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Sep 2018
Take a walk through twisted ego of black veined demonik witch
Incantation ritual goes one three six and six and six
The writing on the wall spells out some freaky ****** ****
If you dont wanna know
Dont get me started on all this
And yes I found my soul even before I found me ****
Always got to know
Like upside in and madouv it
You think your bustin *****
But ball is easy peasy prey
We go right to, walk through the source
And decide it we wanna stay
Or not
Ye show me what you got
Im waiting on the sound
But all I hear is Tick Tick Tok
This *****
On any poisoned ***
Bending all those knees
For big sky daddy’s poxy ****
Its sick
And sad
But **** it thats too bad
Gotta smash your little brain
In cleansing flame and rains Of pain
Dont waste my time with ******* games
I need the right kind of insane
Gotta learn how to sustain
Never afraid to take the blame
We in
There's only one way out
So get the party started
What the **** is this about
Im a’courtin all my envy
And im stroking all my doubts

So meet me at the pearly gates
With cleansing flame and Rains of pain
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