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6.3k · Jul 2018
Cronedrome Jul 2018
Here where prison is a place we call MountJoy
A young manboy just released
Shoots pool with plastic blue
Rosary beads
And fresh tattoo
And eyes on me
Runs his hand along his hard body
Says you see it done me good
Embraces everyone he meets
He knows he’s gonna keep
With this discipline
He knows that he can be
Anything he wants to be
Oh yes
Anyone he wants to be  
Loving father
Good son
Puppy, shark
Rolled into one
He has a story
Lessons learned
And a new hard body
All hard earned
Feels the tides inside him sing
The tears , the blood
The library
Emotions men pretend to hide
It all comes out
In the world
On the inside
Cronedrome Jul 2018
I stare into the space outside of you
Is it now
Will you give me the excuse Im always waiting for
Will you give me the excuse
Will you take all you've learned from these long nights
And longer days that float
Then wizz past like the eternity of a skydrop
Where the heart pounds faster than the sound of blood
And time stops

Too fast
So addictive
Full body shocking echos of sensation invade at random
Chemical flashback still-frames
Stir ancient Bonobo DNA into frenzied tool construction
So that I can have some more
Always more
I want more

Is it now
Will you take all you've learned from this telepathic dance
Of  fire fighting fire
will you give me the reason Im always hoping for
A secret I pretend to keep hidden from myself
Will you give me the excuse
Is it now

What are you
Who do you think you are
You read me so well with your body
Help manifest prophecies of pleasure in my pain
We take only what we need of each other's language
Syllables distorted by fresh intakes of breath
Newborn grammar crackles in the impulse of our mingled sweat
And in the chaos of sparkplug cell explosion
I am home

How human of me to decide
That I might just about be able to grasp infinity
In a few sharp moments of oblivion
But what can I do
My memory like yours is bloodcode
Millenia of dancing kept vague is a mercy
When fears longevity demands a louder voice

So what can I do
What do I know anyway
What am I
Who do you think I am
Is it now

So much pleasure
Dizzy illusion that this motion
Is all the poetry I'll ever need
We sanctify the pain that brought us here
Without it we would never know
I am a seasoned devotee
And now hungrily I carve your separate pain into the scripture
This is power
Electricity that can never be destroyed

But now I stare into the space outside of you
The wave of shock in my blood
This time runs cold
Fist in my diaphragm
Breath labours in my chest
And I am home

In the old language I am so ******* sick of hearing
Declarations of war are never accidental
So please, let's not bother to pretend that we don't know
This mythology has nothing left now to enchant
Nothing to offer but the same cowering, mean spirited
Petrified and shrivelled desperation
That is the battle cry of every war
Every single ******* time

The root of so much evil
Of Imagination.

Control is always illusion
Betrayal always an insult to intelligence
And that is why
You can't look me in the face now
You betray yourself in this role
A waste of masochistic potential that you expend
On making yourself small in my eyes

And for what
I understand too well
This language is old
But not as ancient as they
And You
Would have us believe

I understand too well
This story is tired and hollow
This story is flat
A mythology so corrupt that even the old dears
With sinister, insipid eyes
Barely manage to keep a straight face

You join their ranks
With just a few short words
You join their ranks
With just a few short words that cloud your eyes
And widen mine to a horror
You try to convince me I have no right to
To a horror
You try to convince yourself that you don't see

Is it now
Is it an excuse that I've been waiting for
Or was it this
Dreadful feeling of inevitability
Did I forget?
Do I sleep with my enemy
Or is this just an accident of time in this geography
Too slow
Too dead for me
This is now
2.1k · Sep 2018
Tales Of Caution In Reverse
Cronedrome Sep 2018
Always more than you deserve
You cut your teeth
Against all those brick walls
All sin here is absolved
Into the lack of resolve
Through the surface of my skin
Tales of caution in reverse
All confession
Has been rehearsed
Rehearsed againt the wind
Cronedrome Jul 2018
And may makes brides of little girls
All dressed up in white
From their toes up to their curls
Purity is advertised
Unbroken ***** on display
A veil to keep her gaze at bay
Offered up unto the lord
Who in his Image did make me
And Eve was put on earth for me
To warm my bed and keep me company
Her sin the loss of paradise
So don't be fooled by children groomed in white
Their bodies born in filth and sin
They robbed me of my garden
And so they owe me everything
Their lives, their eyes, their puerile bodies and their hands
Because as we know
‘Man, he did not come from woman
But woman came from man’
691 · Oct 2018
Sister Sorrow
Cronedrome Oct 2018
Sister to Sorrow
Despair is a place
Pain is a reference
Fear is a taste

The walls that envelop
The monsters at play
The loss of nights silver
The absence of day

Time comes to die here
Forgets how to count
Slides in oh so easy
Just you try to crawl out

Sister to Sorrow
Despair is a place
That draws and seduces
A ransom’s embrace
Lost in a dream
Who is lost in the wake
Awake now the scream
Of this vision that shakes

Sister to Sorrow
How much can you take  
What can I give you
Fear is my taste
You know and you sow
And you cultivate

Death is the reference
The shape to unshape
317 · Sep 2018
Rains Of Pain
Cronedrome Sep 2018
Take a walk through twisted ego of black veined demonik witch
Incantation ritual goes one three six and six and six
The writing on the wall spells out some freaky ****** ****
If you dont wanna know
Dont get me started on all this
And yes I found my soul even before I found me ****
Always got to know
Like upside in and madouv it
You think your bustin *****
But ball is easy peasy prey
We go right to, walk through the source
And decide it we wanna stay
Or not
Ye show me what you got
Im waiting on the sound
But all I hear is Tick Tick Tok
This *****
On any poisoned ***
Bending all those knees
For big sky daddy’s poxy ****
Its sick
And sad
But **** it thats too bad
Gotta smash your little brain
In cleansing flame and rains Of pain
Dont waste my time with ******* games
I need the right kind of insane
Gotta learn how to sustain
Never afraid to take the blame
We in
There's only one way out
So get the party started
What the **** is this about
Im a’courtin all my envy
And im stroking all my doubts

