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21h · 99
leave me alone
Evie 21h
you left me

don't you dare get after me
because i'm doing what i please
with whom i please

i am not yours anymore
don't act like i am


after you gave me up
go awaaaaay im so over it *******
2d · 27
Evie 2d
i ain't got time for their *******
Evie 4d
starting to think this might never work out again

starting to accept it

starting to see differently

starting to smile again
4d · 29
Evie 4d
"alcohol tastes better underage because the secret ingredient is crime"
-a wise person on twitter
5d · 51
i know
Evie 5d
i am aware my poems are not high quality

i am not a very high quality person

i just need to empty my mind out somewhere

poetry has become the unfortunate victim
5d · 188
for the poets
Evie 5d
poets are the most fascinating of creatures
coming in so many stunning varieties
lyrical flowing words
hard arresting phrases

you are all creators of such intense beauty
5d · 189
sad but true
Evie 5d
others come and go
you will always be permanent
even if you aren't mine any longer
i keep telling myself im over it
Apr 17 · 226
i am NOT
Evie Apr 17
The Perfect Child™
**** sorry <3
Evie Apr 15
my blood feels restless in my veins
i need to move
to walk
to run
to speak
to scream
to be heard
to be ignored
i kick out the screen separating me from the night air
the roof spans before me
my bedroom two stories above the ground
i step onto the shingles
in my kitty cat socks you gave me
my t shirt goes to almost my knees
it waves around me like the skirts of a ball gown in the breeze
my hair tangles around my face
the moon illuminates my skin
my earbuds sing to me
feeding me slow sad rap
from a beautiful person dead and gone
"i just wanna lay my head on your chest, so im as close as it gets, to your heart"
my tears are grazed off my face by the wind
"nobody wants to talk to me, but everyone wants to walk with me"
i crumple to my knees, the shingles rough
"i just keep it to myself and try not to cry to loud"
the sobs ive been keeping inside shake my small shoulders now
no one can hear me
my voice is snatched away by the gale
my screams are sent to the stars
the moon reaches for me
the planets love me
the galaxies are my friends
the universe will care for me
as it has cared for many broken souls before
Evie Apr 15
i sit here waiting for you in the dark
staring at my screen
my face illuminated by the white light
its not just the light that makes me look sad
crybaby whispering through my speakers
rough voice quietly soothing my twisted conflicted soul

why am i still waiting

why am i still here
why did i agree to stay friends. it just makes it that much harder. yeesh. should have let completely go. if you get my crybaby reference pleaaaase tell me and we can be best friends forever
Apr 15 · 67
things will end
Evie Apr 15
~and we shall begin anew~
~bursting forth from the ground like the shoots of a flower~
~waves of pure water crashing onto the sand~
~the soft touch of sunlight kissing your face~
~and we must know that we can be reborn~
Apr 14 · 63
Evie Apr 14
it seems i am losing people

crazy how something that has been going on for so long can end so fast
Apr 14 · 95
forgetting pt. 2
Evie Apr 14
something has happened

it is plain to see

i wont forget you

and you will never forget me
its easier to deal with knowing i wasn't just a passing breeze. i left a positive impact that allows us to stay friends
Apr 13 · 51
one day
Evie Apr 13
i will love you
for longer then i should

we both agreed
this was for the best

we are stuck in quicksand
trying to hold each other up
the most you lift the other
the more you sink

one day
we will be in a better place
and we will stand strong
we will stand together
i understand we both need this for a little bit, but it hurts so bad.
Apr 13 · 165
Evie Apr 13
and just like that

we are over

nearly a year

jesus christ
Apr 13 · 29
Evie Apr 13
starting to think maybe this wasn't meant to be

as much as it hurts me

a hard truth to swallow

the idea of you leaving makes me feel hollow
****** rhyme but whatever
Apr 12 · 50
my best
Evie Apr 12
i'm sorry i am not enough

you don't even have to say it

you even deny it

we both know you're lying

i'm not trying to be a disappointment

everything i do is to make you see me as something better

i'm doing my best

cant you see that

i'm tearing myself limb from limb to please you

you should love me as i am

after all

you raised me
hooray for crazy parents! :')
Apr 12 · 55
out of it
Evie Apr 12
i feel the need to write a poem
i feel the desire to write a poem
sometimes it seems
everything has already been written
i feel i am out of ideas for now
god knows some other version
of **** on earth shall come along
giving me painful inspiration
i cant seem to find anything to write about today. i have an unhealthy addiction to lil peep for some reason at the moment and i am realizing his music is, in fact poetry, despite the fact that everyone thinks he *****. i certainly do not believe he ***** but hey whatever cracks your glow-sticks amiright
Apr 11 · 98
Evie Apr 11
i long for the sun
warming me to my bones
tan lines
cool water
windows down
music too loud
late nights
soft breeze
late sunsets
early sunrises
no more of this chill
i cannot seem to shake from my soul
its time for summer. this cold ******* is awful.
Apr 11 · 43
Evie Apr 11
i miss you

