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The best day of my life was May 23rd,2000
The most beautiful bouncing boy was born  your eyes was bigger than a mountain

As you grew I was so proud that you was my son
Every time I looked at you my heart filled up with so much happiness never to be undone

You are my baby boy blue
You always amazed me and you still do

You could tell the most amazing stories and the way you draw it's so fantastic
We had so much fun making the Iron Man valentine box it was a masterpiece

Now your in high school and soon to be on your own
I'm very proud and excited for you I'm also very sad to see you go I definitely will feel alone

You will become one that I'll be watching on tv you'll be nominated for lots of Grammy awards
The music that you write, produce, and rap to are absolutely raw and skillfully written you have a brilliant future ahead of you, you definitely have the chords

Happy Birthday to you my handsome son
I'm so blessed that God chose me to be your mother you brighten up my day like the brightest star shining in the sky I love you tons
Written By: Denise Huddleston
I remember you are always there for me
Sometimes I couldn't see

I remember your love was there for me
I always could see

I remember the way you patched my boo boos for me
We would blow together on my knee

I remember you feeding me
I knew we had little money but you did it for me

I remember you kissing and hugging me
I'll never forget they was all for me

I remember you laughing with me
We'd laugh for hours just for me

I remember the books you read to me
You'd read book after book and taught me how to treat a book just for me

I remember how sweet and perfect you are to me
You taught me how to be kind to one another just for me

I remember going camping and fishing and taking those catfish off the hook with me
You only did that for me

I remember you showing me how to be a great friend for me
You are my best friend to me

I remember everything you knew you taught me
You did it all for me

I remember that you tell me you'll always keep learning for me
You did that only for me

I remember every time you say I love you to me
I knew it was always for your love of me

Mom I remember everything you are to me
I love you and that's from me
Dedicated to The World's Greatest Mom

Written by: Denise Huddleston
I'm disconnected from the world
I don't want to see the people on this earth in a swirl

I'm disconnected from my phone
I don't take calls no more I'm unbeknown

I'm disconnected from my music
I just can't hear no more in this cubic

I'm disconnected from my sweet love
I feel like an old unfit glove

I'm disconnected from my home
I don't want to live here no more I want to roam

I'm disconnected from reality
What Is real and what is fake maybe it's my mentality

I'm disconnected from my mind
The demons took their time

I wish I was plugged in
So I can live again
Written by: Denise Huddleston
You was my best friend
You was always there for me you cared

When I was happy or sad
When I fell you helped me up you was my Comrade

You made me laugh
You always put a smile upon my face you always had that craft

When it was cloudy
You made the sun shine so loudly

I cherish the time we had together
I loved playing ball you floated like a feather

I loved your smile you placed
The way you ran with such grace

Your so sweet
You loved your treats

I miss you daily
The pain is for real

You made me cry
Why did you have to die
This is about my dog she passed away March 1st due to complications of surgery having her spayed she was only 2 years old

RIP my sweet friend

Written by: Denise Huddleston
It's easy to hear the loneliness in her voice
As she speaks she has no one to talk about, there's just no choice

She talks about the good old days
Filled with love and compassion all was just a faze

Loneliness is when you cry
There's no one there to make her smile or dry her eyes

No one to help with the demons inside her head
No one to subside the discomfort of pain from deep inside

The demons are here to prey on the misguided brain
She continues to hide her pain

Only to give into the loneliness of despair
Her loneliness has only become a reality because nobody cares

Trying to fade away loneliness has taken its toll
On her soul

Sound of loneliness is silent
She doesn't hear the birds singing with great talent

She doesn't feel the sun shining
People pass her by as if she doesn't exist so she starts declining

She wishes her heart could love again highly unlikely loneliness has become her only way of life
She remains unable to feel due to the coldness in her heart stuck by a knife
Written by: Denise Huddleston
Having friends can be a wonderful asset
It makes us feel like when we play our favorite cassette

Friends are always there when we're in need,depressed,though break ups
When we are in need call,and our friends will back you up as if they worked for Mr Trump

Your supposed to be able to tell them anything
Except some run and tell everything

Friends are supposed to be on your side
Some friends just run and hide

Some friends have so much drama it just makes you insane
Try wrapping your mind around the entire situation its very inhumane

I wish I had a true friend
A true friend would back you up keep you safe, never talk about you,and never befriend you to the end
Written by: Denise Huddleston
As I raised up in bed
At 3:05 am it's cold and the smell of death and the color red

I see the demons surrounding me
I feel them lifting me up in the air I try to plea

Spinning me around as if I was a toy
Chanting over and over we are here to destroy

My head feels the pain as they use the key to open my door
They creeped in hearing their voices saying it's time for war

As they enter into my brain I know I'm in trouble
I start fighting for my life but it's different this time so much rubble

They are strong as I am weak
Hitting and scratching at me feeling every shockwave hitting me like lightning streaks

I'm yelling for help but my voice is not heard
They drop me on the floor grabbing my hair and dragging me outside this is what I had feared

I reach for something,someone,anything to help me
They are taking me this time I've got to stop them I keep telling myself once they get me in their lair **** I just hit a tree

With all my might
I hang on tight

I finally find my best friend who died a week ago
Save me please I plead and she starts biting them and throwing them as if they was made of dough

I start helping her and in know time the demons have left except for one which is hiding in my head the one who stole the master key
The one that will never let me be free

But for now I can breathe again and only hope that I get my strength up for the next battle
I will continue to fight until I get my key back so I must not dismantle

That's when I'll be set free
Written by: Denise Huddleston
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