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Keith is eighty-five
and still alive
having had
a nice morning shower
he brought his walking stick
A poignant poem
is having sadness
turn into gladness
remembering good times
and not the badness
so we can be free
and continue
with lots of love
in our hearts
"A Mars a day
helps you
work rest and play"
so they say
Leave time
to play
Maggie Sorbie Apr 26
Green is a mixture
of blue and yellow
two of the three
primary colours
The leaves are usually green
and the flowers
are usually
more colourful
such as
the third primary colour
which is red
Maggie Sorbie Apr 26
The pink cherry blossom petals
don't make a sound
as they reach
the ground
Maggie Sorbie Apr 26
The blueberries today
I must say
don't look as good
as they usually do
we can still
share the best
and leave rest
Maggie Sorbie Apr 19
Ladybirds like scones
and I nearly ate one
the other day
Sheila picked it up
and put it on a tree
taking a photograph first
so you can believe me
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