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 Mar 2019 DG
Why are teenage boys so aggressive?
I can take care of myself, thank you.

Do they think violence is impressive?
I can fight my own battles, thank you.

Are they trying to be protective?
I don't need a bodyguard, thank you.

Are they all so very possessive?
I don't belong to anyone, thank you.
As a woman, I don't need my boyfriend's help to make me feel incapable, society helps all us women plenty on that front. I've had enough.
 Mar 2019 DG
Carol J Forrester
No one explained that best before

was subjective at best.

Instead they suggested

that you were lucky to find a man

willing to settle for spoiled produce

so close to the sell by date.

Did it occur to you

the rot might be them?
 Mar 2019 DG
V liv
 Mar 2019 DG
V liv
Red inferno as it hits my skin
 Mar 2019 DG
Jane Eyre
 Mar 2019 DG
Follow the sun,
little one.
Follow the sun
open your eyes,
rise. But
settle, too, nestle
in, rest.
 Mar 2019 DG
It's not there any longer
That sparkling loving glow
I see you reaching out for
Someone else to hold...
You've an itch deep beneath
Scratch it as you may
I will write this unread poem
And bleed another day!
Traveler Tim
 Mar 2019 DG
Sometimes I drink by myself
like too many do, maybe you, too
when the wind blows like it does
here on the coast when it’s clear
and the light of dead stars come
down to swim in your circle of blood
while thinking back about the sisters
of boys I used to run with, oh, you know
we’d give our trigger fingers just to
touch them again, but the war keeps
seeping back into us like the poison
that pours into our rivers and creeks
from long gone cotton fields now paved
where the clouds of those days
are all that gets weighed in at the gin
I swear, there’s a pattern to all of this
like the weave of a tight skirt on a girl
who I once fell in love with in school
I went all crazy from watching her twist.
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