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 Apr 2019 DG
 Apr 2019 DG
You can't save the world,
but those closest to your heart
and yourself with it.
Take care of those close to you.
 Apr 2019 DG
flower road
 Apr 2019 DG
and the lilies stayed
the roses did too
by the side of the road
with you.

you've walked a path
dark and crippling
it was difficult journeying
i know i know

the flowers stayed beside you
like lights across the path
the flowers stayed beside you
like i couldn't, like i can't
 Apr 2019 DG
Ciel Noir
I took          a trip
I took                a look
That tree could read me
Like                      a book
And                 open me
Like a             library
Cipher      in the
Still deeper
Inside the place
Where           secret
Knowledge         hides
The twin snakes ladder
Necklace              chain
Make life        by any
Other           name
 Mar 2019 DG
 Mar 2019 DG
The word rolls off your tongue like an insult.
You look down upon me,
Judge me for my desire to grow wings.
Your gaze is that of disgust and yet you draw me closer
With your filthy paws.

Is the one who gave you life.
And you dare to belittle her with you filthy mouth?
Why don't you compare her to the earth instead?
The ground that gives us food
Why don't you compare her to the air?
That lets us breathe
Why don't you compare her to water?
That can drench our thirst
Why don't you compare her to fire?
That keeps us warm

Is what I am
Is what I am proud to be
So don't touch me if I don't want to be touched
And don't stop me if I don't want to be stopped
But most importantly,
Don't feel pity for me because I was born a woman.
I can do what I please to do
And I will do it when I please to do it.
I am unstoppable.
I am a woman.

February 8, 2019
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