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Angelo A Feb 20
The last seven seconds of my breathing brain
Will contain my memories with her on replay
Those wonderful, windowed moments contagiously colliding
With those unavoidable and very embarrassing flashbacks
Grievously grasping for more of those insufficient ideologies
Of my past, present, and future strategies
As if I were tree trunks desperately denying their trees
Or kids that really hate candies and crackers
Then, I would rudely remember that I canned confidence
And end those final seconds knowing I never got her
Then I will rest
Angelo A Feb 17
I'm climbing this mountain
even though it scares my skin,
and turn the breath that I exhale
into a cloud that spells a name.
A name I'm not allowed to hail
or it will keep on echoing.
Now the wind kept on whispering
to just leave the mess I'm in
because it knows that I'll fall again
and go back to the beginning,
and it'd be easier if I just let go
the painful grip of this solid rope.
I don't see a glimpse of hope.
Good thing I wore an extra coat
even if I look like a joke.
I won't think to walk away
but now the sky is turning grey,
the ground I'm on starting to fade,
the stars above start to awake,
the moon says it's now too late.
I know it's fate to fail to get on top
but still I'll fight, for faith will not.
Then, tonight the wind just stopped.
Now it's silence that whispers "stop".
It begs for me to let me drop.
I start to ask myself on why,
and what's waiting on that height.
If I reach the top tonight-
I would forget the name, I might.
Although unsure, it's worth the try.
So I then pull with all that I can.
This time I chose not just to stand.
This time I might just win this one.
I can feel excitement in my hand,
Everything is going just as planned.
With so much determination,
fortunately, the sun is on horizon.
To add, I chanted all my motivation,
every word that I know is inspiration.
"Rejection", "Redemption", "Salvation",
"my friends", "my hobby", "my family ",
I went on until I accidentally
said the word that was keeping me
from ending this entire journey.
Your name, your name so heavenly!

The ground I was on became icy flat,
the sky darkens and began to spat,
the wind angrily began to flap.
I tried to hold myself intact
but the rope I held began to snap.
I screamed but there was no sound.
I couldn't see below, the ground.
Is this my end, the final round?
Well at least I die being proud
that I fought despite all my doubt.

Then I wake up, body in pain.
Why am I here, is this the way
to where I'm wanted by my brain?
I don't see any road nor highway.
All that is here is this rope and this mountain.
could i forget if i can't remember?
Angelo A Oct 2018
Down I walk, the stairs we know
Upward my face as I go
To look at you, I eschew
For I see you as a brute
I once admired so true
Now I will never salute
Angelo A Mar 2018
They ask me if I believe
I tell them "I don't"
Because I know that You'll forgive
Then I will ask You to give
And once I have received
I'll deny that it was from You
Yelling out "He isn't true"
Blasphemy is what I do
I've been living through these lies
With guilt inside my eyes
Comforting myself with alibis
And now You're signs are gone
I don't know what I have done
Towards You I will not run
Save me now please
Before I do what can't be undone
Angelo A Mar 2018
I say that I can,
And pick up my pen.
I drop it again,
And then
I say that I can,
Angelo A Mar 2018
Don't blink
Don't speak
Don't even start to think
On your exhale
You'll start to pale
Happy thoughts will shrink
Echoed dreams
Disastrous dreams
It starts to show its might
The mind's a gun
That shoots out thoughts
We're not allowed to fight
You'll crave for pain
And enjoy shame
Then flesh will start to shout
Your eyes will stream
But built a dam
Won't let a drop get out

Nothing can compare
To the pleasure
That tears will bear

Nothing can compare
To the pleasure
Of no one being there

Nothing compare
To the pleasure
But no one will care
Take care.
Angelo A Mar 2018
Death please listen up
Put me back on top
Switch me with someone
Worthy of this fun
Do you see this soul
Pushing through a hole
Wanting to get out
Slipping through my mouth
Everytime I laugh
Thoughts begin to wrap
On the tears I hide
In eyes open wide

So please take me soon
As you read this tune

Don't I seem desperate
Sacrificing faith
Just to meet you, friend
And to see my end
I won't stop begging
Listen to this hymn
I'm not forcing you
This is what you do
Killing me would be
Part of your hobby
I'm just helping out
Hope that makes you proud

So please take me soon
As you read this tune

Should I now assume
Should I get a tomb
Tell me what you think
By making me sick
Bring my body down
Pull it to the ground
Do I let them cry
Pour their lying eye
Pretend that they care
And they're always there
Liars will behave
When I lie in grave

So please take me soon
As you read this tune

— The End —