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It was a monosyllabic shock
when the luminous light went off
and the artist had to stop
drawing the train
Maggie Sorbie Oct 11
The purple paper profile
cut out
and put on the wall
imitates an animal
reflected from the flames
of the fire
Maggie Sorbie Oct 11
Raindrops on the grass
I went out to pick a flower
The fresh air felt good
Maggie Sorbie Oct 11
Opened the window
put some seed out for the birds
sat and drank my tea
Maggie Sorbie Oct 11
Felt touched by kindness
of good people in the world
Them I won't forget
Learned Haiku today
I've learned enough for one day
Time to go and play
The eroding wind
sounded lyrical
the length of time
it lasted
The wooden cup wasn't knocked over
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