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She doesn’t know what she will find
As she leaves the grownup world behind
No words to express the thrill of chasing dragonflies
Grabbing shoots of grass, plucking daisies from their beds
Stumbling over grassy mounds on and on she goes,
Happiness running through her fingers, tingling in her toes
Crimson poppies are giants standing guard
The field is full of stones, the earth is very hard
A butterfly flutters by almost landing on her head
She tries to catch it in her arms, falling down instead
There’s no-one to catch her; big tears form in her eyes
The world’s a lonely place, no more will she roam
Her name is called;  a gentle voice that feels like home
She runs to her mother and the safety that she brings
Cuddled wrapped in love, lulled to sleep by lullabies
Dreaming of her secret world, touched by faery wings
Build your castles in the air
Lock in the magic keep it there
In your fortress of tales untold
City streets are paved with gold
Girls with green hair, mermaid struck
Are bound to bless your day with luck
The man with briefcase on the bus
Hides wings of golden angel dust
Enjoy the conversations heard
The variations of the word
The power of the spoken truth
The reckless in the throes of youth
Living in your imagination
Life becomes your own creation
Let not the doom and gloom abound
Sorrow be lost, joy be found
Listen to the sweetest songs
Let your truth right all the wrongs
It’s not real others may say
Life’s yours to own; live it your way
When the darkest shadows come
Turn them into bright sun beams
Safe in the castles of your dreams
I will fly with you, if you want me to
I will fly with you
I will take your hand, hope you understand
We’d be up in the air, never wishing to land
Our lives could be we, not just you and me
I’m wishin’ and hoping we’re meant to be
Two hearts  entwined
One could be yours, one could be mine
I will fly with you
In the realms of blue
Fly with you
If you want me to
Are you the whisper in the trees?
Are you beauty, the key to all our dreams?
Darkness banished by bright sunbeams
When all our hopes are taking flight
Are you here in the night?
Are you a God, do you have presence
Are you the flame that burns, are you the essence?
We feel the cold winds blowing on the Earth
We know the wonder has been here since her birth
Are you real, is it true you can heal, only you
Or are we all alone, searching for a home
Are you here to save mankind?
Or will we all be left behind?
I’m sorry that my dreams are no longer yours
Sorry for the heartache I have caused
Sorry for us both, really sad
Sorry that what I do makes you mad
Our dreams waited a long time for fruition
We got together too late, tired of the wait
Who would have thought it would be our fate
To end up in this bloodless war, eyes filled with hate
Our hearts were entwined from the very start
The things that brought us together tear us apart
Our hearts are heavy, weighty things
What we need is wings; to learn to fly again
But it’s too hard, too much routine
Stuck in this nightmare, divorced from our dreams
Deep down I believe that love is there
I’m sorry that my dreams are no longer yours
Sorry for the heartache I have caused
Blessed with the site
The judges have a quest
Select the best, abjure the rest
These Gods from distant lands
Hold in their hands the ability
To create stars
Raise us to the sky
Destroy our dreams
(Or so it seems)
Am I a Queen?
A beggar?
A fly by night?
Some say “You’re clever,”
Some say you should never pick up a pen
Never again
Until you’ve learned
Grammatical correctness, directness
Earned those stars
They wear their alien skins tight and clingy
Using tactical diversions to reproduce
Verbal lemon phrases, stings
Call it poetical licence
Layered with doggerel and incognisance
Some say, “Hurrah, you’ve got it right
Nearly, well... almost... quite,”
Some are elusive, comments smooth like silk
Feline and empathic
Almost telepathic
What the heck
Give them the milk
At least some of us care
That someone, somewhere
Always gets it in the neck
“Valerie, is it ready yet?”
Dark tea stains in a faded mug
Dusty brown teapot
A thousand cups have been poured
Strained, like me
It wasn’t always about the tea
The obligatory Kit-Kat
Or the toilet!
Too many trips
Too many times
“Valerie is it ready yet?”
When were you strong like this tea?
“How was your day?”
With that cheeky smile
And bedroom eyes
I miss that man so much
“Valerie is that you?”
Who do you think it is?
No conversation
The bleatings of a sad old man
“It’s got to brew,”
A discreet tap makes me jump
“He’s in the living room,”
“Valerie where’s me tea?”
“Yes it’s made,”
“He’s all packed,”
His favourite Chelsea mug
A multi- pack of Kit-Kats
Stuffed hastily in his pocket
In silver foil and blood red wrappers
A last supper
For the betrayed
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