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Oct 2018 · 353
" Tip Toe"
"So many of my words you heard before,
Along with excuses, i just can't think
of anymore.
What i can do is pray that i will try.
Like a baby taken their first steps, they
begin to smile to stop the cry.
I never felt your pain until now, my heart
is soar.
If it's this that you felt, please open
your door.
Knowing is now the knowledge that you gave to me.
Break these chains, set me free.
Allow me back into your arms, let me hold you once
Even if not for lovers, but slowly, a friend."
Mar 2017 · 404
"Dreams, and It's Tease"
"My dreams are vivid, you are there.
I'm in love with you once again.
Allow me to stay in my sleep. Allow
me to go on.
I see you clearer then before, i'm afraid
to blink.
I walk closer to you. Please don't vanish.
Your reaching your arms to me, i need
to feel your flesh.
My heart is pumping faster then ever
I reach for you, and we touch.
My head rests on your left shoulder, as
yours rests on mine.
I remember the fragrance of your body.
I take it in with my deepest breath.
I let it out, and your gone.
I awake, with the fragrance of you lingering on."
Feb 2017 · 282
"An Ending "
"I was loved, now I'm
This was something we never
spoke about. Goodbye."
An Old Friend...
Feb 2017 · 739
"My Baby Boy Has Died"
"He came to us with the brightest brown eyes.
Cuddled in Mom's arms never thinking ever of
early goodbye's.
Living much of a sheltered life learning dad's
A table he once made that brought him
much praise.
His town was as small as the bucket of water
he would get from the well.
Knowing at a young age he had bigger plans, with
so much more to tell.
A Jewish boy with an ambition of traveling
the land.
His time had come to leave home to
become a man.
Footstep after footstep took him on a
journey that pleased him well.
People listened to his words of hope
taking their lives out of dispel.
The word went out across many villages
that a man was lifting up hearts, and souls.
A man they called Jesus. Making their
lives whole.
Miracles were performed, along with
many storms.
So many followers, yet so much doubt.
I knew this was to happen. He knew
not to put up a fight.
Torture came upon him, keeling over, then
stood up for more.
Moments later, sentenced to death, and
placing a crown of thorns on his head.
You all know the ending.
My Son died for all your sins.
As your Heavenly Father i ask only one
Please become Born Again."

Signed: The Holy Spirit!!!!
Why? Because God gets all The Glory!!!!!
Feb 2017 · 386
" The Unexpected"
"I now walk through the the empty fields that
once filled our sense of smell from the flowers of
our creator.
Empty are my hands, but your footsteps on
our trail still appear.
I'm alone along with the soil of it's earth.
A Butterfly is my company. Funny.
I have never seen them with a mate.
A sign maybe that your near.
A whisper heard in my ear.
I'm no longer alone.
A fragrance of the past suddenly
mixed in with a soft breeze.
I'm awaken with the sensation of
heat from the sun as it reaches my
right hand.
I'm no longer alone.
The unexpected have come to others.
Can this be mine?
I need to treat it as such.
To enjoy this given moment
in time.
To kiss the air, knowing you
are here."
Feb 2017 · 197
"A Fire Well Burning"
"Married couples should stop thinking of Marriage
as an institution, but as a relationship that's
on fire.
It just may last forever."
Feb 2017 · 404
"The Sand Box"
Growing up with you, it started in our
schools sand box.
I only remember the stare i had for you
while i filled up a bucket with my tiny
Later you grew into the piece that was
missing from my puzzle.
Always referred to as childhood sweethearts.
Years branding us with crows feet, and
still listening to Mozart's.
How we love the classics, sunny days
feeding the pigeons on the park bench.
Looking at the children in the sand boxes.
Catching the little boy with his first stare."
Feb 2017 · 332
"Out & In "
"I was taken out of the womb, into
the world.
Then placed in the Kingdom.
Born Again."
Jan 2017 · 339
"Foot Steps In The Snow"
"The day after the storm i went for
a ride.
What i was about to find stole my heart.
Eight inches of snow didn't stop this
little man.
Walking step by step with a little American
Flag in his tiny hand.
