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Kyra Samson Mar 2020
When I’m with you I’m sailing
And when the tidal waves come in
There’s an anchor of weight of your love
That never lets fear win
Your love never lets me down
Your love is the sweetest feeling I’ve found
Your love never fails
Your the wind in my sails
And you’re the light to my trail
Kyra Samson Mar 2020
You have a purpose
You have a creator that longs for you to know him
You have a voice that god longs for you to use
You have authority
That gods waiting to show you
You have a protector
That will break the impossible for you with his power
You have a father that will never stop loving you

Did you know your life already has a plan?
You were never meant to figure out who you are on your own
You were never meant to feel all alone
God knows before you even ask
But he’s waiting for the prayer to work on your behalf
Some of you may feel like a mistake
But that is the biggest lie
God wants me to break

You are precious beyond your imagination
You are gods planned out beautiful beloved  creation
You are worth far more than what others say
You are royalty in the highest place
You have never been called to fit in
You are suppose to release your unique sound from within
You have a purpose
Jesus is your survival
his spirit in you
Is revival

You have a purpose
And god wants to give you a life
That makes your heart soar through the sky
you may be on the ground but you have always been called to fly
There’s a never time where you’ve been out of his sight
You see he’s kept you in the shadow of his wings
You’ve always been this hidden light

— The End —