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Evie Jan 2020
i haven't checked on this site in a while
how is everyone?
what have i missed?

i almost forgot about this small community
of beautiful people
i missed you :)
Evie Oct 2019
things are looking up
things are getting brighter
things are getting warmer

hope is not only an idea
it is active
it is optimistic
it is stunning
it is eyeopening
it is life changing

self improvement starts small
baby steps every day
self love isn't self centered
self care isn't selfish
self image isn't vain

my heart has been opened
my mind has been cleared
i am starting to understand
happiness is beautiful
and it is real for everyone
had an amazing talk with some people i really love and care about. a lot of incredible things were shared. things that make so much sense. i can change my situation. i can solve my problems. i am not worthless. i am strong. i am able.
  Oct 2019 Evie
neon tentacles
creeping on mesmerized prey
poisonous beauty
Evie Oct 2019
i thought she was beautiful
every tiny detail was wonderful

maybe a bit too beautiful
and maybe i noticed a bit too much
Evie Oct 2019
i have nothing to say

i have no words for you

my emotions

slim to none

i cant tell if my heart is still beating

i cant tell you who looks back at me in the mirror

what creature stares at me

with gaping holes for eyes
im not sure what this is. im not sure whats going on. im completely numb. and its strange and somehow beautiful because i feel none of my pain.
Evie Sep 2019
i arrived just in time to watch you follow her into another room

i left just in time to watch the police turn into the neighborhood

i almost called you to warn you

but i realized that if you don't respect me

why should i do anything less for you
dont go to parties. dont to drugs. be smart. dont cheat on people.
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