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Sep 2018
My head
My heart
They're tearing me apart
It's cold and lonely
I want you to caress me
Your warmth I crave
Your voice I chase

It's lust I know
But deep inside I shout
"You're the one I searched for",
"You're the one I want to grow old with",
"You're the one I cherish"

This lust I carry,
Is the origin of my hurt
The pain
The shame that I hide
For you not to see
Because in other people's eyes
It's an inappropriate feeling
"A craving of the flesh" they say
But my lust for you is complicated to explain

I craved for your body to embrace me
Because I yearn to feel your love
I wished for you to say my name intimately
Because I want to hear your love
I dreamt of us kissing intensely
Because I'm dying to express my love
I imagine us together
Because I want TO BE your love

This gut feeling I'm experiencing
Sure it might be one-sided
But I pray to happen
That you and me
A story destined to come true
The tip of the Iceberg
Written by
Ken  17/Bigender/Philippines
     Ashari Ty, Maggie and ---
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