear in my knuckles, taste of blood
from the endless fight, forever be on my father's side and knowing there's no hope in my mother's misty mind. This is how I live and this is how my every day work.

I have to let her go. We live in the same place but two different worlds.

I have to walk away although it might hurt us both.
'inspired by the book Where All Lights Tend To Go'
"Cry me a river, that's what she has done.
After i dismissed all the laughter, romantic
dinners, the excitement of our forever lasting fun.
A lady with no emotion has no soul.
How much i tried to bring it out, her
heart was just too cold.
Too late to shed tears after i had given her
my relentless love for one full year.
Now she cry's me a river, tugging on my
shirt begging not to leave her.
Iv'e been through this before, but never
opening up the door.
I forgave,, only left standing in my tears that fell
to the floor.
Here it is once again. My blood rushing to my head.
The door fresh in my sight.
It opens. I walk into the night.
Time stands still as i breath in the early morning air.
I look up to the sound of a free flying bird, and me, also
 Aug 2016 MKing Diagne
Shylah S
Do you like science? Cause I've got my ion you
we're a dance of subatomic particles, you get my cardiovascular system worked up

"Nerd," you declare with a smile sweeter than C6H12O6
I glare at you and giggle louder than 194 decibels, we break all the laws
I'm so attracted to you, scientists will have to make a 5th fundamental force

we fit together like sticky ends of DNA
I fall in love with you every time I see you, faster than my DNA replicates
being in your arms feels like homeostasis, we'll last longer than thorium

I think I'm kinda maybe trying to say
every time light reflects off of you and onto my retina the sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia I get tells me that gulp Iloveyou
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