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 Mar 2019 Rachel Ace
 Mar 2019 Rachel Ace
you chase two rabbits
you can catch both
if its a tunnel...
 Dec 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I will make a mirror
with your love
in my little heart,
Then I always can see you
in that secret mirror
if we will ever be apart!

I will make nature beautiful
with your memory
in my tired eyes,
Then I can see you
and your imagery.
Yeah, I will do this
I make a promise!

If you forget me forever
and don't love me anymore
then I'll never ask you
to take my fears away,
but no one can see
how much pain is in my broken heart!
Sweetie, it'll bring tears to my eyes
and that can make a salty sea!
 Nov 2017 Rachel Ace
We’re not so different.
Two hearts under the same cold stars and vacant skies,
I hope a day comes when we look upon them and realize
there’s only distance between us.
We’re only distant, you and I.

Do you cry for me?
Or even remember how it feels?
To lie together in awe, wondering if it was all real.
For me, it’s a distant thought, one that still burns the same
as the moment I took it all in.
I still choke on the sediment that remains.
I still choke.

Do not cry for me.
I’ve already torn myself apart a thousand times,
with enough self-loathing to fill an ocean,
to drown in its indifferent tides.
I still remember how it feels,
I remember every single night  
I could never bring myself to let them go.
Unlike you, they’ve never left my side.

But I do not cry for you.
What’s done is done and what is dead can stay that way.
I could tell you that I wish you were here,
but there’s nothing a wish has ever changed.
I remember how it feels,
and I hope that you would say the same.
Cause I remember, still remember.
And I’ve never been the same.

We’re not so different.
Two hearts under the same cold stars and vacant skies,
I hope a day comes when we look upon them and realize
there’s only distance between us.
We’re only distant, you and I.
 Nov 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I have been sitting all alone on this river
I have been waiting just for you, my love
I'd like to see you much more again
Please, take me over to the other shore!

I would like to ask for something
How much is left to get something
I'm still very empty in this world
Though I'm walking free all around.

I have been sitting here since this morning
Please, let me go now, my darling
How do I pass with my broken heart?

Today, I am just like a loser
I have just left your memories
I have run away with my crisis.

Have a look; I have not much time
Could you fill this mind, please!
How do I live without you, sweetie?
There are certain things -a spider, a ghost,
The income-tax, gout, an umbrella for three -
That I hate, but the thing that I hate the most
Is a thing they call the SEA.

Pour some salt water over the floor -
Ugly I'm sure you'll allow it to be:
Suppose it extended a mile or more,
That's very like the SEA.

Beat a dog till it howls outright -
Cruel, but all very well for a spree;
Suppose that one did so day and night,
That would be like the SEA.

I had a vision of nursery-maids;
Tens of thousands passed by me -
All leading children with wooden spades,
And this was by the SEA.

Who invented those spades of wood?
Who was it cut them out of the tree?
None, I think, but an idiot could -
Or one that loved the SEA.

It is pleasant and dreamy, no doubt, to float
With 'thoughts as boundless, and souls as free';
But suppose you are very unwell in a boat,
How do you like the SEA.

There is an insect that people avoid
(Whence is derived the verb 'to flee')
Where have you been by it most annoyed?
In lodgings by the SEA.

If you like coffee with sand for dregs,
A decided hint of salt in your tea,
And a fishy taste in the very eggs -
By all means choose the SEA.

And if, with these dainties to drink and eat,
You prefer not a vestige of grass or tree,
And a chronic state of wet in your feet,
Then -I recommend the SEA.

For I have friends who dwell by the coast,
Pleasant friends they are to me!
It is when I'm with them I wonder most
That anyone likes the SEA.

They take me a walk: though tired and stiff,
To climb the heights I madly agree:
And, after a tumble or so from the cliff,
They kindly suggest the SEA.

I try the rocks, and I think it cool
That they laugh with such an excess of glee,
As I heavily slip into every pool,
That skirts the cold, cold SEA.
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
Oh, My Dear Motherland
You're beautiful, beloved
amazing and green
Your cold breeze, rain
Dew and the touch flower
Make me happy and glad!

The sky full of stars
And the moonbeams
Kiss me pretty and
Hold me like  I'm a child.

Under the tree in the heat
At the shore of the river
My mind becomes cold.

I would melt forever
In your green paddy field
Not anywhere, I'd sleep here!
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
Welcome, my young friend
Wishing you a wonderful day
With respect to my old friend
Wishing loneliness goes away

Hello, my little friend
Have fun at school
or on your Holliday
You are all like a blue bay

That bay is full of dreams
Today is better than others
Have a good time, my friends
I hope, you enjoy it always…
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
Your pain
is my
and you're mine.
Feel my
in this line

Your smile
makes me
and you're mine.
Feel me
in your heart

Your love
makes me
a lover
now you're mine.
Keep me
on your mind

If you
love me
It will be fine.
I want you
next to me

Today you decide
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I like you
but you like money
I want you
but you want honey
I give gifts to you
but you smash my peony!

I feel better talking to you
but get that as a boloney
I wait for you
but you are doing hooey.

I am so cool
but you are ******
I am decent
but you are loony.

I am serious
but you are funny
I believe in real
but you are phony.

You are so creepy
about dark honey
You just want money
You won't be happy
Uh, go away, I hate you!
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