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Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
What did you do to me.
You are like a drug to me.
I crave you so hard when you are not around.
I want more when I have enough.
Tell me what you did.
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
Love those who love you right right
A cartoonist
Never dies.
Stays in numerous hearts
through never ending pranks
on corruption and lies
Provokes thoughts and debates
by creating words of ink- stained ties
Dedicated to Sudhir Tailang, Bikaneri  and all cartoonists on the world cartoons day today.
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
All I need is money from the bank to buy a rocket, and then the moon is ours
Nimrod kiptoo Dec 2019
She got me craving for her when she’s absent
She got me speaking love in a different accent
She got me thinking attention is what love meant
But now I know all it meant was the Cent.
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2019
If it were real,  it'd never be over
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2019
For him, she used to be an addiction, for her, he used to be just a friendly reply.
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