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Hard to say goodbye
Hard to laugh
Hard not to cry
‘Till the ebbing tide
Brings a sunset day
Heart’s breaking
Oh but is it real
This numbness
Inability to think
Inability to feel
One last drink
Hands shaking
So hard to laugh
So hard not to cry
Say goodbye
As birds fly away
Even they know
When it’s time to go
Little breeze toing and froing
Little girl dancing with the leaves
Sunlight flitting thro’ the trees
Chestnuts falling
Ploughboys reaping
Hedgerows sleeping
Night owl calling
Grass so still
It’s as if it’s lost the will
To keep growing

Days and nights changing
Dappled shadows rearranging
Dance is slowing down, down
Little girl is going
When the summer slows
Farmer is reaping
Autumn shades deepening
Grass so still
As if it’s lost the will
To keep growing
Find it, it’s calling to you
In the soles of your feet
In music so sweet
In the food that you eat
In skies azure blue
Find it in love that you give
In the life that you live
It’s calling to you
In the voice of the lark
In the moon after dark
Whatever you do
Find it
In warm winds that blow
In storms and in snow
Find it
Never let it go
Antidote to  blindness
Where can you find
Someone to care
Words are spoken
Love left behind
Efficiency rules
In the schools
Of money making
Say the words
In clipped monotones
Leave the Consumer
Frightened, shaken
Silly old fool
Go home
It’s a nine to five
She’s alone
You’ll survive
You’re driven
To make a living
Trained in ignorance
A caring profession?
Or Orwellian trip
It’s not hip
It’s all an act
Ignore the fact
That kindness
Really is
The antidote
To  blindness
Manufactured lives
Unravelling unravelling
Babbling babbling
Baiting the hook
Stepford girls and wives
His master’s voice
Obey the call
No choice at all
Misplaced glamour
Sculptured hips
Botoxed lips
Never enough
Wasted lives?
Get tough
Take a hammer
Hit the spot
Ditch the lot
In the morning mist
Shrouded from the light
A world is left behind
Approaching day
Departing night
Warm womb cradling deep
The shadow land between
Wakening and sleep
Nothing speaks of today
Or vanquished yesterday
No body and no mind
No-one to worry for
No-one to hurry for
Nothing to say
I’m sane
Or not sane
Worthy or not
I am awakening
I almost forgot
Day taking its revenge
Rehearsing for the play
Reluctant actor cast
Parts for the future
Roles from the past
Pleasure mixed with pain
The morning mist remains
A warm womb cradling deep
Before the final sleep
Until the bitter end
My comforter and friend
It’s pattacake pattacake bakers’ man
Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
Its parties and fun till we all fall down
Kisses and cakes and merry go rounds
Then they call time and bring on the clowns

Feels so cold, people scold, can’t compete
When all of the others are pretty and sweet
Nothing to do walking home in the rain
Hold your head high; you’re out of the game
Pretend you don’t care, bandage the pain

People are starting to stop and to stare
Is it my style, the clothes that I wear?
Some seem to like me, I don’t understand
Why should they bother, something has gone wrong
Why choose duckling when you can have swan?

I’m strengthening, growing, emerging in light
My wings are strong now, the future is bright
Goodbye to hurting to tears and to hate
Too late for reflection, the mirror is cracked
It’s time to move on, and never look back
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