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Feb 2022 · 355
Why One Day?
Methmi Mandara Feb 2022
Why just one day for your lover
To take her among flowers in a rover
Limited for one day and be over

Chuckling couples with chilly chocolates
Red roses represents romance
Lips laid, long licks


Don't bound to the February Fourteenth
Make everyday as a quarantine
Alone with your valentine
For the Month of February
Dec 2021 · 4.1k
World Wide Handsome
Methmi Mandara Dec 2021
'World Wide Handsome' you are making us smile
Gorgeous you are with all your style
A flying kisser you are for the violet wave
Making them full of crave

Boy, you are shining so far
From the car door you went to a star
Cheered by the purple crowd
"He is my son", your mama is proud

Defeat sapphire your eyes are
Losing fire your warmth pass
"ARMY!" your voice echoing in our ears
Fading all our pathos and fear
Happy Birthday Jin!
Oct 2021 · 4.5k
Prince of Busan
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
In the purple ocean deep
You came to us serendipitously
Became a filter of our lives
Took a promise as "Love Yourself"
Seeing our universe from your smile
Gazing at your unique style
Cuter and sweeter than honeyed mochi
Or warmer than the sultry sun
The ability of your duality starts
By melting all the ARMYs hearts

You are the Prince of Busan Jiminah!
Wrote it for the BTS member, Park Jimin
Oct 2021 · 218
The Girl at the Window
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
A box full of train tickets she saw
With her mother at the station door
She saw it belongs to the ticket man
And wanted to be as so
With a dream of a secret agent too
Ding ****, the desk is awesome
Open, Book out
Open, Book in
Open, Pencil out
"Lid it is, not a drawer" she wondered
The children learn the book
But she leans and look
Through the window to the virtuosos
Enjoys them sing and dance
Stays and stays or she'll miss the chance
"What are you doing"
"Where are you going"
She cries through the window
To the flying sparrow
"She is terrible,
******, out of control
Find a new school"
The teacher lets her out
Her mom finds a new school
For the girl, she knew it will be cool
A school in a train, is what she found
Of Sosaku Kobayashi, the greatest one
"Mom, new school is wonderful"
She was amazed and truthful
Chatted with Sosaku six hours
No one ever listened so much
"Something from ocean"
"Something from land"
It was and interesting lunch
of crunch
Once her little purse
Fell to a toilet pit as a curse
Dig the pit until she found
More value was it that dozens of pound
In the summer, perfect for a swim
Cool to be in the pool
No swimming suits were at all
Girls and boys, naked no rules!
One sided love to Tai-chan
Dreamed of being his bride forever as the sun
Seven years old girl was fallen in love
Love is a sacrifice, she taught to bow
A rejected girl from a school of nerds
'Tomo' made her a free bird
Testsuko Kuroyanagi she is
Who won the world, a role model
Based on the Japanese biography, "The Girl at the Window"
Sep 2021 · 358
A Pumpkin
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
Autumn came with wind
Removed the leaves from trees speed
An orange pumpkin
Sep 2021 · 248
Destiny of Sakura
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
Sakura in spring
fell from the tall tree so high
It was chopped and trampled
Sep 2021 · 5.6k
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
A prince from the heaven
Who was Fallen to Busan
Melting worldwide heart
With your magical arts

A nightingaleous voice
Taking us to our utopia
A bunny smile
To make our euphoria
Wrote this for the birthday of the BTS member, Jeon Jungkook
Aug 2021 · 124
Love Memories
Methmi Mandara Aug 2021
Alone in the sand, walking together
Gazing at the horizon
And into your sapphire eyes
Our hands clasped
And intertwined
Not to be shy, our memories won’t die

Into your arms
Feeling your heartbeat
You hold me soft
As a virtuoso on a piano, it’s heaven
Smelling your breath frankincense
Ah! Hold me till the oceans become vapor

“Darling, the sun is giving me light,
In the color of Love
Just to see you”
“My Love, look at our pink fluffy bed
Created in the sky, Just for you and me”

