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Ahmed Fares Feb 2019
Tell me where you from
I will tell you where am from
I ain't talking about your tribe, Sudan is out home
Let's forget the Gabilia
Let's keep on moving on
Ahmed Fares Jan 2019
We shared so many tears looking for Freedom, Peace and Justice
We have been fighting for a month and 7 days, in the pursuit of freedom
We lost our brothers and sisters you know how much we need ‘em
The parents are left behind,
Who really gonna look after ‘em
Shout out to freedom fighters
I wish you were the guilders
Shout out to all them hustlers and strugglers
You are the lighters
We can take it till the end
People let's join our hand just together as one
I said together as one
Is for the Freedom, Peace and Justice
Ahmed Fares Jun 2018
Why do the best poets have to come from the street ?
Where there is no peace
Is it because its in the desert we find the sweetest Fruits ?
Or is it in the most dry land that God bestows beauty ?  
We have seen it all to have the guts to say this . .
We have planted the hottest kiss on the lips of our motherland .
Oh . . What a beautifull place !
To have been born in.
But what about these workmates who have come from so far.
Where is this Mafeland(nowhere land)?
I need to find it after this month end.
Hope by then i'll have sent this love letter am about to send.
Ahmed Fares Jun 2018
Lord of mercy  
You gave us what we were looking for
Freedom, country , countless money
Oh yeah it's beautiful
But now that's not the problem
Let's get back to the point
The fact is we got it twisted man
Got my mind blowing
The definition of.,.
"state of not being impression"
But I just gat locked up in cell for no reason
It's so unfair
Trust me I mean they don't even care
They'll put a bullet in your head
And tell you say the last prayer
It's so crazy sometimes you'll  wish to sleep and never wake up
You tell your tribe, next thing she wanna break up
I thought it doesn't matter but this **** is getting harder for real
People are broken insides bleeding
Needs time to heal
We will make if we put our hands together as one
Forgive each other for all the crazy things we know That we've done
Don't hesitate just let it go
Drop all the things plus your gun
hug your brother
Show some love *****
That's what we want!
  Jun 2018 Ahmed Fares
I shouldn't write after 10 pm
Because after 10 pm,
I hear your laughter in my mind,
The clear ringing of your happiness,
And I just want to hear it again,
Mingled with my own.
I shouldn't write after 10 pm
Because after 10 pm,
I see your smile under my eyelids,
Your body curled up on the couch
In my favorite red sweatshirt,
Your gorgeous blue eyes gazing at my own.
I shouldn't write after 10 pm
Because after 10 pm,
I feel your arms around me,
The gentle rhythm of your breathing,
Your soft hair brushing my cheek,
And your heart beating within you, just for me.
I shouldn't write after 10 pm
Because after 10 pm,
Every happy or sad thought
Is traced back to you;
You are constantly on my mind,
But after the world turns off and the darkness comes on,
I can see you so much more clearly,
And my ache is renewed.
Please, someone stop me from writing after 10 pm.
I don't want this pain.
  Jun 2018 Ahmed Fares
Edmund black
Sitting here On the
      mountain top
Watching the sunrise

a cup of coffee in hand
   paper on the other
   I’m reminded of the
   Life I ought to have
  How blessed I am
      To  be alive

          Oh my
What a beautiful

Nature surely knows
  To put on a show

The Trees are creaking
And moaning  in the
The snakes are  hissing
The Goats  are bleating
The bears are  growling
The bees are humming
And buzzing In a
Birds high on the trees
  Clapping for the rise
            I swear
Excitements had them
Singing all morning long
           Even had
the leaves dancing
            For joy
      Luckily for me
         I was there
With my cup of coffee
   In hand and today’s
    Paper on the other
To capture the moment
              Of  a
Perfect performance
         By Nature
I am so thankful for the sunrise today, which encourages me to be still and reminds me to take in  the forever changing of nature .... Now Imagine That ;)
  Jun 2018 Ahmed Fares
Aseel Mohamed
June 12th
It’s been a month or so since my hiding
I’ve been talking to god a lot lately
Some are conversations asking for forgiveness
Asking whether this was all part of his plan
Asking if there’s ever a way I’ll be happy again
After all “it’s all in god’s hands!”
Clock is ticking and my patience is running
Trying to get answers
I think it should slow down
It might be running in the wrong direction

I’m stuck...

But I won’t give up
This is a fight
For my soul’s growth
Can’t abandon that!
I also can’t abandon it because it belongs to my parents
I can’t sell my soul to the devil
I can’t let them down by committing sins
I can’t let their heads face down in front of others  
I can’t!
It’s tormenting!

Doesn’t that mean I have a soul?
It tormenting me?

Sorry god...
Let’s rewind
You do work in mysterious ways...
Which means, you can take something away that we love instead of giving more.
“Sometimes the Blessings are not in what he gives, but what he takes away.”

I need to think and we’ll talk again god
Thank you!
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