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 Jul 6 Alia
thank you
for seeing the shining stars within my soul
when all i can see is
and darkness,
thank you
 Apr 21 Alia
Star BG
Just Think
 Apr 21 Alia
Star BG
Just think
with over 7 billion people
In the world...
it means there are more than seven billion stories to be told harboring in Gods consciousness.
Each tale is unique integrating dark to light. Poems are in abundance as well.

That means God is a hell of a story teller.
Just being silly in the mind
 Apr 21 Alia
Trust me
close your eyes
and take a deep

your heart is
a box of flowers
quilted in silk

in that box
lays the happiest,
most sweet
memory or
The funniest

Now save it
and whenever
you are in a bad
mood or deeply sad
open it
and feel the power
of a small smile
Thank you my friend -Ireland Grace Smith- for helping me creating this piece. :)
 Jan 9 Alia
 Jan 9 Alia
Don't think
This fragment is up for your interpretation. Take from it whatever you see/hear/want. It was written after cliff jumping. The whole thing is very daring. It becomes a repeated thought process turned personal motto. The 'darling' at the end is very 'me'.
 Dec 2018 Alia
Derrick Jones
No one can bear
With poise and grace
The truth laid bare
Before their face

So stories reign
In highest court
Defying reason
And wise retort

Myths filter light
So eyes can see
The truth too bright
For you and me

Slanted truth is better
Than blindness, after all
But when falsity’s untethered
Soon cometh the fall
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Thanks for reading!

— The End —