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DKN Sep 2022
A shadow blew past me
across busy streets
she had snow dyed hair
I think
and wore a familiar scent
of cologne whose name
I never knew
a gateway to a memory
that I cannot remember
when a linen rose in
a cardboard box you
gave to me
and your heart sang from
a piece of corner torn
DKN Sep 2022
First time the wind blinded me with your hair
I felt a fragrance I shan't soon forget rush my breath
my feet never did buckle under you
instead, I beheld such a force
and we sprang true across the night sky
-with you as my giggling guide-
straight to the moon and beyond
where little made sense
DKN Aug 2022
you lost a smile

somewhere in her eyes

where stars are born and extinguished

where summer chills pass

and blizzards bring beauty
DKN Aug 2022
There lies a fracture in time

a void of encapsulated memories

in wind and dunes
DKN Oct 2020
Were we not

living on less

hoping for more

from what we lost

having waited

for too long
DKN Apr 2020
It feels like forever
since our eyes last locked
and emotions took control

The memory, O so vague
fades a little with every day that I wake

But my sheets wrap me in your fragrance
and I'm recalled to your casual stare
right before a raw kiss we'd share

The retrospect , O so tame
flares a little with every breath that I take
DKN Mar 2020
Tonight, I know all
but my mind serves me no more
Nor does my heart
Only truth remains, conscious of everything in every detail
moreso the consequence of my ill-fated love to you
It has ground me to ash
and summoned a draught that takes with it any chance we had

So this is what it has come to--tonight
The night I become aware
of my false amends
and wasted breath
"I'll love you till the end"
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