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Hopeful Soul Jan 2021
The clock is ticking
filling the room with tension
as our lives go by
Hopeful Soul Dec 2020
Born in darkness
Afraid of the world
When suddenly a beam of light
Shines through its core
One by one it opens up its shell
As it smiles to the sun it’s time for farewell
Hopeful Soul Dec 2020
out of nowhere
Is coming
in your direction
To chase
whatever it crosses
Whatever it sees
And whatever it touches
it doesn't hurt
It doesn't scratch
it doesn't suffocate
And it doesn't mutilate
But it kills
and it fades away
Hopeful Soul Dec 2020
A piece of your heart
Goes somewhere very far
You try to hold on
But the wind is too strong

It climbs over mountains
And swims across seas
It travels the world
Looking for a special destiny

At times it loses hope
At times it loses faith
Still it keeps going
For somewhere between that there is a big dream

How far will it go?
How long will it take?
It remains a mystery
But as long as it keeps searching
One day, it will fit in his place

Hopeful Soul

— The End —