I pulled over on the side of the road
about fifty feet from another.
His mother allowed him to go alone paying
his respects to a soldier.
It was his Father who laid in the cold grave
that gray sky winter morning.
His tiny "Footsteps In The Snow" where made
behind him, and his destination were just
a few feet before him."
God Bless that little man.
God Bless America!!!!
Jan 2017 · 648
"A Mindless Mind"
The moon was full and bright just
the other night.
The howling and appearance  of the wolves
were nowhere in sight.
Fog draped the sky like a velvet cloth.
Flying bugs showed up. ( Gypsy Moths)
Such a fear was released in the air.
It bellowed deep within me shattering
my thought's with bells ringing in my ears.
I fell to the ground, not being able to take the
next step.
A taxi then pulled up with a lady in the
I was told she asked the driver to stop.
That was the last i was to hear.
Morning followed with the sun beating
down on my face.
I awoke in satin sheets, and a unfamiliar
Three knocks with a butler opening the door.
Asking "Coffee Sir"? I reached for it in
my pajamas of silk.
I felt like a piece of a puzzle that would
never find it's way home.
Interrupting my thought came a voice of
a woman. A beautiful woman. "Thank you Simone"
She said to me that i have been missing for hours, and
time to get up for my morning shower.
I did what she said, and at the same time thinking
i maybe dead.
That's not the case. I just happen to be in
another place.
My mind speaks to you. It's what so many of us go
I'm a man with Alzheimer's. Someone who needs
to be cared for. Please don't make me wander
Fiction of course. Stories like this happen everyday. Take care of your loved ones. For so many years they took care of you!!!
With Love, God Bless,
"Driving many roads, so many sights
to see.
Your eyes where never on the road, nor
were they on me.
You gazed at the tall buildings as we drove
through the streets of the city.
Asking me so many questions, i wondered
how you got so witty.
Looking at my Rear View Mirror, and seeing
your baby face.
I was about to give you an answer, but
you turned away looking at the park of rides, and  
it's carousel .
I stared at you for a split second, and a
thought ran through me like a train.
There will come a day when you will no
longer be, in my Rear View Mirror for me to see.
The years have passed, and that all did
come true.
The difference from then til now, is funny
what us people do.
She is now in the drivers seat, i'm
near her. Only i am asking the questions
as she answers looking at me in her Rear View Mirror."
Jan 2017 · 270
"The Beat Goes On"
"Stories been told. I know, you heard
this before.
This has a touch of class that will
be adored.
It happened recently so many of  you
may not have heard.
That's okay, you shall be the last, and
you tears will flow upon your cheeks as
the wings lay down softly on the back
of a hummingbird.
Adam who just received his license to
drive, found himself in a wicked storm.
A blizzard came upon him leaving school on
his way home.
Inexperienced with slick icy roads, his car skidded
into on coming traffic.
You all know the scene. (Graphic)...
Sounds like the end, but this story continues.
So does the Heart of Adam.
The back of his license was stamped, Heart Donor.
As Adam rests in peace, his heart lives in a 57 year
young man we'll name Tyreace.
Tyreace did something special with the permission
of Adam's Mom.
He asked if he could record the beating of Adam's
Heart for Mom to hear. Mom approved.
Later that month they met at the home of Adam.
Mom greeted Tyreace with hugs, and tears.
She was about to place her left ear upon Tyreace's
chest, but Adam quickly backed away.
Mom was puzzled.
Tyreace then reached into a shopping bag pulling
out a beautiful wrapped gift.
He presented it to Mom. Tearing open the wrapped
paper, she opened the 12X12 box.
The cutest white fluffy Teddy Bear with a red heart embroidered
on it's chest, and the name Adam under it.
Mom held it in her arms tears flowing down her face, and
not knowing what was about to happen when she accidentally
squeezed the Teddy Bear face.
The recording of Adam's Heart started to Beat once again
for Mom to hear.
You all know the scene. (Fabulous Joy)."
True story. Only the names differed for protection purposes!!!
Jan 2017 · 252
"I have had only one beautiful Vision in
my life.
The day i turned my head in a crowded restaurant
only to see for the first time, the woman who
later became my wife.
