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 Jan 2019 Haritha Seby
 Jan 2019 Haritha Seby
A sweet sponge cake
With snow-white icing
And a single candle
As big as a basketball

The table's covered in silk
Confetti all over the walls
And the floor, too
It's time to celebrate

The candle lights up
They're hesitant
Too good to eat, they think
Noisemakers distract them

But there's no noisemakers to be found

One of them grabs the knife and sighs
It has to happen
The other make a wish
And the room goes dark

The knife makes a deep cut
Unexpectedly, jam comes out
They're scared
Invisible noisemakers continue to play
The cake remains still, unaffected by time

The one with the knife did not know what to do but throw it
And it hits another, but not the cake
Jam falls, drop by drop

The silky tablecloth gets ripped
It was never strong enough
Noise grows deafening

The birthday child cries
This went in an unexpected direction.
 Feb 2018 Haritha Seby
 Feb 2018 Haritha Seby
Only in my world
Do you hear the birds sing at night

the moon comes out
in the daytime
You can see a galaxy around five

Only in my eyes can you
See a red sky
Flames are the clouds
it's raining

Beneath the walls
Under the harden paint
There's an alien
 Feb 2018 Haritha Seby
Star BG
I am a stowaway, destined to move inside circus walls.
The road is bumpy but someone took my hand and gives me love. They showed me how to climb the ropes to do the clown craft of laughter and merriment. I hid in that shadow for a long time. Trying to balance reality with fiction. After learning its art inside a clown car, using thousands of balloons and standing in shadow of real self behind magic trick after 32 years I’m leaving the train life. The life of endless tickle gadgets and collecting smiles.  Now I am a clown plane- cloths-division leading a life with magic wand of pen.
Inspired by Cyprian Van **** thank you so much
Nice bright
sunshiny day
melting the snow
from far away
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