James smith Sep 10
The greatest plague that hits hard is the plague of loneliness
With the loneliness we try to distract it with emptiness, with emptiness in the end, we end up more alone, as we curse ourselves when will our Flash lose and when will ours souls find wholeness. To the wholeness we lingering to seek oh what a plague I wish we can defeat alone, I fear we can’t fight it alone, with that sense we lose hope. But hope is not found where the emptiness lays, it’s found in the wholeness of the bright morning star.
1.daysleeper by dear and the headlights is my music  inspiration 2.this song about the dangers of  loneliness as we try to finds to distract but all of other things  don’t work. The only thing we can find to make is whole is Jesus. It’s only found in him alone. 3 bad dreams of my ex girlfriends. 4 don’t  isolate yourself from your friends or your church friends as I did on this Sunday.
James smith Aug 22
I dance with devil late at night  
just as much I try to fight away,
surrender seems easier every time,
into this battle in my mind.
Let me dance as a new man
as much I pray to be,
not the devil I made myself to be.
I can be my own worse enemy time to time.
James smith Jul 5
Creatures of race, how do you declare what’s superior to inferior,
Supremacy it’s no title to any race.
It will be blasphemy if we say otherwise.
Let our minds to Compare the creator to men, We are Limited he is limitless,
We have boundaries he is boundless. Title of supremacy is my *** as if it was carved in his heart. Oh Humble *** you are the,  
Supreme of truth,
Supreme of grace,
Supreme of love.
Foot Notes
1.this song about supremacy, as humans we are inferior when it comes to ***. It don’t mean we are less valuable or worthy. But *** holds the power, he’s the Ultimate authority. This land, this world belongs to no one or any race. *** is limitless we have are Limited, he is boundless we have boundaries.
James smith Feb 3
I’m a short raging wildfire, oh you sheep,
What you do to me feeds, my rage
With my rage is greater,
Day by day love teaches me, it’s far more grater.
Love the sheep who who sits the fire.
Be calm let the blood king burn out the raging fire.
James smith Nov 2017
I’m a dying seed in a Desert ground,
With no water to feed my roots Useless as it seems, oh how you make it rain so I can spread my roots soon to grow to feed the hummingbirds.
I’m the food crumbs between the countertops decomposing by the days, useful for red the ants to take.
I’m a dead animal rotting away on a lonely long highway, as magnets feed on, so on as the ravens feed upon. I’m a guitar with the tone of D, what is useful is this melody? but so sweet by the ears of the listeners.
A dead star in the endless space, useful at night to show your beauty to behold the eyes of the souls you wish to Capture. Every sound is an endless song for your praise.
To know the unuseful is useful, we are useful for the consuming fire ***.
01— this song is about how we can think to ourselfs sometimes we are useless or *** can’t use us, everything in this life is useful, for something, we are useful for *** and his kingdom.
02— mewithoutyou pale horses:appendix album was my  Music  inspiration.
03—  The name consuming fire *** ( hebrews 12:29)  i use a lot bible  references to mane ***. I’m a guy who believes in *** his son.
James smith Nov 2017
With all of the power with the Consuming Fire,
With all of the power with the death Defeater
With all of the power with the Spirit of Wisdom,
It’s all on me to decide  
Am I bonded by the chains of sin?
Am I a ***** with no chains for the death Defeater?
Will The grace of the Consuming Fire be my master?.
As slavement lives and takes, slavement will never die, till the day that sins dies. Till that day Bond servant, I will thrive to be, bond to thrive, to thrive is for the Consuming Fire, from darkness I once came, now from the fire I'm reborn to long live as a **** servant.
01—1 in the morning and can’t sleep
02— this poem is about are we ***** to sin or are we slaves for Christ , as bond servants . I thrive to be the man that *** wants me to be but sin gets the best of me some times .
James smith Nov 2017
The horror of the thought of my immoral actions, likewise like the thieves,
Likewise like the ******.
Equal as any immortal actions, no greater nor less likewise,
As the day of judgement when our body’s go into slumber
Our souls will hear our judgement as this poem makes you wonder, a sin is a sin, no greater nor less, what makes you think you're better? When we are all rebels with our human nature.
01— The  Chariot , sleeping giant where stuck on replay in my head.
02—this poem about how we make   Certain crime worse then other ones but the Bible teaches us sin is sin not one is greater or less but the same.
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