Suddenly, you grabbed me tight
Your red lips are closer to mine
Now, your lips in mine and mine in yours
Tasting as honey, Soft as a rose petal
While listening to the waves,
Who is watching us and singing
Our Love Story…….
Jun 2021 · 75
The Blue Universe
Methmi Mandara Jun 2021
Bear feet; into the sand; trampling the sea shells
Some are crashing, jingling and tinkling as the silver bells
"Thou, why here?" I asked from a shell and peeped into the singing waves
It told, "We are from under the corals, ancient ships and the sea monster's cave

A singing pond, what a universe inside this blue?
No one can give a clue
She is listening to every story
Happy, joy, love but also sorry

She knows the man Sinbad, who sailed upon her days and nights; he watched the twilight of the dawn
She is heartbroken of Rose and Jack who watched her dolphins; hugging each other but now that love is gone
Also she is proud of the little mermaid with the amber cloudy hair who sacrificed life for the human prince
Her sound is high when she cries by seeing her fish who die by wrapping in strings

A giant travelling palace murdered all her turtles, dolphins and the whales and sent them to the land
Now, her family is coming to us; without their souls but a body floated to the sand
Oh her wish, will she recover soon?
So she will be lighted again as the crystal moon
My dear readers. I have expressed my ideas about the ocean here. I thought of writing this because "The Ocean Day" is held this month. Especially you may have a confused idea about the last verse. Well....Last month a ship named "Express Pearl" was burned in the sea and now it's sunken. The oils and the chemicals are mixed to the sea and Sri Lanka is facing a big trouble these days. Every day, we can see so many turtles, dolphins and other aquatic creatures died on the sand because the chemicals of the ship as effected them so highly. I wish the ocean will recover soon
Jun 2021 · 69
Methmi Mandara Jun 2021
Day or night working so hard
When we were out you were waiting in the yard
Your face full with a smile when you see us
When we were home from school by bus
Taking the world on to your shoulders
You carry on all our stuff with you
Father, you sacrifices a lot, we owe
To have your love, so true
To my father
Jun 2021 · 4.6k
The Seven Dwarfs
Methmi Mandara Jun 2021
She is not as kind as Cinderella
Who had pair of glass shoes
She is not as worthy as Jasmine
Who went on a magical carpet ride
She doesn’t have a long golden hair
As Rapunzel in the tall tower
She is not as fortunate as Sleeping Beauty
Who woke up from a century’s sleep
She doesn’t have a green gloomy tail
As little mermaid in the deep ocean
She is not as powerful as Queen Elsa
To create castles with frozen water
She is not as  brave as Belle in amber
Who went on her life with a beast
She is not Wendy with Peter beside
To fly through the clouds in the night

But she maybe Snow White
And seven of you are her seven dwarfs
Who takes care of her
Till she meet her own prince
The Seven Dwarfs are the Boys of the South Korean Boybad BTS
Jun 2021 · 122
Her Cries
Methmi Mandara Jun 2021
A bride who should be with a pride
Is murdered by her children; she cried
They not know; can't have the cold breeze
Where it is free of trees
Her tears, the long flowing rivers
She cries with sorrow, pain and shiver
Her attempts, the tall mountains
All faded human hearts, as a water fountain
Jun 2021 · 82
Burning Lantern
Methmi Mandara Jun 2021
Gently and vividly you created me; why?
To fly me in the dark sky

I came to your childish hands
You sent me off to the Swedish lands

With an aromatic candle shinning in
As a golden little tin

I went through the clouds higher and higher
With the flamed thing, it was a fire

Hearing children crying out as a melodious pattern
"Ah! see that glamorous flying lantern"

I see my fire was overjoyed
"Be controlled" I cried

The fire which shone me lit up soon
As the dark clouds hit the moon

I was just ashes nothing left more
A fallen crashed lantern, down by the shore
May 2021 · 269
Methmi Mandara May 2021
All the months you kept me in the womb of you
Memories of those will never fade in you
Months after I came to you
All the love is here for you

AMMA, You are the best!

My life, was colored with vivid rays because of you
On sleepless nights, since I was sick, stayed you
The pains of those is still in you
Holding my hand, took me to light, it's you
Escape, I can't, Want to stay with you
Remembering memories of me and you

MOTHER, you are the best!

