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The hills have eyes
They noticed the lies
In the dead of night
Those thoughts burned bright

So don't give your soul
To his security and role
Why trade your heart shaped thought
For a love so unsought
wrote this about 5 years ago
  Oct 2017 Backwards Hannavas Eiram
How do I convey myself in the hobbies I've kept close
How am I supposed to fabricate originality if I keep needing a higher dose
of the drug that keeps waters calm and skies clear
my dear
I feel a storm coming
about noon of every day
thoughts begin constricting in unnoticeable ways
strangling hope and taunting fear
I swear I hear
the scream I can't make
or maybe it's the doubt I couldn't shake
the existence that I fake
or the pieces I let people take
And I'm sorry now for realizing how I made them believe I'm the same
but I'm so wise for my age
I've torn down my own way.
About the of effect of " what they're supposed to do." But I use them to my advantage.
He said
I want to see where your mind goes
In the mists of life's bitter throes
I want to see if you'll plateau or grow

He said
Your mind mustn't go where only I want to see
For you are painting this canvas not me
Your mind mustn't wonder so apologetically

He said
I may go where your mind wants to see
But only in our dreams, where we'll meet subconsciously
I may go but your mind will stay sempiternity
This poem was inspired from a saved snapchat "I want to see where your mind goes" sent from my now boyfriend. He saved it. So every time I would look at our conversation on snapchat that was the only sentace saved. If I were more OCD it probably would have bothered me. But I felt like it had a deeper underlying meaning to it whether
Not saying I'm mad
Just saying that I've had
Enough of the *******
You continue to rule ****
Feeding on my young soul
Make off with self control

And where is my brother?!
The fact that I can't speak to my mother
I'm so afraid she'll discover
All this time I never actually... Recovered

But all feelings aside
Or what's left of them, subdivide
My once constant retaliations, are now merely implied
Moreover, You kidnapped my soul and continue to preside.
This poem reflects an addiction I have struggled with since I was 14.
I lay in his arms
My head on his chest
Alone in his house
We cuddle and rest

He kisses my legs
Soft and slow
Then pulls me in close
Afraid to let go

As his lips leave my mouth
I whisper "I'm cold"
He wraps my legs around his waist
Two bodies, one mold

This piece is about an intimate, passionate relationship I had with a past boyfriend.
She held the gun
Up to her head
Pulled the trigger
Now she's dead

All around her
Turning red
All because of
What he said

When joy was all she wanted
When death was all she asked for
Life became a punishment
Living it became a war

The days turned into months
The months turned into years
Once denial faded
She had to face her fears

And with each passing day
She'd try to find a way
But with each passing day
She'd only fade away

This was written during one of my depressive episodes. I felt hopeless and life felt like an endless course of going through the motions.

— The End —