I now look forward to my second.
My Lord and Savior "JESUS CHRIST"...
Jan 2017 · 857
"A Replacement"
"You get what you want , but you don't
have what you need.
Many of us go through life with smiles
on our faces, yet the heart is of stone.
It needs to be chiseled down.
you need tools for that, but not the kind
of tools that many think about.
( a hammer & a chisel)
Try thinking of placing the hammer with
a (Thought) and the chisel with a (Goal)
Try thinking of the things you received in
your life that you always took for granted.
They came to you with a purpose.
Many of us think for what was received was
placed in their proper place. if so then why
the heart of stone.
Try now in your lives to whatever comes to
you, set them toward a goal. A goal to start
breaking down the stone, and replace it with Love.
A love that gives  now what you need.
Have the things you need, rather with the things
you got. "A Replacement"....
Jan 2017 · 513
"What looks, and stares have you when
the homeless appears?
Does your eyes quickly turn away as
if they don't exist, or give a helping hand
of care?
The long hair bearded men with leather jackets hopping of their
Harley's as you cringe in fear.
Suddenly you notice the writings on their backs.
(We Ride For Jesus, Helping The Meek & Mere)
These are just a few that are unruly judged.
Still a bit too many in the field of grudge."
Dec 2016 · 272
"Knock knock. Who's there?
Jesus. Jesus Who?
Jesus Christ."
If just one opens the door to let him
in, it was well worth it to be written!!!!

Happy New Year to ALL my Poet Friends!!!
God Bless,
Dec 2016 · 401
"The Canvas"
"We forever praise the artists for the paintings
that they display.
The beauty of their work as the brushes dance
while revealing the waves ocean sprays.
A sunset grabs two lovers hearts staring at
the portrait for them to see.
Holding each others hands their minds are suddenly
set free.
Yes, we've had our Da Vinci's, Picasso's, and
Michelangelo's, but without the creation of Canvas,
Rembrant, and Van Gogh would of also been
two lost souls.
Yet, the true artist whom seems to never receive
praise. His creation of HIS earth became HIS Canvas,
and HIS stage.
His immaculate visions of beauty were given
to the earthly artists to see, but as for the paintings, they
were originally God's.
made possible for you, and for me,"
Dec 2016 · 253
"Turn Your Page"
"We stand on the ground, to
Me it's a shelf.
We are all walking books of
Knowledge just waiting for
A new day so we can Turn The Page."
I PRAY your next chapter leads you into a Beautiful ending!!
Dec 2016 · 294
"Belief "
"There is only one way that your
Prayers can be heard.
They need to be spoken."
Nov 2016 · 479
"All You, All Yours"
"Your valley's are rich with your soil, i
stand in them.
Your wind flows so freely, i breath
it in.
Your waters are wild, and cool, they
refresh, and cleans me in body, and thoughts.
You surround me with your mighty mountains, i
see them.
My eyes are now yours. I see what you imagined.
You gave me a soul, for now
i know you.
You created my knees, to allow me
to bow before you."
"I woke up this morning, thought i would
give you a call.
Then i changed my mind, just can't give in anymore.
The pain you gave is like a throbbing sensation of
a deep cut that is trying to heel.
Soon the pain will subside, but the memory
never dies.
You lost me forever. for my soul will be somewhere
in the woods.
Someday you may search, only to find that i
will be gone.
So yes, i will hang up the phone, never wanting
to hear your voice again.
This i never planned.
I was once in love, and so happy to have held your hand."

Oct 2016 · 3.4k
"The Beer Drinkers"
" I had toasted many in my life time.
Glasses of the most expensive wines, the
exclusive champagnes, and the cheapest of
Funny. Out of all, the  beers were the most
enjoyable through my years.
I now ask myself why? It's because of the
Sophistication was always troubling to me.
Don't get me wrong. To each is own i always
Joke telling, and stories that seemed to be so
crazy, many wondered if they were true.
It was how the story was told, Some were hysterical
you had to hold you stomach with both hands
praying that it didn't split apart.
Others were so sad they brought tears to your eyes.