Our goddess in the shelter is you
Kind heart gleaming bright in you
At my success, behind it's you
Act as rough but soft hearted you
Sang lullabies when cuddled by you
And the milk I ****** from you
Never I can repay, I owe you

OKAASAN, you are the best!

Entered to the world because of you
Obstacles were gone, who chased, it's you
Many facts of life I learnt from you
More long years, I'll be beside you
And I know, with me it's you

EOMMA, you are the best!

Middle in my heart, always you
Apologizing for moments being angry with you
Maximum love received from you
At your feet, I respect you

MAMA, you are the best!

Melting buttered heart in you
Amazed by qualities of you
Deepest love for kids of you
Resembling the love, she is you
End isn't written in the story of me and you

MADRE, you are the best!
AMMA is the word in Sinhala (My mother language) for mother. OKAASAN is the Japanese word for mother. EOMMA is the Korean word for mother. MAMA is the Chinese word for mother. MADRE is the Spanish word for mother.

As my mom wants me to learn lots of languages, she deserves this poem
Apr 2021 · 355
Spring of Spring
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
New year comes for us, not in January first
Cos’ the sun moves to the zodiac of goat
Flowers smile, birds sings to cheer his journey
Ah…ha April came with laughter and harmony

Time for new years’ fest
The kookoo bird said staying at the west
With a whistle with happiness zest
I and thou know it’s the best

Blast of fire crackers with a huge sound
Happiness, purity, the nation found
Wee kids playing all around
Fireworks passing without a bound

Erabadu blossoms red and bright
Bending towards the new year sight
Sinhala spring through day and night
Time to have fun with a pillow fight

Being in the country with a year through spring
This is the best time which is the sun bring
Put on a smile and wash off the grin
Come everyone it’s time to swing

Sweet meats passing hand by hand
Drum beating waving as an Eastern band
Cleaning the shelter by sweeping the sand
New year’s princess, spring is on stand
Sri Lanka doesn't have any seasonal change like Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer. Everyday, it's like spring but the Spring is increasing on the month of April

As it is mentioned in Sri Lankan Astrology, the sun is travelling from through the Zodiac sign circle. When the sun finished one circle from Pisces and again started from Capricorn, It's new year for us.

Here, I have mentioned about a bird named Kookoo. It is an endemic bird of Sri Lanka who is so active throughout this season. All it's sound is waving through the nature throughout this month.

This season is full of fireworks and crackers.....

Also, here I have mentioned about a flower called Erabadu. It is also an endemic flower of Sri Lanka. It is red in color which especially blooms in April.

The thing I have mentioned about a pillow fight is also a game done on this season. There is a wooden stand above the ground where  2 people sit on with one hand tied. They are fighting with a pillow until one falls to the ground.

I have said "Come everyone, It's time to swing" You may wonder what this means! Swinging is an activity we are doing throughout this season. We hang 2 ropes on a tree and keep a wood in the between those two. Then we are sitting on it...Swinging and having fun.

This is a time which all Sri Lankan share sweets, Clean all shelters. This is the happiest time of Sri Lanka.
Apr 2021 · 86
Only Aim
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
Aroma I feel is thy blood
******* thou until it made a flood
My teeth rooting into thy hypodermis
Fearlessness, braveness is what thou will miss
Because I escaped from Transylvania
To see thou, being in an utopia
I will be in the witching hours soon
When the wolves are howling to the moon
Thou have already got thy omen
Hide or thy house will fill with men
To recite all about your obituary
I will escape again at least to a sanctuary

Now thou may know me from my name
I am there with a high fame
A person with bleeding clothes who cannot be tame
Maybe thou wish to be the same
Yes, I am so vigorous than a salvo flame
Won't fall with your childish blame
Sharpened my teeth from where I came
Your veins and blood is my only aim
Ghost will just visit and go
Beldams will scare you not much more
But me as a vampire is a bedevil
Drinking your blood till my heart fill
Apr 2021 · 1.4k
A Pink Carpet
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
Tokyo adorned with a jewel named spring
Beauty and Fragrance is what thou bring
Sakura blossoms covering the trees
Falling on me with the soft breeze

