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Hunter Miller Jun 2019
You are super human
******* perfect
loving, caring, wonderful, soothing, and sweet
until you're not...
you hold it in
an annoyance here
my character flaw there
"you're a loser!"
"you'll never change!"
"just keep your **** together!"
cough drop turned to razor blade
"I just want you to love yourself,"
"like I love you...."
I do
Hunter Miller Jun 2019
Guy walks into a bar
he's lonely and he wants to drink
he's been drinking too much
he's sad
it's fine
he meets a girl
she takes him home
great ***
she forgets his name
and he forgets her
he get's drunk
gives her a call
they have fun...
and fall in love
she sang him a song
drunk, in the garage, during a smoke
and she was etched into his heart
she sang left me in a hole
after a year of fun, love, and struggle
she left him in a hole
he's far from blameless
but he loved her
he tried
she just stopped
he doesn't blame her
he's a drunk
he was embarrassing
but she said she wouldn't quit
and she did
then quickly moved on
he'd gotten better
now he's worse

if he wasn't a drunk,
he'd never met her.
if he wasn't a drunk,
he'd have married her.
if he wasn't a drunk,
she wouldn't have liked him.
if he wasn't a drunk,
she'd have stayed.

guy walks into a bar, and never leaves.
Hunter Miller Jun 2019
She used to love me
She used to drink with me
She used to have fun with me
She used to do drugs with me
She used to hit me
She used to **** me
She used to give me black eyes
She used to
I miss her
Hunter Miller Jun 2018
This spot,
This is my favorite spot,
On you.
Just this little patch,
Top side of your hip.
Everything good happens right here,
At a party, when I can't stand you not being close,
I grab that spot, and pull it in to me;
All the sudden my best friend is there.
Whenever I'm sad,
All I need is to rap my arm around,
Lay my my hand against it,
And suddenly I'm imbrased.
Swallowed up by love.
When I'm with you,
And I grab you from behind,
That's where I reach.
If this one little spot.
Top of your hip,
Can bring me so much joy, comfort, elation...
Imagine you
All of you
And how much you do for me...
Every day...
Hunter Miller Apr 2017
I used to worry
You'd OD while I was gone
I'd come home to a cold body...
It's funny
Not funny haha
funny sad
But I was right,
You just didn't die
Hunter Miller Feb 2016
It's cold outside
Frigid is a better word
Yet I'm still sitting here
Gotta have that nicotine
Why am I doing this?
It's cold
I'm cold
I have no regrets
I like it
I enjoy it
Consequences be dammed
When it's warm
Now it's cold
I wish you'd warm up again
I mean the weather
It's cold
I'm not thinking straight
Better go back inside
Hunter Miller Jan 2016
I wonder sometimes
If you really know
How much I hurt when you push away
It's not your fault
That you get scared
Your rotten past
Has decayed your trust
Eating away at your optimism
Leaving only gristly fear
And love
I still see the love shine in your eyes
When you think I'm not looking
And the fear
Sad and caring
Like a whipped dog
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
The pain almost tangible
You shed not a tear
I will cry in your place
When you finally push all the way
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