That's when i new i belonged, There is where i saw
love among friends.
The beer drinkers. Happy, Hardy. Without a trouble
in the world.
Where are they now?
A question that is not to be answered.
No more pat on the backs.
No more. " Hey don't forget tomorrow nights
card game at Tony's."
No more. "See ya latter's."
Just millions of us sitting at our computers, and
maybe drinking a beer.
To them i raise my mug with a toast.
"Happy to spend this time with you."
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
"Memories and dreams are precious
They're always there when you seem
to need them the most."
Oct 2016 · 260
"I met  a woman in my dream.
She was "Faceless".. She was beautiful."
Oct 2016 · 216
"Does She"
"Scattered memories fill the visions in my mind.
What one person can remember, can it leave the
other blind.
Does she feel the way i feel when approaching
lands, and sights that were a beautiful part of us?
Does she still hold on to the laughter
of the good times that have passed?
I put aside the painful times feeling it's the right
thing to do.
Wasn't hard, they were so few.
Memories are the hardest.
They pop up everyday.
Where ever i go i see a photograph of us, in
the city, or here as i sit by the bay.
Does she think of me as i think of her?
"Does She?"
"Her days have flown by as quickly as the
birds that dive into the sea.
She looks at all the four corners of the earth, and
says. "No one is looking at me.
The High School Queen of so many years ago.
Students, they stared as the hallways lit up
with her glow.
She's alone.
The Glory Days sung by The Boss always brings
the tears to her Alaskan Husky blue eyes.
Holding on to her Prom Dress as her Granddaughter
walked by.
Once again a stare game into her life.
She smiled and walked to her Granddaughter
leaving her past behind.
Thinking of only one thing. The little
face that she approached, (whispering softly to herself.)
"It looks just like mine."
Alone only when she thinks of the past.
In the present with her Beautiful Granddaughter
sharing their future that she may someday
be the High Schools best."
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
"A Special Love"
"I gave her a hand full of kisses, she
then shed a tear.
Her head moved gently into my chest
Speaking softly. "I never want to move
from here."
Never feeling love before, That's what
Foster homes do, but now she's mine in
My arms to a FAMILY to come home to.
Adoption is such a wonderful experience
to live.
Happy eyes beam like the sun.
My wife, mine, and our 11 year young
Girl we named, Sam."
Sep 2016 · 588
"Here We Are Father"
" Here we are Father, here we are.
Lifting up our hands our flesh, our souls, only
to praise your mighty goals.
We seek your Gracious Love, your teachings, and
So "Here We Are Father forever lifting up our
Hands, and Flesh.
To worship a King, only comes once in our life.
For you are the one. Thee Almighty Christ.
So Here We Are Father, lifting up our hands, and flesh,
to the King we adore, and the sacrifice you have left.
We've become better people because of you.
This is why we surrender. To be close to you.
Here We Are Father, Here We Are."
Sep 2016 · 1.6k
"An Object, and It's Truth"
"Just who do you think you are?
You skip out on your wife over a neighborhood
It's not like you fool to do the things you
To leave the one who loves you.
You best learn how to chill.
Feeling like the cool cat with the curiosity
they hold inside.
One day you just may find out, that
you'll always have things to hide.
No way to live a life when you have
the best waiting for you after a long hard
day of work.
She wraps her beautiful arms around you,and
tells you how much your worth.
You must not have the will to throw things
that are so wonderful away.
Now i can stop looking at myself in this
mirror, get some sleep to awake for a brighter,
and better day."
How many of you can relate? Work hard for what you have.
If you can find each others hearts. Then you will become one!!!
Sep 2016 · 339
"Ins And Outs"
"Scary thoughts are entering me. I don't know
where they're coming from, nor do i know what
it is.
My stomach is bubbling like an Alka- Seltzer
Thoughts are racing, my mind is increasing with
so many memories of yesterday.
Will my past stop allowing me to enter tomorrow?
This i can only pray.
Strength of the mind was taught to me years ago.
Teachings from my Father, and Military gave me
a life i'm very much proud that it shows.
Then why can an invisible power try to shake
the insides of me?
Can it be a portion of being lonely that i'm
refusing to see?