Wearing a kimono under the Sakura rains
Peace and love flowing through my veins
A pink carpet created under my feet
Sakura lovers are approaching to meet

Opened palm waiting for a gift
Holding a blossom which fell on so swift
Lying on the carpet watching the radiant sun
It’s thy happiness, the Hanami fun

Viridescent leaves are nowhere to be seen
Rosie colors are being so keen
Chasing the Sakura aroma I love
Is now falling on me from above

Sakura, Thou made my crestfallen heart gone
I wish to live in your scent spreading zone
Spring, I fecund you through the whole year
To be in the Sakura woods without a fear
Apr 2021 · 153
On The Lotus
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
A feet was placed
Hasunohana no uwe ni
A peaceful world
Apr 2021 · 75
Windy March
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
Being in a meadow in the month of March
I see the wind coming to me with a march
It shakes the oak tree and it's branch
Wanting to stay with the wind, not in a company branch

The wind touches me as a soft kiss
Which touches my lips with a sound of hiss
Dancing with this mushy mild breeze
A lovely environment which won't make me freeze

This time you stamp tender on the meadow
But when you are red you slamp on my window
Wind, you made me happy at last
I will forget your anger of the past

Having a doubt from where you come
From the mountains, oceans or any other some?
Every March will you come to me?
This little girl is waiting to be

Twirling around me and all
Being with the trees at the fall
Breaking all my bounds of wall
I am flying with you till my mom's call
Methmi Mandara Mar 2021
Gained success and shinning in the world
There were issues, came straight or curled
As a pigeon fallen and bleeding on ground
But it recovered and flew around
We survived with a surrounding as a stormy dark desert
Which didn't give us a drop of water, we were so upset
But it taught us to achieve our goal
So we made it a forest full of trees and light for all

The shadows of our past lives
Are chasing us with flowers and knives
Maybe they came with dark or light
But we know we should have a fight
We will accept the soft smelling flowers
As well as the sharp knife blade throwers
As the rain keeps pouring
No matter who is snoring

Bearing the pain from our head to below our knees
As a wild bear bears the pain of the bees
We will keep fighting until we win
No matter the dark shadows coming to us as a sin
Try and work hard with all dark shadows who fight
Make those lighted with your lights
You can climb a tall big wall
First start it from a point which is small
Based on the song "ON" by BTS
Mar 2021 · 4.2k
You are our rapper, SUGA!
Methmi Mandara Mar 2021
You had no money
We knew, that's not funny
To eat, To drink
Or to travel by bus
But now as a superstar, you got all
You pursued your dreams
And you see our screams
You are our rapper,

Cute thin long eyes
Which cannot tell lies
The soft smile of your face
Makes me happy, no matter what case
A kind loving heart
You had from the start
You are our rapper,
I wrote this for South Korean Rapper Suga of BTS on his birthday
Mar 2021 · 203
Methmi Mandara Mar 2021
Hey, fluffy white clouds
Every day I cheer you
You are like a genie from a lamp
Wishing, on you I can stamp

You naughty black cloud
                                So stout
You swallowed my white cloud
                                So loud
Sad inside you is what is what
                                I found
Feb 2021 · 84
Snow White's True Love
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
A fair face as white as snow cold
A pair of lips as red as blood bold
A dark hair as black as coal
A pretty girl who had a kind soul

She was Snow White who lost her own mother
Then she got a cruel stepmother
Who had a magical mirror, it said things to bother
It told that she was not the fairest but another

She sent a man to **** snow white
Who lived with seven dwarfs so nice
Then she came by hiding her face
Gave a poisoned apple to hide Snow White's grace

As the girl felt like her head going around
Poor Snow White fell on to the ground
A poisoned half of apple is what the dwarfs found
They cried and cried with a sorrow sound

Her love, the royal prince was passing by
And saw her dead body and felt to cry
With all his love he softly kissed on her lips
The girl woke up and true love was the tip
Feb 2021 · 171
Hope for Jhope
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
A person with a life with shine
Was born in the month of valentine
With a magical rapping voice and a beat
Is a star of the world who wouldn't be defeat

