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Lux Jul 2014
" I hope you are happy too, you deserve it more than anyone i know."
That one sentence brought all my memories with you back
and how you, only you
could make my stomach tie in knots a thousand times over again.
Lux Apr 2014
and i used to think that 5 years from now,
we would have still been together,
that i would wake up to your messy bed head at 8 a.m.
and that my apartment would be filled with pictures of us
that breakfast at 2 a.m might be the normal for us
and like my sister said funny sad
movies about love on lazy saturday nights
would still be our "thing"
but after all, we are strangers now, aren't we?
and it is not your hand i hold anymore
and my apartment is filled with pictures
of memories made with someone much more worthy
much more amazing
but much less willing to love me back.
Lux Apr 2014
you run across my mind
at the worse possible times,
when my lips are on his,
you make my heart ache.

And i cannot stomach to say i do not love you because i do, i do, i do.
Sadly,i do.
Lux Apr 2014
I don't remember
how your lips taste,
I don't remember
how your hand felt in mine anymore
I hardly remember the sound of your voice
but i remember the way your smile lit up the room
how your laugh was the best sound i ever heard
how it flowed so perfectly
i remember the way you hugged me
the way time seemed to stop
how i felt when you said you missed me
and to be honest,
even if you forgot me,
I don't think i could ever completely forget you.
Lux Dec 2013
It was a safe zone
standing so far
looking over
staying away from
when it seemed it was just
an attractive face
who seemed so
and arrogant
someone who was cold
and would never understand me
respect me
love me
and it was much easier
thinking you were this awful person
than finding out you weren't.
I wish they were still that awful person to me.
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