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Jean Garnet May 2020
Taking a break from Hello Poetry, I would be using a different platform to publish my other works. Please feel free to follow me on my Instagram account [@ctfjngrnt]. I would try my best to post my works there daily or weekly. Thank you so much!
Jean Garnet Aug 2019
As we close another book
  a new one opens
A blank sheet at first
  ready to be filled with stories
Arise! Get out of your bed
  find a new tale to tell
A new beginning awaits
  outside of those doors
Seize the day
  it is all yours
Jean Garnet Mar 2019
"Is it too late to confess?", he said.
They stopped. The world seemed
to have slowed down for her.

She looked at his eyes. Hers meeting
his. His eyes were tantalizing at that
moment. It was impossible to look away.

The sun behind them began to set.
He held her hands, caressing them
as if they were his. She cried.

"Why now?", she said. He looked at her.
At that moment, he can't seem to find
the right words. "I'm sorry.", he replied.

Night has come. He wiped her tears
one last time, before a man took her
away from him, holding her hand.

She looked back at him. Their eyes met.
Right there and then, he knew, she was no
longer his. Nor will she ever be.
Jean Garnet Feb 2019
"I love you.", she said. But, he didn't say a word. His expression didn't change. "I mean it.", she added. It took all of his strength to open his mouth. "I'm sorry.", that was his only response. She was a strong woman. She smiled at him, but inside, she felt her heart shatter. "It's okay.", she said. He stood up, then left. She drank the last bottle of beer, as the tears she held back trickled down her cheeks.
Jean Garnet Feb 2019
Pagbangon ko sa kama
Ikaw ay nawala na
Nangibang-bansa na nga
Upang doo'y kumita
Mabuhay ang mga Makabagong Bayani! Isang pagpupugay para sa mga Overseas Filipino Workers!
Jean Garnet Jun 2018
People always ask me,
why am I like this.
I just have one answer.
Don't blame me.

Don't blame me,
if sometimes I do something bad.
I once did nice things,
but you abused my kindness.

Don't blame me,
for not joining those parties and get-togethers.
I just don't want to be criticised anymore,
especally by the people I consider "family".

Don't blame me,
if I sometimes lock myself in my room.
I just find it hard to act nicely,
around the people that always hurt me.

Don't blame me,
if I don't join your conversations.
Because I find it hard to talk,
when the topic is, well, me.

Don't blame me,
if I didn't meet your expectations.
Understand that I have my weaknesses,
and I can't be like you.

Don't blame me,
if I choose to hang out with my friends.
I find their company better,
compared to yours, you hypocrites.

Don't blame me,
if sometimes I don't respect you.
In life, there are no menus,
you get what you deserve.

Don't blame me,
if I turned out like this.
I wasn't born this way,
I just, well, changed.

Don't blame me,
if one day I turn my back on you.
Understand that I've had enough.
I've had enough.
I've had enough.
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