Having the loudest laughter of all
Hides the greatest pains of fall
Brings happiness with funny acts
Knowing about music lots of facts

A son of a literature teacher
Is a sunshine with a kind feature
Giving hopes with the name of Jhope
Tight on ARMYs' hearts without a rope
Some words can be understand by BTS fans only!
Feb 2021 · 92
Thank You Teacher
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Taught us the best
Not only for the test
Things to out life
To make it nice

Taught to be a good child
Without getting things wild
Teacher you are a great person
Who loved us than million dozen
Feb 2021 · 99
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Sky, why are thou angry so much?
Growling at my soul this much
I feel it's comfort as such
I put my hand to feel the touch

Pita pata rain drops to the ground
Don't care it is squared or round
A pleasant environment is what you found
A track of light I saw touching the ground

Come my dear to enjoy this
With a boat ride with me
Making sounds as pita pata hiss
Nobody enjoys as much as we
Feb 2021 · 178
Black or White
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
It's a world with all black doves
Are painted with a white shine
It's a world with all good people
But they fade with a grape wine

Yeah, it is bit to change from the outside
But there are lots to change more from the inside
It's the reason that some white doves
Shade their wings with a black shine
Feb 2021 · 84
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Oh, my why your eyes are wet?
Eyes are red as sunset
No one feels your sorrow tonight
Wondering where you sleep tonight

How much hunger do you feel?
As to eat a bowl of steel
Asking for money, food and borrow
Why anyone can't see this sorrow

Going on roads in midday sun
Giving love to your only sun
Past life, don't know what you've done
Having some only jam with bun
Feb 2021 · 90
A Bored Vacation
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
We were having a chat at school
Suddenly it announced, vacation of school
We were all hurried as fools
Cheering with happiness and being cool

We were happy when we heard the news
But now we are bored being at home
Homework, classes are not few
I wish the school will start soon

Not going out, all prohibited things
I wish to have freedom and fly with wings
Feels like I am trapped, tied with a string
Want to go school, have fun and learn things
Feb 2021 · 75
Corona Speaks Out
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
I can see thou
But thou can’t see me
My destiny is your body
Then your destiny is to be steady
So be careful
Cause I’m awful
To put you to a grave
I’m so brave
Though I’m wee to you
And thou are a giant to me
Escape being careless
Or I’ll be a mess
Tear and fear is all I got
So I know thou like me not
Feb 2021 · 87
The Magical Window
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Lying on my bed staring through the window
I saw a star shooting from a sky hollow
After a while, fallen a asleep but no any sight
Just then the window opened with a deep light

The gleam was soon on to my eyelid
And then it knew, I was a wee kid
Through the window it was shinning giving me a hope
I wasn't sure, Was I already dope?

Touched the sparkling smoke through the window
No any fork, I was swinging a rainbow
Above the clouds as soft and cuddly as cotton
Through the stars twinkling cute as button

Saw a silhouette coming fast this way
Who are you? I could not say
It was a Pegasus with aureate wings
She told she will glide me as a string

Went to the cloud castle, it was wonderful
I felt from the creations, the kings were powerful
They created clouds, light, rainbow and rains
I came through the magical window, I said from my veins.
Feb 2021 · 183
Wonderful View of the Hills
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Sun rise above the hills in the morn
As a firework in the sky
Waking all on top of the hills
It's a wonderful view of hills

I feel like touching the sky so high
Sunlight falls to mountains so bright
Making them bright as gold glitter dust
It's a wonderful view of hills

It's so lucky to see this view
Is the thing I only knew
Just like lost in a dream of view
It's a wonderful view of the hills
Feb 2021 · 71
The Moon
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
I was at the balcony so high
A golden plate shines bright above the sky
Even it's beam fell on to me
On, could you tell me? Can I come to you and be free

Wolves are howling at the plate, shine bright
That plate gives me a golden sight
Waiting for you, or I'll come to you
I'm waiting for the moon down by the street
Feb 2021 · 71
A Birthday
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
A birthday comes once a year
Which fades all your sorrow and fear
And brings your loved people near
With glowing candles and soft cheer

