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  Apr 12 Courtney
Peter Garrett
I'm no artist
I simply write
What needs to be written
So all those unsaid words
Don't bury me alive
  Apr 10 Courtney
Nolan Morris
Very little indeed
          Might you ever know
But if you do not plant the seed
           You can be sure it will not grow
Courtney Apr 10
You were the ocean
And I, a ship
Gliding your waves
As my finger tips
Lazily graze at your surface-
Our two bodies-
Of water and of flesh-
In harmony with the moon,
Pulling us with her tides
And we abide
So long as we’re synchronized.
Before the storm
I wake in the belly of a poem.
Wading into watercolor
And a twisting labyrinth
Of Boston ivy.
I can't see through this fog
But it can see through me.
Words like pollen glide
On the wind and
Guide me like fireflies to
A sanctuary of wildflowers.
Here, everything speaks
To me, fluent in my native tongue.
Inhale, exhale, repeat until there's peace.
Bonsai at my feet as if
My toes are whispering to the roots:
"Grow, blossom, thrive",
And I will learn to
Take my own advice.
Courtney Apr 10
Souls; us two
Eager to begin beautiful
Lives together,
Failing to recognize the

Chaos of our own minds.
Aching for a
Remedy we won’t find in
Each other
The only remedy is in ourselves
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