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Venga 1d
My eye lids bounced
For the first few seconds
When I first re-entered the world

It was quiet

All the thoughts that had slipped

The morning sun rays
Peeked in through my single window
And rested on my plush blanket
The morning routine
  1d Venga
doesn't it seem today
that the air blows
a different way?

almost telling me that
today is not yesterday ~
times change, so will us all
  2d Venga
you treasured me
thanked me for my presence
it seemed as if you loved me for an instant
that little instant
that noxious side eye and smirk
that ray of light in a tree riddened forest
that first flower of spring opening up
bees salivating from a distance
i was so grateful to have met you

but you’re no longer my peace
and i continue to rekindle my love
with a version of you

just to have that again..
i don’t know what i’d do..
  2d Venga
I watch as she sings.
A sound so beautiful.
The song, she becomes lost within it
as she dances within her memories.

I see joy in her eyes,
She remains blind to the pain in mine.
A song that cuts so deep.
The hurt it brings she must never know.

Her sound, their song.  
The song they sang together.
A sound my heart will never forget,
and a dance she will cherish forever.

I watch as she sings.
A sound so beautiful.
Venga 3d
The grey cloud
Stretched the entirety of my
Visible world  

Vacant earth tears made
Themselves known to
My window
Venga 4d
I asked a simple question

“Can I die for you?”

I received a long and hard stare back


I thought about that answer for a long time with the goal of forgiving you. Forgiving you for not loving me, never loving me. Forgiving myself for letting my love grow too much. I wanted to die for you, so you could live. But love doesn’t work like that, I guessed.


His reply;

“I’m already dead.”
I fell in love with an emotionally  dead person
Venga 7d
You told me to meet you there

                      Under my sheets

Circulating my breath

                        In and Out

You said something to me

                        Some words

They made my heart race

                        The glow from my phone

Evident on the walls of my room

                          Talking to you

Telling me to meet you there
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