Not in L.A but at home
No matter an arrival of rain or storm
Love is given to all of you
When a birthday is passing through

Candles to make your wishes come true
Blow it once so they'll be true
Share a cake with your loved once
Make your spirits the greatest once
Feb 2021 · 51
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
When passing by the forest I saw a waterfall
Falling from a great huge brown rock wall
As a fairy land in a hole
Only nature, no bins or stalls

Silvery water falling high above
I wonder from where it comes
With a greeny environment so nice
I feel I'm lost but I can't run

I know I've fallen for it
As I saw a rock to sit
Sat there for hours but still
I don't think my heart is filled

After all I felt so cold
My mind is so relaxed as water drops
I wonder, Is this a silver cloth
Which somebody is letting down

I wish I could stay here forever
As a fairy, in a fairyland as in a show
wearing a silver dress which is so pretty
No beauty can compare as these so many
Feb 2021 · 69
Survival in Middle School
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Alarm rings as **** a doodle doo
Mama shouts get ready for school
Jumped out of bed and wore uniform soon
Went to the bus as fast as to moon

I was already late I knew
Others came from morning dew
Guys were around me but few
Something is just strange I knew

All were staring at me as odd
I was confused what's going on
Suddenly it was a shame to know
i was wearing my PJ socks!
Feb 2021 · 62
Dream of a Mermaid
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Going on land with legs and heels
Be with humans in the world with heal
See the sunrise and evening sky shade
Is just a dream to me, a mermaid

Ancestors advice, no affair with human
To all the mermaids in the deep ocean
I wish I could go without a tail
As little mermaid in the fairytale

All with fish, corals and ****
Sometimes caught by sharks so speed
Marine life is boring now
Waiting to be on land, no matter how

I've heard humans say
Mermaid hair is gold not gray
As a cloud floating in the water
But I wish to fly to real clouds later

They say that my tail is magical
With golden dust can't explain lyrical
Swimming underwater with dolphin friends
But why can;t I be with human friends
Feb 2021 · 105
A Night in the Balcony
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
An awkward place to keep company with
A wonderful height as I’ve never been raised
A monstrous place if fall and bleed
A balcony night that I’ve never been

Night in the balcony is so sweet
As the soft wind touches me
Like gentle kisses all around
Went to a dream and came to ground

The stars twinkle bright to give me light
Stars and fireflies compete as a fight
Moon came giving a lovely sight
Wonderful glorious balcony night

The moonlight hugs the trees so tight
I see it from the balcony which is so high
Then that light touched me too
I felt happy as dream come true
Feb 2021 · 100
Waiting For Olaf
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
When I was three or four
I asked my mom whether snowflakes are true
Hearing they are not to us
My heart sank in deep sorrow dust

I see on TV snow falls on land
I also watched until I could stand
Waited for Christmas for Santa and snow
But only Santa came and a wind blow

Dreaming to ice skate on an ice
With all my friends hands together, so nice
I wish I could meet a winter bear
Asking are you OK without a fear

I wish Olaf also with me
Giving warm hugs and laugh with me
I'll be Elsa or Anna indeed
Let's play down the winter street
Feb 2021 · 75
Methmi Mandara Feb 2021
Not long ago after Christmas Eve
A prince was born with heavenly peace
In the city of Bisang-Don so cheerful
With a boxy smile and so playful

The innocent boy with grandma's love
Was very kind, sensitive, peaceful as a dove
Living in a farm with soft mild wind
He was raised by his grandma indeed

Years passed day by day
Grandma left the boy alone to stay
With all sorrow rooted in his heart
Went along with music from the start

With his six ever loving friends
Who love him as own his brothers
Seven together as a colorful rainbow
Cannot be broken with a sharp arrow

When my life is just Blue and Grey
You colored my soul with a purple ray
He taught me how to love myself
And to achieve goals of life

If he is a ship of the purple ocean
Then I will be a little drop of water
If he is a planet in the purple universe
Then I will be a shinny little star

— The End —