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F/Suffolk England    Hello I am Sheila, a Suffolk girl now living in Yorkshire. I am retired and enjoy various interests including poetry, song writing, singing, storytelling, German ...
26/M/UK    *Trigger Warning* [The things I write often relate to subjects such as: Self-harm/ Substance Abuse/ Suicide Etc.] Pages from a notebook. May my words outlive ...
Seline Mui
San Antonio, TX    Be the alien you are and let go!
Left Foot Poet
To walk on the left, you must know right. ~~—————————————— “Poetry - but what is poetry. Many shaky answers have been given to this question. ...
24/Agender/Germany    Hello, my name is Umi. I enjoy the arts of poetry philosophy and conversation. My hobbies are cooking, gardening reading, archery and writing! I like ...
Nigel Finn
Bristol/Cambridge, UK    For those of you wanting an actual bio about me; I am of the male persuasion, and I have a beard. My favourite food is ...
Tawanda Mulalu
Gaborone, Botswana    I make jokes sometimes.
Payton Hayes
Oklahoma City    Writing poetry and pretty thoughts since 2016. | Website: | Email: | Instagram: @lifeasalyric | Twitter: @lifeasalyric
East Africa   
Rahul Luthra
Hyderabad    Poet of the fall (because I normally suffer from a writers block during the rest of the year)
Ashari Ty
21/M/Philippines    i s - t h i s - ( /  ̄◡ ̄)/ - a - p o e t ?
62/M    Myself a simple being.. Surgeon by profession. I sometimes express my feelings in words & some may call it poetry.. All I write here is ...
Carissa Lee
21/F/Wouldn't you like to know    21 F Trying to more than just survive
Hunter Miller
Always looking to improve and move forward, your critiques are welcome. I'm not thin skinned, I'm more interested in learning and getting better.
22/F/New York    Rekindiling my love for poetry and me.
Amber Crystal
F    feelings like waves in the ocean
fs yousaf
22/M/NJ    Author of "Euphoria"
"Because of this, the young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can ...
20/F/Cyprus    i am a psychology student, a romantic loner with nothing but love for art and need for life.
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