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 Nov 3 Emilia B
mal frost
i woke up last night
in my sleep
looked around,
then jumped off a building
so i could go back to sleep
 Oct 19 Emilia B
 Oct 19 Emilia B
If forever
a minute
with you,
I'd spend
every second,
for two.
 Sep 9 Emilia B
He gave me dead flowers
So I can smell them every day
The rotten petals falling
The color of decay

The washed out sunflower
The dehydrated leaves
The mold on the water
The color of debris

The richly red rose
Now drooping to the floor
The color of love
Existed no more

But still I saved the flowers
And smelled them every day
And watered them with tears
To let them grow again.
You told me that you had my back,
And I thought that was true,
Now my shadow's still behind me,
but where on earth are you?
there’s chaos
in everybody’s heart.
some just grow
flowers on it.
while others
tear it apart.
 Apr 29 Emilia B
There is something
so wildly broken
about her.
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