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Salman reshi Apr 2
And Then I Met Her

It was our first meet
When i saw her
My heart skipped a beat

I was on one side of the road
And She on the other
Everything was in my favor
and yes that weather.

As, i got close to her She got blushed.
Her cheeks turned red as Petals of a flower.
Her relishing antics, her blushing cheeks
And her cute expression.
I couldn't take my eyes off for the session.

She drove me crazy
She was looking beautiful like daisy.

Starring at each other's eyes was making a beautiful sound.
And made me feel as if there was no one around.

The way she put her hand on the chin.
I'm falling fa you, i said with a grin.

I noticed that smile on her face.
And i was thinking her to embrace.

She's an Ocean, her eyes deep sea-blue
I failed reading those as she left no clue.
It's all about first meet, what we call it as First date.
Fairy Sparks Mar 2016
Years,Days,Hours,Minutes and Seconds
pass by.
the time comes,
we're going to meet.
i have waited for this day to come.
I'm here.
leaving the house.
i can see you.
your eyes.
is it true?
i'm just dreaming..
the love of my life is finally here.
in front of me.
i'm so happy!
there is a butterfly inside my stomach..
i can't help it,
i wanna cry
your hands
that fits mine
your smile
your eyes, is my light
as you hugged me,
it's like heaven
the fear
and sadness
has blown away
By: Fairy Sparks

— The End —