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Spadille Sep 2020
People fear the unknown
That's why they fear death

No one knows what will happen
No one knows when will it happen

Death is an unanswered riddle for the living
The only way to know the answer is to die

Would anyone like to volunteer?
To know a secret that can't be shared
Spadille Sep 2020
To live in perpetual filth
In exchange for a pristine city

To live in misery
In exchange for constant gaiety

To suffer in isolation
In exchange for glorious festivals

To stand in the middle of chaos
In exchange for serenity

To be kept in darkness
In exchange for daylights

To reside in hell
In exchange for heaven

To sacrifice a child
In exchange for a great Omelas
Spadille Sep 2020
Dionysus I pray to you
Give me a thousand gallons of wine
So that my soul will be intoxicated

With wine, I can forget
My soul will be released from it's prison
The burden it carries will be lifted

Dionysus I beg you
Drive me insane
My mind can not go on

Drown me in a sea of wine
Let me sink into the seafloor
My heart is too heavy
Spadille Sep 2020
The red light is blinking
The camera is now rolling
A recording of me singing a beautiful lullaby
With you staring at me in the background

Those ocean blue eyes embedded in my soul
Gazing at me with a loving look
Telling a thousand words
Getting lost in my melody

This is such a wonderful memory
I have loved every second of it
Not because of my serenade
But because of you
Spadille Sep 2020
Love is such a sinful desire
It blinds the eyes
Deafens the ears
Numbs the body
Controls the soul
Kills the heart
It widely opens the gates of hell
Welcoming the blazing fire
Awakening the devils
Befriending Satan
And disappointing God.
Spadille Sep 2020
The stars knew my battles and pain
They gave me comfort

The stars saw my river of tears
They wiped it away

The stars heard my rants
They eagerly listened

The stars became my company
Loneliness temporarily left

The stars sparkled in my darkest night
It gave me a glimpse of hope

The stars aren't always present
Sometimes they are covered by clouds

The stars doesn't know everything
Yet they still gave support

The stars that I knew
Are the ones that I dearly loved
The stars are my friends. If I win the war that I'm dealing with, I will give credits to the stars. They are one of the reasons why I won and survived. On the other hand, if I grew tired and gave up. I want the stars to know that they've done their best,
Spadille Sep 2020
A worn out soul
With a weary smile
Calling out to the heavens
Voice filled with despair
Begging God for rest

"Oh Lord, please grant me peace" it cried
As it began to crumble
A woeful plea to the gray sky
Exhorting Him
Sanity slowly slipping away

Numerous futile attempts
Praying to be saved
"My God do not forsaken me!" It yelled
Shedding tears of blood
Holding on to a thin string of hope

Then It snapped
Taking matters to it's own hands
The soul left
Now walking on the path to Utopia
Where it can rest for eternity
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