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 Mar 2020 Kyra Samson
 Mar 2020 Kyra Samson
Sometimes a story,
can be veiled by a single look.
Sometimes one look,
can unravel a story.

Seeking your name,
feels like i'm searching for a rare jewel.
Would you grant me the honor?
Or am i just playing the fool?

Please answer this wish,
or i shall forever dream...
Of sharing but a moment with you,
to know a beauty unseen...
Life, is a beautiful messed up mystery
It can make you laugh, how it can make you weep.
Somedays you can feel like your floating on air,
others you can be crying staring at the moon,
feeling lost and broken, looking for a way out.

Sometimes you feel like you just can't lose,
other days you want to hit refresh.
But there are times when you know there's so much left.
So when life gets too much,
Never forget the beauty in sunsets, the late night kisses 'till the morning comes.

— The End —