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Gee Jul 2018

A simple term,
It means so little.
But yet explains a lot.
Still not heard by,
People with forcible dreams.
With these two letters,
Able to enlighten my opinion,
On the oncoming situation.
Yet the ignorance of your needs,
Portray importance over,
The simple yet powerful two lettered word.
Gee Jun 2018
Contrasting to the roots of the tree,
Search for water,
For food,
Similarities to humans in need.
Give water to both these living inspirations.
Gee Jun 2018
It’s so much easier than expected,
So much easier than everyone tells,
As I no longer feel pain,
feel drained,
feel weak,
I feel empathy for you.
I apologise you your actions,
I’m sorry I got hurt,
I mean, it was all a misunderstanding,
But forgetting is different,
Complete contrast,
Flinching when you reach for the pillow,
Being careful of the words that leave me,
Constantly walking on thin, weak, frayed threads,
Ready to snap,
For you to snap,
Subconsciously never forget,
Actions so tiny yet an extension to the harsh reality,
The need to be back,
As a holistically beautiful couple,
When before I didn’t have to forgive,
As now I can’t forget.
Painful relationship.
Gee Jun 2018
Trust judgement.

No issues with trust I have,
Although the issue is bad,
It’s often I do not trust a person,
But not because of the person they are,
More the person I am,
My trust judgement is tainted,
Tainted by the trust put in others,
Who chose to betray.
A judgement of trust which so hatefully destroyed by another partner.
Gee Jun 2018
Salty eyes,
Eyes filled with salty water,
If only they were happy salty drops,
But not,
These salty drops reoccur,
Every night,
Salty drops filled with stories,
Meanings and hurt,
These salty drops for attention?
But yet forces the salty drops to fall alone,
In dark, quiet rooms,
Tucked so close to fabric,
That the salty drops just roll off,
And soak themselves into pillows,
Blankets and teddies,
I ask myself, can't I stop?
With these sad thoughts,
Keeping me so low and ruined,
But then how?
Who? When? And why?
Share these thoughts?
Others will comfort for limited time,
Before they remain the reason why,
I cry.
Gee Jun 2018
Life is divided,
Before love,
And after love.

An art of love for ones family and peers.

Incredibly contrasting,
To the love of a partner.

And holistic pain.
Unfortunate events of seeing little else.

Truly delicate after love.

Ultimately stronger.

— The End —