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Luna Faun Sep 2015
I will not be slain, nor will I tame
and trade no stitch for kisses.
I am but ice, no use of dice
or foolish empty wishes.
Luna Faun Aug 2015
You were as turbulent as the wind as you raised my wings to the sky.
Star bound willingly.
Magnetic, electric, profound.
So drawn by pulse and plasma.
Unwavering beauty in chaos.
Luna Faun Aug 2015
You are beauty, you are vibrance, you are the reflection of the light behind my eyes inwardly pulsing to the song of life. We are the steady ebb and flow of a constant chaos we call illusion, because duality is just that. Our bodies a barrier, a lie, deception to false perspectives and skin nothing more than a cell dividing me from you. This is why we yearn for love.. completeness... This is why we want nothing more than to embrace, why we want nothing more than to sink into each other and melt as butter submits to the pancake. We yearn to recycle, to become what we once were not withheld from our divine unity. I see myself in you and to love you is to love myself because this hologram is incomplete without your fragment of love gracing mine.
Luna Faun Jun 2015
Nothing equates as we fall through the cracks,
emptiness consuming.
Slivers of light fade while anxiety beats us cold and senseless.
Depression, like an old friend, slips in,
knives sweetly calling my name.
Luna Faun Jun 2015
How I yearn for Death
Death will always be there
Death understands
Deaths embrace is eternal
how I long for Death
my real love.
Nothing is left for me here but pain. The labyrinths of my mind, it's manic chaos. I am unlovable, I am destruction.
Luna Faun Jun 2015
The devil is kind
he binds and breaks my being
death, recreation
In a dark place, depression doubling second by second.
Luna Faun Jun 2015
Muddy notes pass time
thimbles spinning like clockwork
the box never folds
We are the embodiment of imperfection and in them we sign our energy to the earth. Muddy notes to pass the time. The ebb and flow of a never ending tick of time that, matter has bound us to, will always be. Creations pulse, thimbles spinning like clockwork. Like the circles of hell, that which is manifested slows pulse. The box never folds causing energy blocks in the chakra of the universe.

— The End —