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Sequoia Jan 2020
Knock me down but I don’t fall,
So close to the ground feeling 7 feet tall.
The pain is never ending,
My energies never mending,
But I must be numb.
I am numb
I am numb all around,
Can’t talk with no tongue,
The company of misery just isn’t fun.
Every time I try to run,
The path gets longer.
My wounds become deeper.
the longer I take.
The decisions I make
They start to frustrate,
Struggling to reverse my emotions of hate.
When will I break?
Straining to figure out how to fulfill my fate.
When can I get a break?
I lay. I wait.
They will never relate
Can’t understand my distinct patterns and traits.
It’s ok, all I need is one,
To combine our vibrations & ride off into the sun.
January 29,2019 @3:18 pm
Sequoia Jul 2018
The dagger is deep in her chest,
In great precision with the heart.
Empty eyes fill up quick with tsunamis.
Her sadness weighs a ton on her shoulders.
When her kindness is taken for weakness, she becomes broken, little by little.
Her bright smile surpasses a lifetime of pain.
Her way with words shows experience & tribulation.
Her eyes possess conundrum & distress.
Body imbibed by caliginosity,
She is trapped in an eerie forest.
She is a fly in a spiders web,
Struggling to detach herself from the dreadful bleakness.
She's been incapable of doing this all her life,
But now,
She seeks revenge on the killer of happiness
With high hopes of restoring her contentment.
December 31st @ 5:55 A.M.
Sequoia Jan 2018
Her heart can hold a lifetime of love that runs skin deep.
It aches with strong cravings for affection.
There's a feeling she gets,
every time she feels like someone is trying to deceive her.
It consumes her entire body.
Betryal is the feeling she thinks this is.
Blood boils, adrenaline rushes,  
and heart beats faster than the speed of light.
She can
****** someone in a split second with this excruciating feeling.
She can rid her life of sorrows but
also bring nothing but woe into it with this tenacious vehemence.
written on Dec. 27.17 @ 11:48 PM
Sequoia Jan 2018
Her soul,
captivated by darkness.
It lies at the end of a dark road,
leading to nothing.
Her mind is trapped in a steel cage with no lock.
She's helpless.
Her screams are echoes
flowing with the wind.
She is unheard.
Her body is paralyzed
with the feeling of heavy chains around her limbs.
She is trapped,
consumed by a lingering darkness.
written on Dec. 18.17 @ 12:20 PM
  Jan 2018 Sequoia
Mahwish Z
All I know
That I was drunk
By the hallucinations
Of your looks of your touch
Of your soothing mystery
I didn’t know much
Yet I know
That I loved you
With my heart in rich force
Mingled with yours
You overlooked
You never bothered
And here I’m
Waiting again
To be touched to be felt
To be known again
In a land
Of your mystery looks
Sequoia Jan 2018
Everyone has a perfect place.
A perfect place
where their thoughts roam freely.
A place where their body unwinds like a Spring breeze.
A perfect place,
where they omit to everything that needs their focus.
A place where
they are completely happy for that one moment.
Her place is in the clouds,
mind exploring the universe.
She is one with herself here,
and no one can ruin her happiness.
This is where she found her way with words.
This is where she writes.
In her perfect place,
high in the clouds and deep in the universe of her thoughts.
written on Dec. 19.17 @ 11:45 A.M. I'm not sure who my poems are about but I'm pretty sure this one is about me.
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