I must stay active to fight back this threat.
Stay closer to Family, and Friends, that would
be my best bet."
This was a feeling i had inside of me yesterday, but the gift of a
Poet sits with his or her thoughts then writes of how human problems
can be solved, not only for ourselves, but for all to see.
To the Lonely. It's only the last 12 words of this poem that just might
heal you.
God Bless,
Sep 2016 · 281
" My thoughts are like Sail Boats
Floating across the calmest ocean's."
Sep 2016 · 316
" Every time i think of you, it's hard to catch
my breath.
The bitterness that's branded in me, i lost all
kinds of respect.
Seeing you with another man, looking at him
as you once looked at me.
It will forever be a picture in my mind, probably
until eternity.
It all started with a smile, and how much i made you laugh.
Where in the world did i go wrong?
Was it a matter of just going to fast?
It's a shame that you could never answer my questions, you
made a choice to hop into his car.
You saw me running to you, as you both left
that bar.
I prayed that he would stop, knowing then that
i knew the score.
Only to be woken up in the middle of the night
with non-stop knocking at my door.
So here i kneel upon your grave talking to you
in a whisper.
Praying to my Lord, while  here on His earth He
will teach me to become a forgiver."
Just a story, out of my storybook mind.. Remember to "FORGIVE"
Sep 2016 · 306
"The Light"
"Light, you have given me the
light, through your eyes that adore me.
Your arm's that hold me so tight, so
tight then others before you.
Deep in the night i reach out and touch you, your
body so close, so near.
Your with me, with a love that dismisses all it's fears
It's the light, the light that shines even in the night.
Rainbows of every color appears, mixing with my
smiles, and my tears.
Your my light, that rushed me away from past
Leaving the darkness with only it's ashes, and remains.
The "Light" that stays lit in my heart.
Like a child who needs it in his room every night."
Sep 2016 · 355
"Hidden Hearts"
" Are there many, or are there few?
A question iv'e been asking for this past
year knowing i have met two.
Will there be more to come? I pray that
the answer is no.
The energy i used with-in my self moved
quicker then rivers that flow.
Flowing into it's oceans, sometimes calm, but
never knowing where the tides will go.
They were both of beauty on the outside, taking
men's eyes away from the most gorgeous sunsets.
Yet their inner was empty, filled with a cold sweat.
Their Hidden Hearts were chilled, preventing me to
Mine was warm, and in the open for them to see.
Even for the blind."
Sep 2016 · 522
"Your life is your Canvas. Make
It a Picasso."
Sep 2016 · 255
"Don't let yesterday's pain, stop you
From  giving tomorrow's LOVE."
Sep 2016 · 1.8k
"Back In The Day"
"Back In The Day, Yeah, when men did a little work, but
a lot of play.
Meetings at the saloon, and many times drinking
til noon.
So many pats on the back from strangers they cared
nothing about.
Just the company at a card table, or playing
craps in the back.
Yeah. Back In The Day is something today that
they cheer about.
Something though they all left out.
Their Ladies kept at home.
Probably dancing with the
kitchen broom.
Hardly ever spoken to, only when they jumped
after being told what to do.
Cleaning, and cooking. Making sure the children
were all cared for, cleaned, and dressed.
Making sure the Mother in them gave them their
No respect until one day they took a stand.
They fought  back against man.
They've come a long way to show the world that
they can.
So many say. "It's a man's world."
I say. "Look at the shape it's in."
Seems we  left it impearled."
I write this, because i'm a man of 66 years young. I think Back In The Day
quite a bit. The days of my Grandparents. The early 1900's. Woman were nothing but a Human Robot to the men. The work that the woman did, was the work the man wanted no part of, yet they show no respect for the love that woman had for man. To me it was a sin. Imagine if they were given self respect, and honor Back In The Day. If they did, too me...
Today would be called, and proudly said."It's a woman's world." I also said. PROUDLY, because it would not be in the shape it's in!!!!!
Sep 2016 · 616
"An Angel's Residence"
"Walking in the mist of a spray bottle type of
Two AM in the morning on a roadside in
a lot of pain.
