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Sadly Kida Apr 26
I want to start off by saying that my stomach still flutters when I hear your name. I shutter at the thought of you and your smell makes my tongue salivate.

Fixated on your rib cage slowly rising up and down. Your breast like two perfectly plump peaches glistening from my tongue caressing them softly. Your stomach marked up with dark cherry red, a stream of crimson on your neck and thighs.

You flinch at my bites however lean in for more. Knowing it leads to me eating more. You know where I'm leading to, my lips presses against your soft skin. My tongue sliding in and tasting ecstasy and hunger. I like the wetness, your breathing, and the hot steamy madness running through my head.
Sadly Kida Jul 2019
slirpin steady spirits out of chopsticks
colored liver on your popstick
curly lyrics are your top picks
a steady serum that works to make your
heart kick
a heavy leader who knows how to make your day hit
sweaty and steering
your words uneven
slurring secrets dressed like sequence
a confetti sentence not meant to keep you dreaming
Sadly Kida Jul 2019
I dream of you in colors that don't exist
It's shakes me awake at night
Curiousity on soft toned finger tips
A darkest plum color
Like secret rose hips
A cursed tonic
Whispers in the dark wood ballroom
Serving drinks to those
Allergic to skin jacking cross spirits
Sadly Kida Mar 2019
I like feeling your warmth against me
Your face on my chest
everything is so fluid
with the way you move
Crash into me earthy and blue
your colors melting into mine
your kiss bubbly on my skin
I like to feel your smile when your lips are on mine
When you're around everything is so solid
inside this lucid dream
The touch of your finger tips in my skin
Is concrete
and your brewing eyes is just something you cant makeup
they're too unique
Sadly Kida Feb 2019
Your skin
warming like a fire
Ignites flames in me
when against my tongue
And if kissing every inch
of you was healing
I'd do it
I'd bathe you in sugar plum
and berry blue waters
Letting you savor every bit
and I'd watch it drip off of you ever so softly
Sadly Kida Feb 2019
You make my head spin
like dancing tequila
A splash of
sea foam green
and minty tea
I could swim in your words
and never drown
because you always kept us afloat
Your ship was unsinkable
and it was stronger
than any other
Your mind has traveled farther than most
The experience you collected throughout the years
you were an epic tale in my eyes
A woven book
of summer kissed skin
It was something more than infatuation
and I craved to taste it
Sadly Kida Feb 2019
Not everyone will have a
like your own
You crave new flavors
no one's ever heard of
The way those tangerine skies
just melt on your tongue
Cottony with golden hues,
it was your divine taste
in how you painted stories
The flavors,  spices and frothy words
made my lips tingle
Your hunger is what really kills me
You fill up on books ever night,
crisp waxy paper sticking to your
delicate fingers
The books pile high and you're still not full
Hunger is always a familiar
And the stacks of novels never seem to disappoint me with its height
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