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Andrew Dec 2018
I eat
Once a day
But I still eat

Probably too much
The scale sure thinks so

I'm so tired
People are noticing

There's so much lying
So much hiding

I'm done
Nothing is working
I don't want to be here anymore
Andrew Dec 2018
I desperately want to be creative
But that makes me exactly like everyone else
. . . . .
Andrew Dec 2018
Last night
You saved me
You saved my life

I know I will wish that you never stopped me
Nonetheless, I am grateful

I'm sorry I made you cry
I'm sorry I brought the image of death
To your mind

Please don't cry
I never meant to make you cry
Andrew Dec 2018
Hiding behind a wall of secrets
Trying to get out

From time to time someone finds
The way around
They see behind all of the lies

A small boy
Curled up, afraid
Trying to get a glimpse of the other side

And when he finally sees the light
Words like she and her
Push him back

He finds that it is best
To rebuild the wall
Return to hiding

And go back to pretending
That he is happy
How people see him

And those who saw
Behind the lies
Forget that she is really he

It seems nothing will ever change
Until the day the wall comes down
And none of it remains
I wrote this a long time ago, right when I realized I was transgender. Middle school.

— The End —