angel boy
havent seen you in about a week and im sad
Apr 9 · 1.2k
Evie Apr 9
my greatest fear

reveals itself to be

something happening

and you never missing me
Mar 29 · 59
good enough
Evie Mar 29
everything i do is to please them
i follow their rules
i do as they ask
im home before curfew
i turn off my phone
i work for my grades

but its never enough
im still
a *****
a liar
a disappointment

the unconditional "love" of a parent

im sorry im not enough
im doing my best
Evie Mar 29
i write lots of poems
                          most mediocre
whatever is inside my head
                                    flows through my fingers
into the keyboard
                      i spill my thoughts into the world
for others to see
                its amazing really
and beautiful
              to experience everyone
                               ­            through their poetry
yall are incredible and it hurts my heart because you all deserve the world
Mar 29 · 44
Evie Mar 29
i wanted to fix everyone
to make everyone happy to be alive
to give them a **** for life
to give them a sense of joy
to make everyone understand
they are worth all the stars in the heavens

i came to the realization
that not only
must i fix myself
but i cannot fix everything
i can only be a stepping stone
a support
a helping hand
a friend
a lover
a daughter
a sister
on their journey
towards hope
self love
i want to be there for everyone. especially all of you. you all pour your heart out into your melodic words. you are all so incredibly talented and you must never forget that. thank you so much for being who you are, even if you don't appreciate it yourself. im in love with all of you and your stories.
Mar 26 · 120
11 months
Evie Mar 26
I can never forget the mistakes we made.


But I can never forget the way you make me feel.
relationships are maintained when you are able to talk through problems and understand that if you really care for the person and really love them, you can figure things out. if they are really the person for you then you can hold on and both try to make the situation better. i wish everyone luck, and love, and all the beautiful things in this world.

happy romancing! ;)
Mar 26 · 48
subaru outback
Evie Mar 26
the car is a heap
an absolute disgrace
a blown speaker
backseat full of crumbs
a goldfish dropped into the e-break
cracked windshield
faulty wipers
burning fuel insufficiently
costing me more then i bargained for

its mine though
and i love it
we got this p. o. s. of a collage student who definitely ripped my dad off. ive come to love it as much as i would love a person. it may be a disaster compared to the rest of our garage but shes mine and shes home.
Mar 25 · 50
Evie Mar 25
im never right.
i cant have an opinion.
im just a ****** kid.
no one hears
anything i have to say.

i am the future generation.
start listening.
sick and tired of adults assuming they know more of what its like to be a teen in this day and age then i do. especially cause im the one living it. just because you read an article online doesn't make you an expert Karen.
Mar 25 · 346
7 a.m.
Evie Mar 25
as the sun rises slowly
it illuminates your eyes
you take my hand
you pull me in
our lips brush
hair tousled
by an early morning breeze

you are beautiful
i am obsessed
Mar 20 · 185
Evie Mar 20
you keep me up at night love
thinking of our future
and how wild the odds are
that i found you
Mar 13 · 338
moved on
Evie Mar 13
im so beyond done with you

so why do you keep bothering me

im so much happier with someone else

does it bother you?

god i hope so
******* :)
Mar 11 · 25
Evie Mar 11
i sit here
in the dark
muscles tight and achy
from the constant shiver
the unrest in my body
the unease in my mind
the chill
that grips my bones
Mar 11 · 74
Evie Mar 11
my eyelashes flutter
like delicate butterflies wings
my head is on your shoulder
curled into you
my hand cupped
over your heart
feeling the steady rhythm
lull me into a peaceful slumber
i feel safe
you are my home
Mar 8 · 121
old friend
Evie Mar 8
you say you've told me everything
but i can see it in your eyes
i know you too well
your face splits
into a sheepish smile
you sit down once more
and tell me your stories
Mar 7 · 100
for you
Evie Mar 7
i have no words for you
                             at least none that can measure up

i would need perfection
                            which is unattainable
                                                    but somehow you achieved it

for how does one write
                              something adequate
                                                           to you
                                                                 my love
Mar 6 · 146
Evie Mar 6
warm skin
soft lips
gentle eyes
roaming hands
trading breaths
heart soaring

i crave you
Mar 6 · 298
Evie Mar 6
this **** wild
no kidding
Mar 4 · 160
Evie Mar 4
something that scares me
is that so many people feel like i do
i want to help everyone through their hard times, but i cannot seem to help myself through my own
Mar 3 · 50
Evie Mar 3
to the guy
eating a burrito
on the plane behind me


it smells weird
Feb 26 · 304
Evie Feb 26

Feb 22 · 100
a reminder
Evie Feb 22
we are never in complete darkness.
even in a room with no windows,
light creeps under the door.
even in the dead of night,
the universe faintly glows above.