Crashed his car into a tree. No one in sight.
Wandering all alone, never feeling such a
lonely fright.
His bones were chilled, having too much to
Legs felt like logs, mind not being able to think.
Never did pray in his life, but all of a sudden
he started to.
Praying to see head lights coming his way to
help him through.
For the first time he felt like the sheep that lost
it's way.
Wondering where is his shepherd to lead him out
of his stray.
Laying down on the side of the road, too weak
to go on.
Later waking up to a nurse, holding his left arm.
Telling him if it wasn't for your Guardian Angel
he would have been gone."
A true story of an old friend back in High School.
No one ever claimed responsibility of taking him to the
Angel's are always among us. Even on a dark, roadside Residence!!!
Aug 2016 · 409
"Sea The Seagull"
"I once walked on the Jersey shore
Looking out into the sea, I noticed
a seagull  looking at me.
He flew in my direction, and landed
At my feet.
I was eating a  hot dog, and placed half
Of it in his beak.
He took off quickly, and I began to
He never was looking at me.
It was the food he wanted to eat."
Aug 2016 · 425
"My Eyes Inside My Mind"
" It's 8 o'clock AM Heavens time, my eyes see me
opening the gates to the sound of trumpets bellowing
out music i have never heard before, coming from
two magnificent elephants standing 12 feet tall.
I am to hear for the first time the words from Jesus Christ
settling in, above me are Angels with their wings spread
wide, beautiful operatic voices never heard to the ears of the world below
with feathers falling upon me like snow from the pinkish red sky's
A rush comes upon me like an ocean wave hitting it's shores.
i begin to worship, praise, and rejoice for  i am about to be
in the company of "Our Savior" "Our Lord."
I look up to see his his face. it's now branded in my soul.
he reaches out, i feel his warmth even before his arms are wrapped around me so.
He speaks of his happiness toward my obedience on his earth.
going forward with a Sermon that ends asking me to go
forward now with his words." REST, AND PLAY, FOR YOU ALL
The wonders of Heaven that at one time i was only allowed to
dream of on earth were magnificent.
To see children and adults playing with baby  chimps, with
no fear of being hurt. Hurt was of no more.
In the distance. Behold. Lion's, and Tigers walking in peace.
Sounds of Panthers purring while our loved one's rub their backs under a shady tree.
That's where i found my Mom, and Dad.
Hugs, and the longest kisses took place, with the promise of Our Lord
that we would see our Loved one's once more.
Together we roamed through vegetable fields, and the greenest pastures
We pulled peaches, and grapes from trees, and within a second more
would quickly grow back immediately .
All the above is so wonderful for what "My Eyes See In My Mind," but
the most beautiful sight is to be a part of the "LOVE" that is in place in the Heavens above. The Love that Our Lord taught us here on His earth.
There's nothing but Love in the Heavens."
God Bless "THE WORLD"
Aug 2016 · 260
"The things We Do"
" You look at your watch when searching
for the time.
Go to a window, see if the weather is fine.
A book seems to find your hands.
You open it, hoping the first chapter is far
from being bland.
Always something to do.
Always somewhere to go.
Is there ever a time we stay still?
Even in our dreams, we rush for things.
The wheels just keep on turning, with
Gravity stopping us from floating in air.
On the go, on the go.
Trains, buses, cars, and planes.
Look how we grow.
This will never stop. It"s simply Human Nature.
So sad for the one's that get left behind.
All they become is a name and an address on a sheet
of paper."
"Do you remember yesterday? Only
when we parted.
It's all been fuzzy and white, as if a cloud
came down upon me.
Walking around in a maze, like a confused
little mouse searching for the cheese.
Yes i do remember yesterday as my heart
bled tears of our joyful past.
How we once ran through open fields
of flowers with the colors of the rainbow.
Now i walk alone with the color gray
by my side.
Conversations, and laughter has come to
an end.
Only the sounds of your shoes as they
walked away on the cobblestone street.
Yes i do remember yesterday."!!!!
Aug 2016 · 2.5k
"The Helpless Viet-Nam Vet"
" I ran into a homeless man with a bag filled with
empty soda bottles and cans.
