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21/M/Philippines    I hide with my pen, and write with my mask.
21/F/NY, NY    Enjoy entering the world of my mind.
Deepali Agarwal
19/F    Sometimes it makes me laugh thinking, is the enitre World struck with pain, hardships and heartbreaks. Is there someone who is still happy in sad ...
Sadly Kida
20/F/Someone's dusty attic    My writing may suck but i enjoy it :)
Sally Thomas
F/Swansea, Wales, UK    Hello! I'm Sally, a copywriter and marketing specialist living in scenic Swansea in the UK. I wrote a lot of poetry when I was in ...
28/M    Have a lot to say
18/F/illinois    got a lot to not do
Earth    chill blues
دema flutter
22/F    I don't know what to do with those words, so here they are. :)
Imran Islam
29/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    MY BooKs [] and I develop websites, design and format Amazon Kindle books
Willy Shakysphere
M/Georgia, USA    I had never written anything before 1996. I died for 7 minutes, revived by an emergency medical team I awoke to not be quite the ...
Ashly Kocher
37/F/Pennsylvania    I write when I'm inspired. I try my best and hope my poems touch someone's life. ❤ my writings are raw and usually unedited. ©All ...
Daniel Irwin Tucker
M/Canada    May the voice of the human always be heard above the noise of the human. 2 vol. of verse. singer/songwriter/recording artist. 3 cds by Dan ...
16/F    The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person. -Chuck Palahnuik
25/F/New York    Always in love and never requited. Working on my first book "Sad Girls Poetry Club"
26/F/Chicago    writer + singer in chi | is that my heart they're splitting open?
JA S-Mine
13/F/the void    wanna be everything || hopeless || easily inspired
Philippines    How 'bout coffee?
Kael Carlos
21/M/Taguig, Philippines    I formed out a smile and aimed it at you; you must've missed it, you always do. //Where words do what actions can't.//
Tina RSH
F    Broken bones will regrow.
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