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Oginni Damilola May 2020
My chaos and her beauty
A mess, and a bit silly
love knows no boundaries
A riot of emotions,
like colors that don't fit..

My chaos and her beauty
The calamities slowly unfolding
mixtures of two different worlds
our views and perspectives are never aligning
like two different political parties.

my chaos and her beauty
Something weird, something unique
my clumsiness hidden in her perfection
and my apathy overshadowed by her
never ending care.
Just like the world and man
it is a beautiful disaster.
  May 2020 Oginni Damilola
♡I love you,♡
♡More than all the clouds and stars,♡
♡Deeper than all the oceans and skies,♡
♡Further than the horizont and moon,♡
♡Louder than all the screams and fights,♡
♡Warmer than the sun itself,♡
♡I Love You.♡
I might be falling for him,idk.
  May 2020 Oginni Damilola
Jesus copped

a poetical attitude

so we might be


sticking to our

Oginni Damilola May 2020
A peaceful evening
up on the roof tops
Looking at the beauty of the full moon and stars
while the cool breeze gently sweep away our fear of the dark
and then she asked
"What do you really want?,
What do you care about?
My body?"
I was perplexed
weakened to the bones and marrow
never thought I'd hear such direct question in my life.
and then I replied,
"Your soul, I want just your soul"
That's the dumbest answer in the whole universe, I said within myself
and she asked again, with a smile this time
"My soul? that's new.. For what?"
"I want to mix yours with mine" I replied
"and then what?" she asked again,
shifting her focus from the beauty of the heavens into my eyes
then, I took a little air inside of me, to sweep away the fear looming within.
and I replied;
"I want to mix your soul with mine and create something unbreakable, something unique, something eternal and everlasting, even death would struggle to come in between"
She smiled, looking back up to the skies,
as if her next question is written up there.
and she said
"That's nice, but what if it doesn't go as you've planned?"
another terrible question,
it shooked my whole being,
my fear became anger, and my voice became louder.
"Then, I would keep trying! giving it my best each day, everyday! just to get it perfectly right" I said...
A promise had been made in sincerity
and the moon and stars were witnesses
we both knew it,
holding onto each other and looking at the full moon like it was our priest.
Oginni Damilola May 2020
I still go back
to our favourite spot
to understand what really went wrong
I would Forever
My life
For his Love
For My Lord
Jesus Christ..

Everyone Say
If You
Believe In
Jesus Christ.
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