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 Nov 2018 Alexandra Meelan
I giggle,
I smile,
I laugh,
but inside I am broken.

I move,
I walk,
I run,
but inside I am frozen

I dream,
I hope
I believe,
but inside I am losing

I frisk,
I jump,
I bounce,
but inside I am falling

I go,
I find,
I open up,
but inside I am lost

I am,
I will,
I do,
but inside I am hiding
I actually feel this almost every day
I want to be in your warm embrace,
Your loving arms;
I'd rather be listening to you sing to me,
Your soothing voice;
I want to be snuggled up with you,
Your calming heartbeat;
I'd rather be sleeping next to you,
Your peaceful soul;

I want to be with you,
Because I'd rather be with you than alone tonight
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I got a letter
Inside it contains
A series of fears
Running through my veins.

I got a letter
Inside it held
A storm of sadness
Just like a well.

I got a letter
From my soul
Telling me to
Just let go.

I got a letter
Chained up inside
My dark life
Coming alive.

I got a letter
Todays is different
Today I run
Today I send it.

I sent the letter
Back to my soul
Excepting the invitation
To just let go.
Are you okay?
Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?
Are you adequate, are you decent?
Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?
Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?
Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?
Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay?

You will be okay.
You will be alright, you will be fine, you will be good.
You will be adequate, you will be decent.
You will be emotionally stable, you will sleep without crying, and smile for the happiness blooming inside of you.
You will breathe without questioning, you will wake up to a new day, you will eat easily
are going to be okay.
So please smile sunshine
It’s a fine new day
To be okay :)

- a.g.
just a reminder that everything gets better folks. please, please hang in there. i believe in each and one of y'all.

UPDATE: thank you so so so much for 51k. the overwhelming amount of comments and messages and loves make me feel so happy to spread this poem. thank you.

— The End —