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Jan 2021 · 215
I hatebyou
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Yeshie you were the
Final man I will be with it
You have left a bad taste in
My mind heart and mouth

I hope you burn in
Hell for cheating and betrayal
Of my love

I bet you made the same
Promises to some *****

Yeshie I hate you
Jan 2021 · 97
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Your piercing gazing gives me
More promise
Hope and love
Then the monk’s
Loving gentle loving look
His sparkle in his eyes
That betrayed me
Jan 2021 · 886
Forbidden flower
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
As I feel that kiss
And your face
Force their way between my legs
I can help
Have my forbidden
Flower blossom
Jan 2021 · 897
Is it really real
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Tell me it’s really girl
Is it really real
Tellonym me girl is it really love
That I am feeling
Jan 2021 · 791
Tantric love
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Let me be your she yeti
Let me have my way with you
As we couple as two loving women
You go into a unusual position
I make love to you
And your flower
Jan 2021 · 987
She yeti
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
I don't just want to be you lover
But a passionate one ineed
As we make out
I want to make you feel good
You bring out the she yeti in me
Jan 2021 · 1.8k
Moving too fast
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
We are
Moving too fast
And I like it
My liza
Would you like the
Please of kissing me
Deeply and sweetly
Jan 2021 · 803
Missing out
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Do you like
Kissing me
And only me
My sweet liza
As we make love to each other
Being in your arms is all I want
Besides that kiss
Men will miss out on you and I
Jan 2021 · 767
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
She is has a secret
That I didn't know
About her
That she likes tantra
Though we are both women
Kissing eachothers curves
I want to taste your sweet
Necture as you had mine
From my flower

— The End —