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 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I am busy, you are busy
The skies are busy
The stars are busy
The winds are busy
Lovers are busy too
No one else is busy in love

The couples are busy
The cities are busy
The sun is busy
The moon is busy
Singers are busy too
No one else is busy in love

Boys and girls are busy
The moonlight is busy
The oceans are busy
The pleasure is busy
in the role of love
Playwrights are busy too
No one else is busy in love

Everyone is busy with loving things
That's why we are flying the flag of love.
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
You are my friend
You are my teacher
You are my trend
You are my editor

You're my supervisor
You're my inspiration
You're my favorite author
You're my satisfaction

You are my morning
You are my new day
You are my lighting
You are my right way

Your heart is my heart
Your mind is my mind
Your lovely art is my art
Your kind is my kind

You are in my mind
You are my shine
You are so kind
But you are not mine
Please, don't mind…..

Maybe I cannot say
Some words to you
Oh, I'm missing them
    My sweet, lovely
    great, happy smiley
    cute, amazing friend.
Truly, here type is bind
I am so sorry
don't worry
don't mind

But I must say
I respect you
I owe you
I like you, my friend.
I like your smiles and poems
Truly, they make my dreams

I Respect You My Friend
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
We're young like the bright sun
in the quiet morning
The night will be gone soon
and the victory will come easy
by the youth of us.

God believes the young people
and others are afraid
The work of a younger generation
is the best choice to the Lord.

People are free; the best of mankind
it's the truth because of youths
The child or older can't help saving
the freedom in this world.

The youth is in the dream of the child
and the regret for the old man
The desert rain of a thirsty young lady
and the satisfaction to every mom.

We're young,
We're the biggest mind of the friend
and the confidence of the world
We're the happiness to the sadness.
The enemies are terrified of us.

We're young,
We're the brightness to the darkness
and the sunshine to the clouds
We're the optimistic person to the Creator
and the pleasure of the wretched.
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
The sky is cloudy this evening
Maybe the rain will come
Oh, something is happening
Tonight, you're very welcome

Love, If you come to me
The rain makes you shy
You wouldn't believe your eyes
What my happiness will look like

If you come here, I'll see a full moon
Your shine will be falling around
My sweet love, truly I have a boon
Would you come into my courtyard?

I will give you love like rain and earth
And I will hide you in my lovely heart
You'll see me with pleasure in my garth
So come to me, come on my sweetheart.
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I don't want the flower garden
Just make me a rose
I do not prefer a dusty boy
Make him a honeybee!

Take the pleasure up in my scent
who hasn't slept yet,
Take the dreamful sleep away
by the smell in the morning.

I want-
Tender-hearted, the peace of heaven
and to become cool everyone's relationship.
Take away-
The jealousy and hate.
Let's break the pride of all of us!

I won't show the misery I have inside
I will smile at the happiness of everyone.
Oh my merciful God,
I make this request to you
Make me a friend to everyone!
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
Today I am doing great actually
I just have a great smile that's all
I bet, you have a great heart, mind, soul, and a happy smile

Thank you for having me read your poems
They’re very interesting I couldn't stop reading
I know a good poem when I see one
You're all my amazing, loving, and caring friends like your poems.

Have you seen my recent poems?
It’s weird because I’m very optimistic
But the world has made me bitter and cynical
But yet I still always look at the bright side.
I can write dark poems
But I can always write very hopeful ones as well.

The ones I try too ******* aren't very good
But when I have inspiration they turn out pretty good
If you like,
You should go through and read my romantic poems.

My problem is
My heart is too big which leaves me open to get hurt more easily.
Thanks my firend
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
I must say,
You are my best friend.
I'm alright...
Maybe not good,
but I'm surviving.

It wasn't a single thing
A defining moment where I was like
"No, I'm not okay now"
It was a cascade of moments, really.
Let's just say my
life has had its whopping ups and downs.

I'm the kind of person that falls in love really easily.
And that surely has led to a lot of heartbreak.
I don't know if you'll understand.

Do you want me to talk to you?
I think so
It's very good
Your looks certainly speak to me.
I don't really smile much.

I rather like you.
But I probably won't love you.
I'm more of a face-to-face person anyway.
Thanks my friend
It's your mind
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
When you are unhappy
I'll be your happiness
When you are sleepy
I'll be your dream
Because I love you.

When you are upset
I will help you
When you are unfit
I'll be fit for you
Because I love you.

When you're so tired
I will be your rest
When you are so sad
I'll be your gladness
Because of love you.

When you cry
I'll be your smile
When you are afraid
I'll be brave for you
Because I love you.

When you are sick
I will be your cure
When you're weak
I'll be your strength
Because I love you.

I am a poet
You'll be my poem
When I like them
You'll love me; I bet
Because I love you.
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
You are so cute!
All my friends also say that
after saying "I'm crazy".

I don't know
why they give a wide smile
whenever I say something.
    Though I try to be sensible.
                       Thank you...
Though I try to be sensible
 Oct 2017 Rachel Ace
Imran Islam
Hey, you are so sweet and lovely
You're innocent and handsome too
No, you're better than I, believe it
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you're so romantic and smart
You are cute, shy, and lovable too
No, you are the cutest than I am
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you're gorgeous beauty and cool
You're good looking and decent too
No, you're so much prettier than I am
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you are a great poet and playwright
You're an amazing writer and presenter too
No, you are the greatest than I. Believe it.
Truly, no one's better than anyone

'Yes, your poems are great!
You put a lot of thought
And feeling into your words
I can feel that when I read'
You have a great mind too
So you are a great poet than I am
Truly, no one's better than anyone.
Some comments of my friends
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