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Logan Dec 2020
Check out my subreddit where I post my original horror stories:
Logan May 2020
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Here, I make discussion posts mostly related to horror and share my collection of odd, but unique things. Please consider checking this out.
Logan May 2020
I write short horror stories as well as poems. If you like horror and like my other content please consider following my page. There I post original horror stories.

Logan May 2020
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Logan Jul 2019
You’re too weird to be alive,
I’m coming to your house with a shovel and bag of lye,
I know where you hide the spare key.

I sneak in your room while you gently sleep,
bash your face a thousand times,
drag your body deep into the woods.

The woods are quiet,
I dig a hole six feet deep,
and two feet wide.

Innocent blood spills onto soil,
God is dead,
the woods are alive.

Something once thought slumbering,
is now awake,
there is nowhere to hide.

The darkness is filled with glowing eyes,
they move in on me ever so slowly,
a boisterous growl fills my ears.

The beast without a shape opens its mouth,
I stare into the abyss that is its maw,
then I realize I’m done for good.
Logan Apr 2019
It was the year 2085,
love was dead,
hate was in the air.

All the resources used up,
millions of people killed by atom bombs,
mutants and other inhumans roam the the ruins of earth.

Survivors reside in a hidden city,
hardly enough food and water to go around,
some of them had to go.

The unlucky few forced on their knees,
everyone ignored their sobs and pleas,
tears and snot ran down their faces like rain down a window pane.

Please for mercy,
cries for God,
left their lips.

God was dead,
mercy was a luxury in this new world.

A cold barrel of a gun against their heads,
as cold as January ice,
as cold as the icy stare of the executioners.

One bullet for the back of each head.

They collapsed one by one,
like a building after a bomb goes off,
death is freedom from this wasteland.
It's been a long time since I last posted so, I hope everyone enjoys this.
Logan Jul 2018'my-grandparents-house-is-haunted'-part-2/
Here’s part 2 If anyone is interested.
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