They amounted to fifty-five cents, i
took them out of his hands.
I saw the anger in his eyes, as he began to
shout out his why's.
I quickly told him. "I'm here to help."
The fear went away, as he started to cry.
We talked on the side of the road. A
lost soul from the Viet-Nam war.
I too am a Vet. He now felt very comfortable
with every word i said.
I then opened the door to my car, asked
him to hop in, telling him were not going
very far.
I noticed his fingers, tanned from nicotine stains.
So i drove him to the nearest 7-11 asking what
was his favorite cigarette brands?
Kools was his answer.
We left, and drove to Mc  Donald's to buy
We filled our stomachs, he lit a cigarette, and
said. "Thank you so, so much."
I asked if there's somewhere i can drop you
off? He replied." No, the outdoors are my home.
i'll be fine, and you Michael. You are one of a kind."
I do this, because it's the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It's such a blessing  TO DO!!!!!!
Aug 2016 · 310
"Can We Try Again"
" A question that should always be said
face to face.
A phone call will only be forgotten, and
a text can quickly be erased."
Aug 2016 · 818
"Jack & Jill"
" A neighbor's BBQ was a bit of a bore, until
what i saw.
She had to be sent from the heavens, i even looked
to see if she had a pair of wings.
Her entrance was as if she was floating over
the blades of the freshly mowed Kentucky Blue grass.
Friends took her by the hands, and rushed her to my
Laughter stood meek, and quite during the introductions
of our names.
Our distinguished guest Harry. Along with his lovely wife
Sharry Replied. " Jack, i would like for you to meet my
most resent Best Girlfriend Jill."
Now the laughter exploded.
I was taken by surprise, and could only say, "Let's go up the hill."
She took my joke well, and moved in to take my hand.
We talked for hours while listening to the late arrival of
a 1970 Soft Rock Band.
So as the old saying goes. "All good things come to an end."
As did our evening.
The months flew by so quickly. Yes she was wearing my ring.
Becoming Mr. & Mrs. truly was a terrific thing.
Having children was now on our minds, and we wanted
to do something special.
We lived up to the story book rhyme.
Finding the hill that suited us us both, had
all the beauty you can imagine.
Looking over the canyon's *****.
The time came, and there we were.
Taking each others hand as they walked up the
hill singing. "Jack and Jill are going up the hill, but
not to fetch a bucket of water."
9 months later they both sat down
holding softly their new baby daughter."
Strictly Fiction. Just a thought of a pair of Jack and Jill's
living somewhere in the world doing, or thinking of doing what
my mind put on my "White Wall"....
Aug 2016 · 487
"A Man And His Gage "
" I've been abused, mishandled and
NOW I return to me, backed to
person who I used to be.
She took me away, Because of her
beauty, and her age.
The elder in me was like a Tiger being
Let out of a Gage.
It had nothing to do with lust.
I'm a man of God . He appointed me
to life up her life. A matter of must.
The months went by very quickly.
I was doing as much as I can, but
Feeling unappreciated wasn't in my
My silver hair was dyed brown, to
Look as young as I can.
Finding myself in shopping malls,
NOW never even holding my hand.
This went on for month's.
Dinner's, and lunches was not enough.
Now on her menu, she added brunch.
There's a lot more to be said, but I think
you all got  my point.
Maybe I should have stayed in the
A man of my age."
Aug 2016 · 366
"Melting Moments "
"You stared in my eyes, and you melted
my heart, along with the M& M's that were
in my hand, and are supposed to only melt
in your mouth."
Melting Moments the title was provided by my  OUR  lovely Poet  Sister Tivonna...
Aug 2016 · 346
"Color Me Color "
"Make me brighter then the
sun shinning over the Pacific.
With the waters below flickering like
Diamonds in it's ocean spray.
Create my face as beautiful as the
most colorful rainbow floating through
The bluest sky's.
Keep my heart warm, but as RED as
The  Hell's fire's.
Paint my emotions that will run through
My body like the winds storms  over an Arabian desert.
Have your brush complete me with
Your warmest touch, and your favorite color.
For I am Your  canvas that you bring
TO life."
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