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Venga Mar 23
I try to think about
the consequences of
slit wrists and orange tic tacs

It seems miserable yet peaceful

A place of peace

A place of peace for me
For my family members
For my “friends”
For my coworkers
For my associates

They don’t really care about me now
but when I die they will

They will call us close friends
They will post the best selfie I have and write me an unread message on their social media’s
They might shed a little tear at the fact that they can’t call me to cry about their boyfriends anymore
Or because I can’t do their hair
They will use me for sympathy
and they will miss the whole point

It is about them and what they could have done to prevent it
If they would have just opened their eyes a little wider
Venga Feb 12
Last month I went to the hospital
“Chest Pains”
I had a hard time breathing
For over a month
I had this pain
I thought death was in sight
And I had even more pain
When I went they told me I had


I knew I had it but
they told me it was starting to affect me

I thought about that...
I’ve gotten so accustomed to
this feeling of
Isolation & stress

Venga Dec 2019
i always sit in this white room alone
thinking of how i’m always trying
to do good
but the lives of those who hurt me are
better off than mine

for some reason I just think i’m not
meant to be here
i don’t belong
and i never have
and i never will
Venga Dec 2019
full of color
but originating from


poetry is a one of a kind art
unlike anything that draws what the
mind can’t put into a picture
Venga Dec 2019
I write this

my love

in hopes that you do better

your lost right now
and I hope


I pray with every bone in my
small body that you find what your looking for

that thing you
couldn’t find in me

although I know you tried
and I pray you would have

I love u mi amor
te amo mucho

my love
cries from the clouds
Venga Nov 2019
i kissed your





but you burned my lips

with the tiny vibrations from your throat

my shriveled lips
and teary eyes were all that was left
Venga Nov 2019
it’s always easier
to yell


words chew you up
spit you out
and let you dry up

they let you
turn into concrete

and get run over and over and over and over
by cars

the concrete
gets *** holes
and withers away

but that’s easier
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