So meet me at the pearly gates
With cleansing flame and Rains of pain
256 · Jul 2018
Seasons Of Oblivion
Cronedrome Jul 2018
Excursions to oblivion
Take these eyes
Shut down this skin
Stop this blood from running cold
Stop this heart from boiling thin

Insurgence of Oblivion
No territory
lost or won
No race against a dying sun
No place to hide when all is gone

Cadence of oblivion
A silence lost
A silence found
The chance to take time and again
Enigma of creations sound

Inversion of oblivion
A trail cut out
A passage in
These seasons of oblivion
Finality in motions spin
230 · Sep 2018
The End Of History
Cronedrome Sep 2018
Now that you’re here
I have dreamt my cure
Before you came
I tried everything
Holes in my skull
And scalpels
And probes
And terrorised
Each time I tried
The fire
The cup
The blood and the Knife
But the loss
Of innate heat
Is the basic condition of life

Before you came
I considered the seasons
Took note of the winds
But extreme cures
Are what's needed
For extreme ills
Now that Im yours
Now you are mine
Now that you’re here
I have dreamt my cure

You hold in your hands
So small and so white
The end
To this history of medicine
The key to release
Me from this ******
And lifelong plight
The event of my body
The broth of my brain
Your eyes and your beauty
Your beautiful mind
And your beautiful shame
This merging of elements
These tears in the rain
My Fire, my Earth and my Water
My Air
Now that you’re here
Now that you are here
200 · Sep 2018
Cronedrome Sep 2018
The space before sleep after sleep before waking
The heat of reluctance
To take up this day
As it denies my offers
My pleading.
My rage
What good is one lifetime.
With so much to do
I will not take part
With so much to lose.

And day lends its cover to blankets of lies
So I turn my face inwards
In slumber I rise.

And when I'm not flying
This view from above
And when I'm not crawling
Caress underworld,
I float through these corridors
Riding on ether
And with formless eyes
Am forced to bear witness.

For it is not for nothing
I possess such sight
It pierces through ribcage
locked doors
And locked eyes,
Pinched goodly faces
Residual cries

SoI prepare for this task
Of monstrous proportion,
Bow to my duty
Acknowledge exchange.

I pray for some falter
Some glimmer of doubt,
But it still never comes
And my time's running out
173 · Sep 2018
Ye Olde Fibrosian Glow
Cronedrome Sep 2018
No I don't need a subject
I just spit about my spit
So open up that purdy mouth
And you can have a taste of it
Ye im sick Im tired
Im ****** wired
My brain is fried
From all this ****
And I've lived outside society
Though it's technically impossible
Somewhat withdrawn, morose, forlorn
Nice midnight stroll
**** on your lawn
******* on
Your absence of a soul
****** mess
And you've been told  
Witches brew,  you know
I see through you
Devil's spawn
Sprang from the earth
Your just desserts
Blood red alert
Positive vibes man
But you can't hide man
Ye step outside man
Won't let it slide
Won't let it pass
And you can call me an *******
You’re welcome
I already know
But as you know
That's not all I know
Now its show and tell time
Hear me flow
I'm on the outside looking in
And what I see is ******* grim
Ye you’ve got no soul
left to sell
And you revel in this ******* hell
Dimensions cut right to your size
But your empire of ****
Is built on lies
And I see the fear behind your eyes
And I'm thinking maybe it's high time
I joined the conversation
Got my stomp boots on
And plenty of libations
And I never did have any patience
But I was just so far removed
Now I'm moving in
Ye for the ****
And I've got my sights *****
Set on you
And I've lived outside society
Though it's technically impossible
Somewhat withdrawn, morose, forlorn
And my best feature is my scorn
And you wish you were never born
But you were
And so
Here we are
You spread your rot round near and far
And I am one big human scar
Fibrosis glowing in the dark
******* tell me I'm too sharp
But I made a big
Blunt object of my heart
And I smash it off your little brain
Now take the shame dope
Take the shame
169 · Sep 2018
Cronedrome Sep 2018
To be bitter
To be justified
To set grip cells
On nuance of despise refined
Clear as a bell in chapter one
But still
This old hat robe
Of one trick
Same old song
The big mistakes we all pretend to make
You know I know you know I know
Lets look this up
Hallowed ***** patsy
Of the only book
We ever reed We never read
Oh god these Rhythmic word sounds sway our head
Don’t analyse forbidden trees
Ye even me
With my vitriol against all this
How could I resist
You know I’m feeling it
The moral thread of what we chose
Man I worship naked flesh
But still Id die for clothes
And ****
This ****** birth ******* cuts me to the bone
All 200.000 first cast stones
Yet glimmer folk tail of the trees
Progeny of blood and spiel
We crave unknown.
And paradise was not
For we subvert, mutate, make art
Pain a small price
For a heart that drinks
In the textures of the voice
A Moan that never really changes much
From first outrage to last exchange
Pockmarks of agro-culture on my skin
The weight of centuries of blunder
Before I make this my own sin
Guns, germs and all that you can steal
And yes I'v contemplated ******
Now I can’t tear my gaze from your mouth slick with grease
Of more dead flesh
Pretty girls with big wet eyes. Break my heart and make me
Cross your legs and swear to die
Pretty boys who love my rage. Resent my kindness. Crave my cage
Everybody wants to cry
DNA thats drenched in irony
Fatal mistakes
And yet
Our hands still shake
The blood still sings
In the future that we bring

— The End —