when you have been blindfolded,
your eyes rendered useless
someone else can see the light for you.
they can take your hand
and lead you towards hope.
stay strong everyone. it gets better. i swear.
Feb 20 · 24
Evie Feb 20
have you ever gotten to the point
where you'll do anything
just to feel


you really don't give a ****
what happens to you

as long as it brings your body and mind
your soul and bones
to the realization
that you really are
"is anybody out there, does anybody hear me, i hate it when you fake care,"
lil peep </3
Feb 20 · 55
how did i get here
Evie Feb 20
how did i get to this point
where i cant get out of bed
my eyes look so empty
deep lifeless pits
my body aches
with the pain of being alive

i don't understand
is it chemicals in my brain
scrambled into the wrong combinations
is it something i did
if it was
i cant remember

i'm not gonna last long
Feb 19 · 188
Evie Feb 19
i am sick of this endless cycle
a few good days
where i haven't felt little bits of my soul being ripped off
and lost in the wind.
where i feel i can conquer this illness
this plague

then i spiral

to weeks of bad days
where i cannot get out of bed
i am empty
tears welling in my eyes
for reasons i cant understand

there is no constant
instead there is constant change
i have no stability
no solid ground

people say change is good

people lie.
Feb 15 · 268
Evie Feb 15
from what i understand,
some of you are sad
very sad.
some are mad,
beaten down by life
who wields a baseball bat
with nails sticking out at funny angles

from your sorrow comes beauty
the words you write
so moving

you're all too talented to quit.

so stick around

you never know when things might get better

please save yourself for another day
im always open to give any ounce of comfort to anyone. if you just need to rant send me a message!
Feb 15 · 39
Evie Feb 15
you're like a book i cant put down
i never want it to end
i never want us to end
for my lovely valentine who was ****** enough to get grounded so he cant even take me out. i love you, even of you're a ******* idiot.
Feb 14 · 28
Evie Feb 14
Absolutely ridiculous.
Dangerously outlandish.
Bad choice.
Foolishly planned.
Out of your mind.

But that's all I want.

To get out of my mind.
Evie Feb 14
You know perfectly well I think love poems
are ******* over rated.
But how could I not write one about you?

I write to stay alive,
I write what ever is in my head.
You are in my head.
You are all I think about.
You said if I write a poem about you,
you would frame it.
Hang it on your wall.

Well here is a little something for that wall of yours baby.
Its certainly not high quality
but it will do.


You are perfect.

Clear blue green lakes, with that little golden ring around the pupil.
Drawing me in.
your gaze is home.
You are my home.

Lips that curl back
to reveal that little smirk.
It makes me melt
every time without fail.

Messy hair,
flipping out from underneath
one of your assorted snap backs.
My fingers love to dance through it.

That slightly crooked nose.
Cute, but a little off.
Still perfect.

Oil scented hands from working on cars.
twice the size of mine.
Always warm.

Your voice has two settings.
Very loud,
and nearly silent.
There is no in between.
You get one or the other.
This is non negotiable.

This is so sappy.
Please someone shoot me before I can continue.

Because baby I can go on for hours.
Feb 12 · 32
Evie Feb 12
it hurts me so much
to know you hurt so much
it rips my sanity apart to know the inside of your head
is a battle ground
with you in the middle
my soul shrinks into a corner
my heart is gripped
in cold
sharp claws
i cant sleep
i cant focus on anything else but you
i know you're sleeping
happy to escape into unconsciousness

please be okay
we're going to make it

im going to call you in the morning
Feb 11 · 41
Evie Feb 11
the inside of my head is either swirling
swirling with sharp
dark thoughts that pick at my soul
like vultures

or its empty
like a wasteland
covered in skeletons

i honestly don't know which is better at this point.
i just want to make it out alive.
i want to escape myself
Feb 11 · 119
Evie Feb 11
Such an unhealthy coping mechanism
Your brain seems to float,
Your limbs go numb.
Feeling goes away.
The white smoke curls from the corners of your mouth.
The anxiety floats away with it,
riding the small plumes.

There are better ways.
I know there are better ways.

But its the easiest.
And how could I leave behind such an old friend.
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