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1.6k · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I wanted to revenge but God whispered;
"They are already suffering".
1.3k · Apr 2019
Friend zone
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
She told me she has a thousand friends,
But out of a thousand friends,
She had one that stood out
1.2k · May 2019
Nimrod kiptoo May 2019
She thought the distance could help her take a step back, but she still watches herself cry.
1.1k · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
If you take time to be kind,
You are beautifull.
1.0k · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
Slowly and gradually, you'll start missing him
Slowly and gradually he'll be learning,
Learning to get over the fact that you denied his love,
All because you had eyes elsewhere.
869 · Apr 2019
Friend zone
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
We looked at each other a little too long
to be 'just friends'
684 · May 2019
Gold digger
Nimrod kiptoo May 2019
She calls you treasure, not because she is in love and doesn't wanna lose you but because she sees a gold mine in you.
653 · Apr 2019
Bi-polar me.
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I love her and I dont wanna loose her,
My ego strikes and i bruise her.
560 · Feb 2021
Wings to fly
Nimrod kiptoo Feb 2021
If I had the ability,  I'd give you wings so you can fly .
But I have something else if you wanna get high.
513 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
She saw my dark side,
And said black is her favourite colour.
500 · Apr 2019
Drunk me
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I love you babygirl,
But why do you keep acting like this,

I'm sure you know i'm the one who can love you better,
I need you in every way.

I love you  guuurllll.
I only have the courage to tell her this when i am drunk.
448 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I want succeed so bad, I want to see myself saying if I make this millions this month, how much will I make next month.
426 · Jun 2020
Coca humour
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2020
I drink and smoke a lot but hard drugs is where I draw the line.
Line of coke
417 · May 2019
Nimrod kiptoo May 2019
She got lost between the tangled nets of my memory.
408 · Jun 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2019
If it were real,  it'd never be over
401 · Apr 2019
Palm Sunday
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
there is beauty and peace in palm trees
as there is loneliness in a summer garden.
389 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I could still speak to you without talking
350 · Jun 2019
Friend zone
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2019
For him, she used to be an addiction, for her, he used to be just a friendly reply.
344 · Jan 2021
Pun intended
Nimrod kiptoo Jan 2021
Jail is more than just a word, it's a sentence.
334 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I cant even text you coz my fingers aint working, but my heart is
308 · Jun 2019
The girl with a good heart
Nimrod kiptoo Jun 2019
She was to shy to say hi
but her eyes could speak poetry to me.
307 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
Baby, all you wanted was the love,
The food,
And the attention,

But you never asked if I could give you that.
302 · May 2019
Gold digger
Nimrod kiptoo May 2019
She said she worked in the mines, but I never knew she was a gold digger.
287 · May 2019
Nimrod kiptoo May 2019
Don't be afraid to ask your God that you want to be rich.
273 · Apr 2019
Fate of the cat
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
Curiosity killed the cat,
But maybe it wanted to die.
268 · Dec 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Dec 2019
She got me craving for her when she’s absent
She got me speaking love in a different accent
She got me thinking attention is what love meant
But now I know all it meant was the Cent.
253 · May 2020
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
What did you do to me.
You are like a drug to me.
I crave you so hard when you are not around.
I want more when I have enough.
Tell me what you did.
230 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I don't want to learn how to live without you, coz if i do, i'll be an expert at it
215 · Apr 2019
Never Right
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
But I was wrong....
Thats why i never told you what I really felt about you.
211 · May 2020
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
You have absolutely no idea how much you set my soul on fire
204 · Apr 2019
191 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
They say dreams come true,
but they forgot that nightmares are dreams too.
184 · May 2020
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
I was never fluent but you taught me how to speak happiness.
160 · Apr 2019
Love and heartbreak
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
Once you realize that you can never own a woman, or anybody for that matter, you will live a richer life.

When someone leaves, let them go,The fishpond of life is so big and wide,that there's always something better out there.
152 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
I put my heart in a jar and placed it
on the shelf above my bed,
saving it for the one who deserves it
150 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
And i'll be hear arms open,
But you made it clear that you are not coming.
147 · Apr 2019
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
If you could read my mind,
You'd be in tears.
145 · May 2020
Moon love
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
All I need is money from the bank to buy a rocket, and then the moon is ours
102 · May 2020
Nimrod kiptoo May 2020
Love those who love you right right

— The End —